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MGM AR'03 Final

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									2003 DIVERSITY REPORT
“You must be the change you wish to see
             in the world.”

              Mahatma Gandhi

Diversity. Our Strength. Our Future.

On behalf of the MGM MIRAGE management team, I am proud to present our Company’s 2003 Diversity Report.
Last year was another year of dynamic milestones in our Diversity Initiative.

As our report shows, in 2003 we achieved steady progress on many strategic fronts. As part of our continuous effort to
integrate diversity into the core belief system of our Company culture, we completed diversity education for all levels
of management, as well as for several employee groups within our Company. With the leadership of our Diversity
Champions — the beacons of our diversity message throughout MGM MIRAGE, we are now poised to launch a
company-wide diversity communications campaign throughout our entire workforce.

We continued to institutionalize diversity as a seamless part of the infrastructure of key business operations including
recruitment, professional development, advertising and marketing, sales, public relations, purchasing, construction
and philanthropy. We made solid gains in the diversification of our management ranks and our management training
programs. Moreover, we expanded our outreach to emerging multicultural markets and solidified our relationships with
old and new partners alike across diverse communities and constituencies throughout our nation. We also made strides
in development of necessary internal systems and processes.

Our demonstrated record of performance again captured significant public recognition for our Diversity Initiative.
In July 2003, Fortune ranked MGM MIRAGE as No. 31 in that magazine’s listing of the “50 Best Companies for
Minorities” — a laudable achievement by any standard. MGM MIRAGE was the only Nevada-based company
so recognized, further underscoring our leadership of the gaming industry on diversity issues. For this prestigious
distinction, we applaud our tremendously dedicated employees who worked so tirelessly to make our
Diversity Initiative a living reality everyday throughout our Company.

J. Terrence Lanni
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

The people pictured throughout this report are leaders in diversity at MGM MIRAGE, regardless of the position they hold. They are also
representative of many others striving to weave the values of diversity into the fiber of our culture.

As much as we have accomplished in the three short years since we chose to formalize our Diversity Initiative, we recognize that we are still
at the beginning of a far-reaching journey. Diversity — while a timeless, enduring value — is nonetheless an evolutionary process that will
require unwavering dedication, continuous innovation and focused work. However long our journey may be, we remain steadfast in our
commitment to the pursuit of excellence and diversity as the twin pillars of our Company’s strength and our future.


J. Terrence Lanni
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
April 20, 2004

                             MGM MIRAGE Management Committee
                             John T. Redmond (far left)            Robert H. Baldwin (second from left)
                             President & Chief Executive Officer   President & Chief Executive Officer
                             MGM Grand Resorts, LLC                Mirage Resorts, Incorporated

                             James J. Murren (second from right) Gary N. Jacobs (far right)
                             President & Chief Financial           Executive Vice President
                             Officer/Treasurer                     General Counsel & Secretary

Leaders Guiding Diversity

The Diversity Committee of the MGM MIRAGE Board of Directors guides policy and overall strategic planning for
the Diversity Initiative as a business imperative, and oversees diversity implementation in major areas of our Company’s
operations. The Honorable Alexis M. Herman, former U.S. Secretary of Labor, serves as Chair of the Diversity

MGM MIRAGE Diversity Committee

          Alexis M. Herman (immediate left)
          Chair, Diversity Committee
          President, Alexis M. Herman, LLC

          Willie D. Davis (above, far left)
          President and Director, All-Pro Broadcasting, Inc.

          Roland Hernandez (above, far right)
          President, Hernandez Media Ventures
          Retired Chair and CEO, Telemundo Group, Inc.

          Daniel M. Wade (above, center left)
          Vice Chairman, MGM MIRAGE

          Melvin B. Wolzinger (above, center right)
          General Partner, W.W. Investment Co.

