How To Structure A Great Cover Letter by gyvwpgjmtx


									Email a great cover letter to employers and you can enjoy a much bigger chance
they'll invite you to interview. How though can you create a great cover letter? How
much information should you include and what structure should you use? Fortunately
you can create a great cover letter inside 15 minutes once you know the secrets. Keep
reading and learn the 3 part structure that almost guarantees employers will contact
  To create a great cover letter simply create 3 sections in your document: the
introduction: the pitch; and the conclusion. Using these you can convince employers
to contact you inside 12 lines!
  The Introduction
  In the introduction first state the position you're applying for and the pleasure it
brings you to submit the application. This means perhaps writing: 'Find herein my
application for this excellent Human Resources opportunity.' In the first sentence you
can create an immediate impression by being enthusiastic!
  Then state the reason for your application. Here you can perhaps write: 'I am
applying because I wish to contribute my ten years experience to this exceptional
company.' In this second sentence you can gain employers' attention by stating
outright the contributions you can make. Hence by the close of the introduction
employers should sense both your enthusiasm and expertise!
  The Pitch
  In the pitch section you can address the key requirements of the position. Perhaps
using bullet points explain that you satisfy each criteria using examples from your
experience. State for example: 'I have experience boosting company morale because
as the Blogs Corporation Human Resources manager I created a company football
  In addition you can state the benefit this might bring employers. Perhaps continue
then: 'This means I can create happier workers at your company.' Because this
suggests you can improve the success of their company it gives employers an
incentive to contact you!
  The Conclusion
  In the conclusion first restate the expertise you can bring to the company and your
enthusiasm for the position. Provide an incentive too for employers to contact you
soon. Perhaps write then: 'I look forward to bringing my Human Resources expertise
to your company at the earliest chance.' Doing this creates the impression employers
are missing out by not contacting you!
  In addition you can encourage employers to contact you. State for example: 'Feel
free to contact me by telephone or email!' This compels employers to take action and
get in touch!
  By combining these 3 sections you can maximise the chances employers will contact
you. That's because from the first sentence this cover letter helps you convey
enthusiasm and expertise. Employers hence realise quickly the contributions you can
make to their business!
  In addition this cover letter gives you the biggest chance because it is clearly
structured. Employers need spend only seconds deciding you're an excellent candidate!
In short using these secrets you can enjoy almost instant application success. Begin

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