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					                        Allied Health Faculty Assembly
                               Fall Semester 2006
Minutes of Meeting:
Friday, September 15th 2006
Room SAHS: 4.102

Meeting called to order at 7a.m. by Mary Jacks.

I. Attendance:
        Clinical Lab Sciences (7):            Betty Dunn, Shirlyn McKenzie,
                                              Linda Smith, Doug Bearden,
                                              Cheryl Burns, George Kudolo
       Deaf Ed/Hearing Sciences (3):          Debra Perrett
       Dental Hygiene (12):                   Mary Jacks, Sharon Barbieri, Nita
                                              Wallace, Talley Dadian
       Dental Lab Technology (2):             Roosevelt Davis, James Evans
       Emergency Health Sciences (14):        Lance Villers
       Occupational Therapy (6):              Karin Barnes, Alison Beck, Melva
       Physical Therapy (8):                  Pat Brewer, Cathy Ortega, Ann
                                              Newstead, Michael Geelhoed,
                                              Mary Sue King
       Physician Assistant Studies (5):       Dennis Blessing, Donald Allison,
                                              Daniel Wood
       Respiratory Care (6):                  De De Gardner, Rueben Restrepo,
                                              David Vines, Helen Sorenson, Bob
       Dean’s Office:                         Douglas Murphy

[Numbers correspond to possible number of faculty attendees as listed on sign-in

II. Approval of Minutes and Agenda
David Vines moved, Kim Vogel seconded that the minutes of the previous meeting
be approved without changes. Motion passed unanimously. Cathy Ortega moved,
Nita Wallace seconded that the agenda be approved without changes. Motion
passed unanimously.

III. Announcements
      The following new faculty members were introduced by their respective
        department representatives:
           o Debra Perrett, Deaf Education and Hearing Sciences
           o Donald Allison, Physician Assistant Studies
           o Greg Ernst, Physical Therapy (out of town)
           o Bob Wilkins, Respiratory Care
      Pat Brewer reported that she is on a task force that is looking into
       redistribution of teaching space on main campus. She requested that all
       faculty who currently use or plan to use MD lab space on the 2 nd and 3rd floor
       of the Medical School please notify her.