Alexis M. Herman
Diversity Committee
President, Alexis M. Herman, LLC

Leaders Implementing Diversity
                                                                                                                                   Punam Mathur
                                                                                                                                   Chair, Diversity Council
The Diversity Council is a multi-disciplinary team of Company executives responsible for the formulation and implementation of     Vice President
                                                                                                                                   Corporate Diversity &
our yearly Diversity Strategic Plan in major Company operations. The Diversity Council reports to the Diversity Committee of the   Community Affairs
MGM MIRAGE Board of Directors.

MGM MIRAGE Diversity Council
Punam Mathur                Joseph Federici              Phyllis James                 Christina M. Roth
Chair, Diversity Council    VP, Corporate                SVP & Senior Counsel          Dir., Corporate Philanthropy
VP, Corporate Diversity     Retail-Fashion               MGM MIRAGE                    MGM MIRAGE
& Community Affairs         MGM MIRAGE
                                                         Larryl Lamb                   Maurice Singleton
                            Alan Feldman                 Dir., Purchasing              Dir., Diversity Affairs
Irene Bustamante            SVP, Public Affairs          Bellagio                      Beau Rivage
Dir., Diversity Relations   MGM MIRAGE
                                                         Kenyatta Lewis                William R. Smith
                            Susan Fleitz                 Manager, Supplier Diversity   President, Design Group
Danny Campbell              SVP, Corporate Advertising   MGM MIRAGE                    MGM MIRAGE
Asst. VP, Purchasing        MGM MIRAGE
                                                         Shelley Mansholt             Mark Stolarczyk
MGM Grand &
                            Miriam Hammond               VP, Corporate Communications Asst. VP, Corporate Purchasing
New York-New York
                            VP, Human Resources          MGM MIRAGE                   MGM MIRAGE
Norman Dillard              MGM Grand
                                                         Jenn Michaels                 Debbie Thomas
VP, Food & Beverage
                            Richard Harper               VP, Public Relations          VP, Human Resources
MGM Grand Detroit
                            VP, Hotel Sales              MGM MIRAGE                    The Mirage
Robert Elliott              MGM Grand
                                                         Cynthia Kiser Murphey         Jovita Thomas-Williams
VP, Government Affairs
                            Heather Horwood              SVP, Human Resources          VP, Human Resources
                            Dir., Diversity Education    MGM MIRAGE                    MGM Grand Detroit
T Evans                     MGM MIRAGE
                                                         Juliette Okotie-Eboh          Della Wicklund
Dir., Corporate
                            Mary Kenneth                 VP, Community Relations       VP, Corporate Retail-Logo
Advertising Projects
                            VP, Human Resources          MGM Grand Detroit             MGM MIRAGE

                        “The World Works Here” at MGM MIRAGE

                        The Human Resources Council (HR Council), comprised of the directors and vice presidents of human resources for
                        all MGM MIRAGE operating companies, makes and implements policies and programs aimed at maximizing all aspects
Cynthia Kiser Murphey
Senior Vice President   of the employment experience of our employees — our Company’s greatest asset. Diversity is a primary focus of the
Human Resources
MGM MIRAGE              Human Resources Council. In 2003, the HR Council diversity agenda had three key areas of emphasis — diversity
                        education, professional development, and recruitment. Here are some of our results:

                        Diversity Education
                        Education is the key to instilling diversity as a core value in the MGM MIRAGE culture. To that end,
                               85 employees completed Diversity Champion training, which expands our internal team to more than 200
                                employees dedicated and equipped to broadcast our diversity message and serve as agents for positive change

                               More than 4,000 supervisors and managers completed Diversity Management training

                               Customized diversity training geared to the special circumstances of their particular operations was provided
                                to 32 corporate retail buyers, more than 700 employees representing half of our security workforce and
                                120 purchasing personnel

                               The first stages of our diversity communications campaign was launched for all front-line employees with
                                newsletter features and message posters displayed in prominent employee areas

                        Professional Development Programs
                        Education is the key to preparation of our employees, including minorities and women, for professional growth and
                        potential career advancement.
                               REACH, a groundbreaking collaboration among MGM MIRAGE, Nevada Partners and the Culinary Training
                                Academy, was launched in 2003 as a six-month program designed to equip participating front-line employees with

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                           ™

      the skills necessary to compete for the first-level management position of supervisor. 20 employees graduated in our first REACH
      class, 70% of whom were minorities and 60% of whom were women.

