How to Split Outlook PST File- by gyvwpgjmtx


									PST File: In Microsoft Outlook email application, the PST files or the Personal
Storage Table files, keep on growing larger and larger in size as you keep on receiving
a lot of emails on a daily basis.

PST Storage Space Limitation in Different Outlook Versions: In older Outlook
versions (2002, 2002/XP), this causes a real problem because in these versions that
support ANST PST, the maximum file size storage limit is only 2GB; whereas, in
newer Outlook versions (Outlook 2003 and later versions), this is not actually a cause
of problem as here the size limit is as large as 20GB.

Large Sized PST Files are Equally Problematic in Newer Outlook Versions: In newer
versions of Outlook also, large Unicode PST files can become the cause of concern. If
some large PST file corrupts, the amount of data that you will lose will be much
bigger. Other problems that large PST files cause are the problems of performance
and maintenance of the application, which becomes slower and slower with increasing
sizes of files. Also, can you think backing up of a very massive sized PST file of
several GB?

A Solution to Restore Access to PST Data after It Corrupts and Gets Inaccessible: In
older versions of Microsoft Outlook application, 2 GB is the maximum file size limit,
which causes a problem. In these versions, Microsoft provides you a program, which
is called pst2gb.exe. It can be used along with scanpst.exe for restoring access to a
PST file that has become too large in size. However, using this program, the results
are not guaranteed and also some of your PST file data could also be lost.

A Guaranteed Solution is to Split Large Sized PST Files: If you split large sized PST
file into smaller parts, then it will solve your problem as this process of breaking
heavy PST files into multiple smaller sized PST files will reduce PST file size. This
will in turn prevent other problems from arising. It will prevent PST file from
reaching 2 GB mark in ANSI PST format. Also, it will increase Outlook speed and
performance that was earlier sluggish due to the presence of bulky files inside your

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