IV. Program
Nita Wallace presented on “Legal Issues in Higher Education”.

V. Tech Time with Lance
Lance Villers presented on how to use the “narration” and “kiosk” features in

VI. Committee Reports
Research Committee Annual Report--Shirlyn B. McKenzie, Chair
Committee members this year included Ann Newstead (PT), LuAnn Mullins (EHS),
Sharon Barbieri (DH) and Shirlyn McKenzie (CLS).
     Ann Newstead demonstrated the new Allied Health Research webpage, and
      encouraged faculty to submit copies of their publications in PDF format to her
      so that they could be posted on the website. She also demonstrated how to
      complete a faculty research profile on the UTHSCSA research website, and
      encouraged all SAHS to do so.
     The Committee worked with the Faculty Development Committee to develop
      the program for Faculty Appreciation Day held on May 17, 2006.
     Grand Rounds was instituted with each Department having responsibility for
      one presentation during the year. Departments were asked to present current
      research or case studies. These were offered on Friday mornings at 7 am.
      Breakfast items were offered with each Department taking responsibility for
      one month. These sessions had from 30-50 faculty and students attend.
     The Grand Rounds schedule for 2006-07 has been developed and distributed
      to SAHS faculty.
     We collected data from the UT System Health Fair in Austin. We have not
      been very successful in getting participants to return follow-up questionnaires
      after a month or two. Some data has been analyzed.
     Several notices were sent to the faculty asking for nomination for the
      Research award but no nominations were received even after extending the
     The new format of committee make-up is a concern. There are only 4 people
      on the committee and much of our time goes into planning faculty
      appreciation day. Should there be more members on the Committee?
     Attendance at our meetings is poor because it is difficult to find a time when
      all can meet.
     There were no nominations for the Research Award even after extending the
      deadline. Is this because of a lack of worthy candidates or failure to take the
      time to nominate someone or some other reason?
Recruitment Committee--Douglas L. Murphy, Ph.D., Chair
     Recruitment Events for Fall Semester - The Recruitment Committee will
       meet within the next two weeks to review recruitment events for fall semester
       and divide the events among the committee for coverage. With the help of
       the Allied Health Welcome Center staff, several high school and college
       events have been targeted for our participation. The Welcome Center staff
       will participate more heavily in recruitment this academic year than in the
       past, particularly providing coverage for events in the Lower Rio Grande
     Allied Health Fair November 4 - Our own Allied Health Fair is scheduled for
       Saturday, November 4. The fair will be held in conjunction with the Science
       Expo, for the first time ever, and we are expecting several hundred high
       school guests for the fair. Before the first of October, Douglas Murphy will
       convene a meeting of the Allied Health Fair Planning Group to make plans for
       the event. He will also be meeting with student leaders to organize them for
       participation in the fair.
Allied Health Student Scholarship Committee--Douglas L. Murphy, Ph.D., Chair
     Recent Actions - The Allied Health Student Scholarship Committee met
       most recently on August 18, 2006, to select recipients of the Baptist Health
       Foundation of San Antonio Scholarship. The foundation generously donated
       a total of $10,000 to be used for one scholarship each in the following
       programs: Dental Hygiene (bachelor’s degree program), Occupational
       Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies. After reviewing
       23 applications from the four departments, four recipients were selected:
           o Dental Hygiene – Shirl Moore
           o Occupational Therapy – Candice Cline
           o Physical Therapy – Erica Fulks
           o Physician Assistant Studies – Abel Miranda
     New Committee Members – Two new members have been selected for the
       committee: Kim Vogel (Occupational Therapy) and Bruce Butterfras
       (Emergency Health Sciences). These new members will serve for the 2006-
       2007 and 2007-2008 academic terms. They replace outgoing members
       Shirlyn McKenzie (Clinical Laboratory Sciences) and Ruth Skellett (Deaf
       Education and Hearing Science). Committee members serve for two years
       on a rotation schedule maintained by the chair of the committee. At the end
       of the current academic year, new committee members will be selected from
       the departments of Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant Studies.
Promotion and Tenure Committee—Kim Vogel, Chair
     The School of Allied Health Promotion and Tenure Committee is composed of
       the following members for the 2006-2007 year:
           o Anne Jones, DDS, Department of Pathology
           o Don Gordon, PhD, MD, Emergency Health Sciences
           o Betty Dunn, Clinical Lab Sciences
           o Mary Heye, PhD, RN, School of Nursing
           o Kimberly Vogel, EdD, OTR, Department of Occupational Therapy
    The committee is scheduled to meet Friday, September 22, to review 3
Nominating Committee
   The nominating committee needs one representative from the each of the
     Departments of Respiratory Care and Dental Lab Technology. Department
     chairs should forward their selection to Mary Jacks.

VII. Faculty Senate Report
     Helen Sorensen, David Vines, Jim Evans and Mike Geelhoed are the faculty
       senators for SAHS. At the most recent meeting, the faculty leadership award
       was presented to Janet Williams in the Medical School, and all senators
       introduced themselves and were charged with their committee assignments.
       All senate meetings and senate committee meetings are open to any
       interested faculty member.

VIII. University Committee reports
Campus Health and Wellness Committee: Shawn Komorn
     No report, but stay tuned for great things to happen this year.
Biosafety: Roosevelt Davis
     Roosevelt Davis explained the role and scope of the UTHSCSA Biosafety
Conflict of Interest Committee: Roosevelt Davis
     Roosevelt Davis asked that all faculty complete and return the conflict of
       interest form when it arrives.
Branding Task Force: David Vines
     UTHSCSA has established a task force to look into how we can better “brand”
       the university name. There were discussions about uniformity in website
       design. There will be town hall meetings to discuss the topic, and interested
       faculty should provide their input at those meetings.

IX. Old Business
     The discontinuance of recycling services on the North Campus is still being
       investigated by the Dean’s office.
     Dr. Harrington will present to the faculty assembly on November 3 about the
       results of the Dean’s Evaluation Report.
X. New Business
     Shirlyn McKenzie expressed concerns over a new UTHSCSA initiative
       tentatively named the “Institute of Medicine in Science” which is supposed to
       represent the entire university. Because the name is so specific to medicine,
       there was a discussion to possibly contact the VP of Research office to
       express concerns that the name was not inclusive enough. Ann Newstead
       made a motion, Dennis Blessing seconded, that the faculty senators take this
       concern to the faculty senate. The motion passed unanimously.
     Nita Wallace announced that Brian and Josh continue to work on the SAHS
DOOR PRIZE: The Door Prize went to Linda Smith

XI. Adjournment – 8:30a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Geelhoed,
Secretary, SAHS Faculty Assembly