     16 employees representing many of our hotel-casinos company-wide (31% minorities; 56% women) completed our comprehensive
      Management Associate Program (MAP), and 22 supervisors and employees (45% minorities; 55% women) completed the Take
      Flight Management Development Program at Primm Valley Resorts. Both programs are designed to prepare participants for the
      rigors of management positions above the level of supervisor.

     17 director-level employees (18% minorities; 41% women) completed the MGM Grand and New York-New York Leadership
      Institute, and 26 director-level employees (19% minorities; 31% women) completed the Mirage Resorts Executive
      Leadership Program, both of which immerse participating managers in the demands of executive-level leadership
      and management.

     We recognize that education of the talent pool of qualified minority students today is the key to diverse leadership
      tomorrow. In 2003, MGM MIRAGE commenced an innovative partnership with the University of Nevada,
      Las Vegas College of Hotel Administration (LVCHA) whose goal is to attract and graduate greater numbers of
      qualified minorities to the company. MGM MIRAGE committed $500,000 for the establishment of a Minority
      Recruitment Fund and an MGM MIRAGE Minority Scholarship Fund at LVCHA. MGM MIRAGE will also
      participate with LVCHA in its student recruitment efforts, provide summer internships for MGM MIRAGE
      scholarship recipients, and host LVCHA professors on short-term sabbaticals at Company hotel-casinos for
      supplementation of their knowledge of current industry practices.

                                                                                                            Mary Kenneth
                                                                                                            Vice President
                                                                                                            Human Resources

       MGM MIRAGE launched a new recruitment campaign entitled “The World Works Here” to showcase the
        remarkable range of diverse talent in our workforce and to recruit new employees of all profiles to our
        Company ranks.

       A college recruitment manager was hired to develop and implement a systematic strategy for MGM MIRAGE
        recruitment of college and university graduates for hire, and to enhance the appeal of MGM MIRAGE as
        the “employer of choice.”

MGM MIRAGE Human Resources Council
Cynthia Kiser Murphey               Mary Kenneth                    Bill Sears
Chair, HR Council                   VP, Human Resources             VP, Human Resources
SVP, Human Resources                Bellagio                        New York-New York
                                    Connie Mackay                   Debbie Thomas
J.C. Campbell                       VP, Human Resources             VP, Human Resources
Dir., Human Resources               Beau Rivage                     The Mirage
The Mirage
                                    Hilary McClain                  Donna Trusler
Miriam Hammond                      VP, Human Resources             VP, Corporate Benefits
VP, Human Resources                 Primm Valley Resorts            MGM MIRAGE
MGM Grand Las Vegas
                                    Punam Mathur                    Ann Williams
Chris Higgins                       VP, Corporate Diversity         VP, Human Resources
Dir., Retail                        & Community Affairs             Treasure Island
Human Resources                     MGM MIRAGE
MGM MIRAGE                                                          Jovita Thomas-Williams
                                    Kathleen Regan                  VP, Human Resources
                                    Manager, Human Resources        MGM Grand Detroit
                                    MGM MIRAGE Marketing

  Heather Horwood
  Diversity Education

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                      ™

MGM MIRAGE Employee Profile                                                                         Male
                                                                                                 2003 49.54%      Female
Caucasian                          Minority Employees                     Unspecified            2002 49.53%    2003 50.46%
                                                                                                                2002 50.47%
2003                 47.38%        2003                     52.52%        2003 0.11%
2002                 48.28%        2002                    51.65%         2002 0.07%

MGM MIRAGE Workforce by Ethnicity
African-American       Hispanic                     Asian-American           Native American        Other              Unspecified
2003        11.81%     2003              25.22%     2003        14.05%       2003 0.60%             2003    0.84%      2003 0.11%
2002        11.89%     2002              24.68%     2002       13.55%        2002 0.71%             2002    0.83%      2002 0.07%

