PERSISTENCE: Your Committment to Continue

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					                             PERSISTENCE: Your Commitment to Continue

Another fundamental factor in the process of transforming your DESIRE to the physical form is
Persistence. The POWER OF WILL is based on one’s perseverance.

When will-power is matched with desire, it turns into an impressive pair. Folks who attain great fortunes
in many cases are misunderstood. They are generally perceived as cold-blooded, or most often, callous.
These folks have the will-power combined with persistence backed up with their desires. Those
combined guarantees accomplishment of the pursuits.

Anyone can get their goal as long as they hold the proper attitude. One of the major causes of failure is
the lack of persistence. This weakness is inevitable to numerous people. Nonetheless, one can possibly
overcome this weakness if their DESIRE is profound.

Stuart Zadel and Napoleon Hill’s guide on “Think and Grow Rich” suggests the list of signs and symptoms
of keeping the lack of persistence. You need to look out for these warning signs if you really wish to
reach your dreams.

Lack of Persistence: The Symptoms

From this list of symptoms, you will not only find what stands between you and your achievement,
which is your lack of persistence, however, you will likely uncover the deeper cause behind this

Review this report on weaknesses and focus on it. By doing so, you will without a doubt achieve your

1.      Not having the capacity to define exactly what one person wants.
2.      Putting things off with or without alibis or excuses.
3.      Having less curiosity about getting specialized skills.
4.      Indecision which is unhealthy habit of transferring the buck and not facing issues that arises.
5.      The practice of making alibis as opposed to dealing with the difficulties.
6.      Self-satisfaction. There is not any hope for individuals who have this weakness.
7.      Being indifferent and never having the ability to compromise on all events.
8.      The irritating practice of accusing others for their error.
9.      Possessing a vulnerable desire.
10.     Giving up on the first manifestation of loss or challenge.
11.     Having the lack of methodical plans which is placed in writing where it may be analyzed later on.
12.     The practice of not grabbing an opportunity once it is available.
13.     Often “dreaming” rather than “willing”.
14.     Being content at compromising with poverty, as opposed to working hard being rich. It is
principally the absence of goal to perform and own.
15.     Picking the short-cut to wealth as well as to any desires. ‘Getting’ without ‘Giving’. The shortcuts
to riches are generally in the figure of gambling and looking to get sharp bargains.
16.     Being frightened of judgments. This is what happens when one thinks about the response and
possible advice of other people before they even build their plans and act on it.

There is no substitute for PERSISTENCE. You could possibly be discouraged initially for the reason that
results might appear to be complicated or slow. Those who is able to accept being persistent are
recognized for being persistent. With persistence, comes triumph, no doubt!

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