How to Write a Headline that Sells

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					Words are very powerful. Whether spoken or written, words can influence people and
they can persuade them to take action. Depending on how they are used, words will
either have a positive or negative impact.
  On the internet, the written word needs to be clear as it is the only way you have to
communicate, whether creating an article or blog post or writing sales copy on your
website. Your message can be delivered with more impact based purely on how you
choose to communicate to your readers and your unique choice of words.
  In writing content or copy for your website, starting with a good title is a must. The
title, also called the headline, needs to grab the attention of the reader and provide an
insight into what your site or article is all about. The purpose of the headline is to be
creative and catchy enough to encourage your visitor to continue reading the next line.
  You have to keep in mind that most visitors will just scan a web page first. If you
have not grabbed them 鈥渁 t hello 鈥? chances are they will quickly lose interest,
move on to the next article or click away from your website.
  A headline needs to be specific but should not be too long. Avoid general titles. In
other words, you have to have a target market in mind to ensure your headline is clear,
consice and delivers your message. Write a great headline first and you will find it
easier to write your article or website copy or content.
  An ideal technique in creating a headline that stands out is to write out several of
them first and see which one sounds the best. What feels right to you? Try going back
to it several times to check your choice of words and how they are structured. Edit it a
number of times to determine which one will have a greater impact on your readers
and deliver the message you are looking to convey. Doing this ensures that your
headline is crisp and clear.
  Let 鈥檚 take a few examples. The title 鈥淲 riting Blogs is Fun 鈥? for instance, is
quite general. It says what you are trying to say, but if you look at another interesting
angle for your topic, you can make a bigger impact.
  If your target market is people looking for blogs that pay people to write, you might
change the original title to something like 鈥淲 riting Blogs Can Earn You Money
鈥?or 鈥淓 arn Money Online by Writing Blogs or Blog Posts.鈥?
  When people, especially those who love to write, read this headline there is enough
of a hook to encourage them to read on and find out how to earn money through blogs
or posting on blogs. What type of 鈥渉 ook 鈥?can you include in your next headline
to attract the attention of your target market?
  So remember, creating a specific headline that will grab attention will take some
time, a little effort and a dash of creativity. Continue to practice to hone your writing
skills and you 鈥檙 e on your way to establishing a following of regular readers.

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