MGM MIRAGE Manager & Above Profile                                                                   Male          Female
                                                                                                  2003 57.14%    2003 42.86%
Caucasian                                 Minority Employees              Unspecified             2002 56.86%    2002 43.14%
2003                          70.32%      2003          29.60%            2003    0.19%
2002                          71.90%      2002          27.99%            2002    0.12%

MGM MIRAGE Manager & Above Profile by Ethnicity
African-American     Hispanic                Asian-American          Native American      Other             Unspecified
2003    9.36%        2003        9.40%       2003      9.36%         2003 0.57%           2003    0.92%     2003 0.19%
2002    8.94%        2002        9.02%       2002     8.48%          2002 0.58%           2002    0.96%     2002 0.12%

                                                                                                                    Miriam Hammond
                                                                                                                    Vice President
                                                                                                                    Human Resources
                                                                                                                    MGM Grand

                        Marketing MGM MIRAGE through Advertising,
                        Sales and Public Relations
                        In 2003, our Company further developed a multi-faceted advertising, sales and public relations strategy to establish
                        MGM MIRAGE hotel-casinos as destinations of choice for emerging customer markets from minority, ethnic and

Susan Fleitz            gay-lesbian travelers across the United States and abroad. These measures are aimed at expanding our knowledge about
Senior Vice President   the needs and preferences of these customer markets; adapting our Company marketing and advertising to appeal to
Corporate Advertising
MGM MIRAGE              such customers; developing effective sales strategies suited to such customers; and expanding our knowledge and use
                        of multicultural media that serve these customers.

                        Highlights of these activities in each area included:

                               Revision of our Company’s advertising to feature multicultural clientele and themes

                               Research of the trends and expectations of consumers in emerging multicultural markets

                               A marketing program at the Golden Nugget Las Vegas geared to the Filipino community in Northern
                                and Southern California

                               A marketing campaign at Beau Rivage directed to African-American consumers in the Southeastern U.S.

                        Sales and Marketing
                               Aggressive marketing by the dedicated sales team of MGM Grand Las Vegas hotel and conference facilities
                                to meeting and convention groups in emerging market segments. These efforts resulted in booking almost
                                9,000 room nights by more than 40 groups, such as the 100 Black Men of America National Convention
                                and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Executive Committee.

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                                 ™

       A groundbreaking collaboration between MGM Grand Las Vegas and the Multicultural Advisory Council (MAC), a voluntary
        cross-racial/cross-cultural group of association executives and business leaders from a wide spectrum of associations and ethnic media
        publications in the travel industry, to explore new approaches to meet the demands of multicultural convention and leisure group
        consumers. This is the first venture of its kind in the gaming industry.

Public Relations
       Targeted 50 regional and national ethnic and multicultural media outlets for dissemination of information
        about MGM MIRAGE hotel-casinos and our Company’s commitment to diversity

       Hosted 13 multicultural media outlets for tours of our Las Vegas hotel-casinos

       Met with 30 multicultural media outlets and journalists across the country

       Met with numerous multicultural media organizations and interest groups, including the National Association of
        Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Publishers, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association,
        Human Rights Campaign, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, National Newspaper Publishers Association
        and Asian Pacific Institute for Congressional Studies

Our expanded public relations network resulted in local and national coverage of MGM MIRAGE in many new media
venues, such as Upscale, Smooth, Latino Leaders, Hispanic Meetings and Travel, Black Meetings & Tourism, Passport, El Mundo,
Genre, Curve, Latin Business and Hispanic Business magazines, as well as continuing focus on MGM MIRAGE in
established media outlets, such as, DiversityInc., Profiles in Diversity Journal, Diversity Monitor, Associated
Press, Forum, Casino Journal, Las Vegas Asian Journal, Global Gaming Business, International Gaming & Wagering Business,
Gaming Today and Las Vegas Sentinel Voice.

