How to Reset Linksys Router Password

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					Linksys router has becomes a useful device for both wired and wireless networking
communication. It could be used at home, office, any educational institution or public
library. Although it is fairly easy to set up and be used, there will be times you need to
know how to reset Linksys router password. It comes handy when you forgot the
password or simply want to change it.
  In order to know how to reset Linksys router password, you need to set it back and
restore it to the factory default configurations. First, you need to hold the reset button
on the router for 30 seconds. Then you should remove the plug of the power cord for
another 30 seconds. After that, you could plug the power back to its place. You need
to wait for a few seconds before releasing the reset button on the router. When this has
been done, the next step is to reconfigure the password and IP address. This is
essential as resetting it to default will erase all of this information. To continue on,
you need to connect a computer to the Ethernet ports and go to URL This will take you to a place where you are required to enter
username and password. Different model of Linksys routers may have different
default username and password. You will need to check out the router model you are
using. Once you enter in, click on the management tab which will allow you to
change the administrator password. Type your own chosen password. At the same
time, you could also reconfigure other areas of the router.
  Remember to take note that whenever you plan to reset the router, you will need to
know the information on how to restore to original settings and what is required to

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