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					Dog bite injuries are alarmingly the most common condition that we human suffer
from as a result of contact with dogs. In the United States alone, there are between 1-2
million people bitten by dogs each year. Most bites landed on children with boys more
likely to get bitten than girls. (guess boys are more mischievous!) Fortunately, most of
these bites are not serious or life threatening and fewer than 5% become infected.
However, with more dog bites receiving numerous bad press lately, more and more
anti-dog legislation were introduced in United States. In some states, it 鈥檚 even
illegal to own certain breeds! You must teach your dog never to allow him to bite
anyone, including yourself! Your dog must not grab you at your hand in whatever
situations including during play and training sessions. He should also never mouth or
nip you when you are petting, grooming or trimming his nails. Be consistent in your
correction and make doubly sure that every member in the family follows it. It 鈥檚
not difficult to train young puppies not to use their teeth. Each time your puppy grab
your clothes or skin, tell him in a deep firm tone, "No bite", (use whatever you want
to associate this correction with) and pull your puppy away from your hand. Correct
his nipping behavior whenever he does it, irregardless of any events. If you got a
persistent biter, grab hold of him with one hand on his collar and close his mouth with
your other hand, wrapping your fingers around his muzzle. Hold it there and say "No
bite" in a deep firm tone. Offer him a chew toy instead. Let him know that he can land
his teeth on the chew toy only and not on you. While older dogs have more difficulties
learning the new rules, it 鈥檚 still possible if you are consistent with the training. If
you are unsure of your dog 鈥檚 behavior when you bring him out to the public, be
sure to put him on a leash and muzzle if necessary. Constant correction will make
teaches your dog not to use his teeth in any event. If you 鈥檝 e problems to teach
your dog not to use his teeth on people, seek professional help and advice
immediately. This is not only to safe guard the interest of the general public but also
your dog. Remember: All it takes is one bite, and your dog could be put to death
(euthanized). No "ifs", No "buts" 鈥?Plain and simple. Click here to read more.
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