                                                                                                               Alan Feldman
                                                                                                               Senior Vice President
                                                                                                               Public Affairs
                                                                                                               MGM MIRAGE

Diversity Mission Statement

In order for MGM MIRAGE to be first and best,
we accept the accountability to acknowledge
and value the contributions of all people.

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                               ™

     In order for MGM MIRAGE to be first and best

          To maximize shareholder value
          To promote the growth of the company
          To be the Company of choice for employees and customers

     We accept the accountability

          We all have a role to play
          We are all responsible, no matter what our position, no matter what our title
          We all commit to do our best to achieve this mission

     To acknowledge and value the contributions of all people

          Every employee and every guest adds value to our Company
          What we have in common binds us together
          Our uniqueness as individuals is what makes us stronger together, giving us a competitive advantage

            Expanding Supplier Diversity

            Our Purchasing Department in 2003 focused on refinement of our internal information systems and processes related
            to our Company’s usage of goods and services from qualified minority, women, and disadvantaged-owned business
            enterprises (MBEs, WBEs and DBEs), and expansion of the base of MBEs, WBEs, and DBEs with whom we do
            business. As a result, MGM MIRAGE’s expenditures with such targeted businesses continued an upward trend.

            Key purchasing diversity activities included:

                     Adoption of a formal policy requiring that Company buyers include MBEs, WBEs and/or DBEs among
                      candidates for all commodity purchases over $1,000 where possible, and if not possible, explain attempts to
                      include target business enterprises for consideration

                     Improvements of, our supplier diversity website for MBE, WBE and DBE on-line
                      registration with MGM MIRAGE, to publish bid solicitations by our Company’s corporate and property
                      purchasing departments

                     Establishment of our Purchasing Diversity Committee of purchasing directors and buyers representing
                      MGM MIRAGE hotel-casinos to collaborate on MBE, WBE and DBE utilization

                     A two-day diversity training program attended by 120 corporate and property purchasing personnel

                     Publication of a new quarterly newsletter, entitled Diversity Dynamics, for the Purchasing Department

                     Participation at 10 trade shows, conferences or conventions of minority organizations throughout the country
                      to identify qualified MBEs, WBEs and DBEs, including the National Minority Supplier Development Council,
                      NAACP, United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and American Indian Business Trade Show

Mark Stolarczyk
Assistant Vice President
Corporate Purchasing

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                             ™

The amount of money the Company spent with MBEs, WBEs and DBEs continued to rise in 2003. Last year, MGM MIRAGE spent
                                                                                                                                         Kenyatta Lewis
$766,171,678 for biddable goods, services and commodities; of this total amount, $65,683,864 million representing 8.57% was spent with   Supplier Diversity Manager
                                                                                                                                         MGM MIRAGE
MBEs, WBEs and DBEs.

The following are several examples of suppliers that provided products and/or services to MGM MIRAGE in 2003:

A-1 Janitorial Services of Las Vegas, NV — President and COO Pam Washington and her employees provide superior cleaning
services for several of our hotel-casinos and office facilities.

AECsoft of Houston, TX — Chairman and CEO Tom Ren develops web-based software solutions for many industries. In 2003,
he was successful in securing the contract for providing MGM MIRAGE with its new e-procurement software platform. The
software conversion was seamless and serves as a dynamic tool for our purchasing professionals to source products and services
to prospective and existing suppliers in our supplier database.

Baéz Design of Las Vegas, NV — Anon Baéz, Owner/Creative Director, and Debra Baéz, Managing Partner, operate this
small multi-faceted studio that provides creative services to MGM MIRAGE in graphic design, art direction, and logo and
identity programs. In 2003, Baéz Design produced work for several of the Company’s departments including Corporate
Diversity, Community Affairs and Corporate Benefits.

Silver Lining Amenities of Lake Forest, CA — President Ron Fernandez and his team continue to provide exceptional
service to MGM MIRAGE. 2003 marked this company’s second year in supplying high-quality amenities for our guest
rooms, including pens and slot buckets.

