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									How to Shrink Wrap using a One-Step Shrink Wrap System
  Shrink Wrap, also known as shrinkwrap or shrink film, is a method of protecting,
storing, and packaging products using a plastic or vinyl material that is wound around
the product. When heat is applied to this material, it shrinks, providing a curve-safe
tight seal over whatever it is covering. Shrink wrap can be printed on and is used for
customizing bottles and containers. Odd shaped containers are not a problem, as the
film will hug tight to all of it's unique curves. Shrink wrapping is also extremely
popular for shipping and warehouses to hold together shipments and pallets.
  Now you can learn how to Shrink Wrap using our easy How-To-Guide. In these
shrink wrapping instructions we will review one of the most popular techniques:
Using Shrink Wrap Bags with the Minipack Galaxy One-Step Shrink Wrap System.
  What You Will Need:
  The Minipack Galaxy One-Step Shrink System
  Shrink Wrap Bags
  Products to be Wrapped
  How to Shrink Wrap:
  Turn on your Minipack Galaxy One-Step Shrink System and set it to the correct
temperature and time for your shrink wrap gauge according to the user manual. Let
the machine warm up. Prepare and arrange your items to be shrink wrapped.
Remember, shrink wrap is transparent, so you will want your items to look good from
all angles.
  Choose the correct size Shrink Wrap Bags you will need for your item. To determine
the width of shrink wrap bag your item requires, measure the width of your item, add
the height, and add 2" for shrinkage. For example, if your package is 16" L x 4" W x
6" H, you would take 4+6+2 = 12. You would want a 12" width shrink wrap bag. If
you are unsure, always estimate high... having too much is better than not having
  Place your item in the center of your Shrink Wrap Bag with the seam on the bottom.
Once your Shrink Wrap Machine is heated to the correct temperature, place your
shrink wrap bag in the Shrink Machine sideways so that the open end of the bag is
hanging over the right edge of the machine (the sealing edge). Pull down the hood
until the magnet grips it and the shrinking and sealing process is activated.
  Once the shrinking is complete the hood will lift automatically, displaying your
completed product.
  If you have any questions or are interested in purchasing a Shrink Wrap Machine,
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