V.R. Norman Custom Made Drapes and Blinds of Gulfport, MS — Vanessa Buckles owns this small business that
provides upholstery, blind installation and framing services for our Beau Rivage hotel-casino. As a result of its initial
engagement by Beau Rivage and partnership with another small business, this company is now growing and has expanded
its goods and services to Beau Rivage and Home Depot.

  MGM MIRAGE Purchasing Council

  Mark Stolarczyk              Georgina Dean                 John Meisner
  Chair, Purchasing            Purchasing Contracts Agent    Asst. Dir., Purchasing
  Council & Asst. VP,          MGM MIRAGE                    Bellagio
  Corporate Purchasing
  MGM MIRAGE                   Sanja Doakes                  Merri Morn
                               Manager, Purchasing           Purchasing Contracts Agent
  Joe Benson                   MGM Grand Detroit             MGM MIRAGE
  Manager, Purchasing
  Boardwalk                    Mike Elliott                  Frank Scharadin
                               Manager, Purchasing           Dir., Purchasing
  Lisanne Bogle                Primm Valley Resorts          Primm Valley Resorts
  Dir., Purchasing
  The Mirage                   Alan Halphen                  Jack Stone
                               Dir., Purchasing              Dir., Purchasing
  Danny Campbell               Beau Rivage                   MGM Grand &
  Asst. VP, Purchasing                                       New York-New York
  MGM Grand &                  Brian Hanlon
  New York-New York            Assst. Dir., Purchasing       Lolita Welch
                               MGM Grand &                   Dir., Purchasing
  Gary Chung                   New York-New York             MGM Grand Detroit
  Dir., Corporate Purchasing
  MGM MIRAGE                   Larryl Lamb                   Sandra Wright
                               Dir., Purchasing              Buyer, Purchasing
  Dennis Daniel                Bellagio                      The Mirage
  Dir., Purchasing
  TI                           Kenyatta Lewis
                               Manager, Supplier Diversity
  Maria Davis                  MGM MIRAGE
  Manager, Purchasing
  Beau Rivage

Gary Chung
Corporate Purchasing

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                          ™

Total Spent
2003                                                   $766,171,678
2002                                             $680,482,001

MBE/WBE/DBE Expended
2003          $65,683,864
2002          $65,040,478

2003 Expenditures by Ethnicity

       Asian-American       African-American
            47.3%                 30.4%

                                               Native American

                                                                      Larryl Lamb

                Increasing Diversity in Construction Projects

                In 2003, we achieved greater MBE, WBE and DBE participation in MGM MIRAGE construction projects, due in part
William Smith
President       to our Company’s continuing focus on qualified target businesses and our successful mentoring initiatives.
Design Group
                MGM MIRAGE in 2003 spent a total of $308,603,449 on construction projects, $37,092,612 of which was spent with
                MBEs, WBEs and/or DBEs. By comparison, in 2002, MGM MIRAGE spent a total of $56,968,283 on construction
                projects, $12,917,483 of which was spent with MBEs, WBEs and DBEs.

                The following is a snapshot of several general contractors and subcontractors engaged on MGM MIRAGE construction
                projects in 2003:

                Apex Electric of Las Vegas, NV — President Mel Hawkins is an entrepreneur who rose through the electrical union
                ranks and opened his own company as an electrical subcontractor in 2003. Apex has worked on a variety of projects at
                MGM MIRAGE hotel-casinos.

                Bentar, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV — President Chi-Chi Bengochea, after several years in the construction business, has
                expanded to working as a general contractor on several projects with MGM MIRAGE and other companies in the
                gaming industry.

                Casas Electric, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV — President Daniel Casas and his electrical company have worked on several
                projects at MGM MIRAGE hotel-casinos.

                Choice Construction, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV — President Choice Hooper’s electrical company has worked on multiple
                MGM MIRAGE projects.

                L.S. Brinker of Detroit, MI — This general contractor, headed by CEO Larry Brinker, is a joint venture partner with
                Perini Construction on MGM Grand Detroit’s planned hotel-casino complex.

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                           ™

                                                                                                                                 Ben Mammina
                                                                                                                                 Senior Vice President
Giroux Glass Inc. of Las Vegas, NV — CEO and Owner Anne-Merelie Murrell is a WBE subcontractor that provides glass and glazing   MGM MIRAGE
services and has worked on a room renovation project at Bellagio.

Shoning Construction of Las Vegas, NV — Owner Bill Shoning Jr.’s company provides framing and drywall services as a sub-
contractor for general contractors at several MGM MIRAGE hotel-casinos.

ADT Construction Group, Inc. of Las Vegas, NV — President Ruben Vasquez has grown ADT in large part due to its work on
MGM MIRAGE projects. ADT was ranked No. 67 on the 2003 Hispanic Business magazine’s “Fastest-Growing 100” list.

TBL Construction of Las Vegas, NV — Owner and President Al Barber was named as second Vice President of the National
Association of Minority Contractors. Work on MGM MIRAGE projects continues to give TBL the ability to increase the limit
of its contracting license with the Nevada State Contractor’s Board enabling the business to qualify for work on larger
construction projects.

Construction                                                2003 Expenditures by Ethnicity
Total Expended
2003                         $308,603,449                              African-American
2002       $56,968,283                                                      25.75%

MBE/WBE/DBE Expended
2003     $37,092,612
2002   $12,917,483

                                Native American                     Asian-American
                                     2.95%                               1.78%

                      Valuing Diverse Relationships

                      At MGM MIRAGE, we recognize that we must draw upon the strength and support of many organizations and
                      constituencies across the country to enable us to achieve our Diversity Initiative. In order to build our diversity
Irene Bustamante      expertise, we continually strive to broaden our knowledge of and discourse with new multicultural and other interest
Diversity Relations   groups, while cultivating our relationships with existing partners.
                      As in prior years, in 2003 we attended the national conventions or conferences of many groups, including the League
                      of Latin American Citizens, National Urban League, Organization of Chinese Americans, U.S. Hispanic Chamber of
                      Commmerce, and Women’s Business Enterprise Council. Listed below are many of our diversity partners both
                      nationally and in the regions in which our hotel-casinos operate.

                      We are pleased to report that last year the NAACP recognized MGM MIRAGE with its 34th Annual National
                      Convention Exhibitor’s Award, and the NAACP Western Region One honored MGM MIRAGE with its
                      2003 Annual Corporate Responsibility Award.

                      National Diversity Partners                               Michigan Diversity Partners
                      Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility          Association of Chinese Americans
                      International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association            Black Women’s Contracting Association Detroit
                      League of Latin American Citizens                         Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History
                      Multicultural Foodservice & Hospitality Alliance          Detroit Association of Black Organizations
                      NAACP                                                     Detroit Institute of Arts, Friends of African
                      National Association of Minority Contractors               & African American Art
                      National Minority Supplier Development Council            Latin American Social Economic Development Council
                      National Society of Minorities in Hospitality             Michigan Minority Business Development Council
                      National Urban League                                     NAACP, Detroit Branch
                      Organization of Chinese Americans                         National Action Network
                      U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce                         National Conference of Community & Justice
                      Women’s Business Enterprise Council                       New Detroit, The Coalition
                                                                                SER-Metro-Detroit Jobs for Progress, Inc.
                                                                                Southern Christian Leadership Council
                                                                                United Negro College Fund
                                                                                Women’s Economic Club

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                            ™

Mississippi Diversity Partners                            Nevada Diversity Partners
Biloxi High School Lodging and Hospitality Program        Airport Authority of Washoe County
Foundation for Education and Economic Development, Inc.   American Indian Chamber of Commerce
Gulf Coast Community Action Agency                        Asian Chamber of Commerce
Jobs for Mississippi Graduates                            Latin Chamber of Commerce
Mississippi Development Authority                         McCarran International Airport
Mississippi Minority Business Alliance                    NAACP, Las Vegas Branch
NAACP, Biloxi Branch                                      National Association of Minority Contractors
The Nourishing Place                                      National Association of Women Business Owners
W.H.Y. (Workers Helping Youth)                            National Society of Minorities in Hospitality
                                                           UNLV Chapter
                                                          Nevada Department of Transportation
                                                          Nevada Minority Business Council
                                                          Nevada Small Business Development Council
                                                          Organization of Chinese Americans
                                                           Las Vegas Chapter
                                                          Urban Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                           Maurice Singleton
                                                                                           Diversity Affairs
                                                                                           Beau Rivage

Building Stronger Communities through Philanthropy

The MGM MIRAGE Charitable Giving Program, our Company’s primary philanthropic fund, concentrates on
support of the communities where our employees live, work and care for their families. We have made diversity an
intrinsic element of our three primary funding priorities — childhood development, community development, and
education. We aim to make every funding commitment advance diversity through service of the needs of lower
socio-economic or minority communities.

The following are illustrative examples of worthy recipients of some of our Company’s donations in 2003:

       Classroom on Wheels, a Las Vegas non-profit organization that provides early childhood education for three
        and four-year-old children in at-risk neighborhoods

       Aid for AIDS of Nevada provides services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS

       A Las Vegas college preparatory high school at which MGM MIRAGE will endow over five years a
        scholarship fund for economically disadvantaged youth

Percentage of MGM MIRAGE Corporate Philanthropic Contributions to
Advance Diversity Initiatives

                    2003                                35%
                    2002                       25%

   Christina M. Roth
   Corporate Philanthropy

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                            ™

Total Funding through the MGM MIRAGE Voice Foundation
Supported Diversity Initiatives

                      2003                                               56%
                      2002                                  40%

The Voice Foundation is a 501c(3) philanthropic entity that disburses employee
donations to charitable organizations where our employees live, work and care
for their families.

                                                                  MGM Grand Guest Room
                                                                  Attendant Joyce Hicks (right)
                                                                  with an Aid for AIDS of
                                                                  Nevada client

We Invite You to Experience MGM MIRAGE!

MGM MIRAGE is one of the world’s leading and most respected hotel and gaming companies. It owns and operates
11 casino resorts located in Nevada, Mississippi, and Michigan, and has investments in two other casino resorts in
Nevada and New Jersey. The Company is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, and offers an unmatched collection of
casino resorts with a limitless range of choices for guests. Superior guest satisfaction is paramount, and MGM MIRAGE
has approximately 40,000 employees committed to that result.

BELLAGIO                                           BEAU RIVAGE
Las Vegas, NV                                      Biloxi, MS
702 693-7444 888 987-6667
                                                  228 386-7444 800 567-6667

MGM GRAND                                          MGM GRAND DETROIT
Las Vegas, NV                                      Detroit, MI
702 891-7777 800 929-1111
                                                   877 888-2121                             

THE MIRAGE                                         PRIMM VALLEY RESORTS
Las Vegas, NV                                      Primm, NV
702 791-7111 800 627-6667
                                                      Buffalo Bill’s                                         Primm Valley
                                                      Whiskey Pete’s
NEW YORK-NEW YORK                                  702 386-7867 800 386-7867

Las Vegas, NV                            
702 740-6900 800 693-6763
                                              BOARDWALK
                                                   Las Vegas, NV
TREASURE ISLAND                                    702 730-3100 866 595-3097

Las Vegas, NV                            
702 894-7444 800 944-7444

UNITED THROUGH DIVERSITY                                                                             ™

For more information regarding our Diversity Initiative:

Corporate Diversity & Community Affairs
3260 Industrial Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109
702 650-7400 ■

This Diversity Report was produced by the following minority business enterprises:
Design & Production: Baéz Design, Las Vegas, NV ■ Printing: Haig’s Quality Printing, Las Vegas, NV

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