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How To Maintain Your Outdoor Furniture


									Outdoor furniture is furniture that is place in a garden or yard. When buying outdoor
furniture, it's important to opt for a piece that is made from durable material, so that it
can withstand constant exposure to outdoor atmosphere. Otherwise, you will find the
furniture to develop rust, get discolored, corrode or become pitted. Besides getting
outdoor furniture that's made from excellent quality material, you also need to
constantly maintain it, to ensure, that it lasts for a long time.
 One of the first and most important steps necessary to keep outdoor furniture in good
condition is regular washing. Your decision on how often to wash depends upon the
furniture's material, the amount of debris it has collected over time and how long it
has been exposed to the sun.
 If you have outdoor furniture, made out of rosewood (which happens to be most
often used wood in outdoor furniture), you will find that, it tends to turn grey from
constant exposure to the outside environment. This problem turns the furniture into a
dull-looking object after some time. To remove this effect, you need to thoroughly
wash it. While doing so, replace or tighten any troublesome fasteners. You can sand
off the surface lightly using 150-grit sandpaper so that it becomes smooth. Any
sawdust on the furniture can be wiped of with a rag cloth, dampened in paint thinner.
 In the case of wicker furniture, you need to use vacuum to pull out the dirt
accumulated on the furniture. This needs to be followed by a through wash with warm
and soapy water. Such maintenance needs to be done regularly because, though
wicker is material that can well withstand most weather conditions, it's surface can
dry and fade away when exposed for long periods to direct sunlight.
 When you buy outdoor furniture made out of wrought-iron, you will find it to rust
over a period of time. The rust can be removed by rubbing the affected areas with a
steel wool. After this the cleaned area must be primed with a rust-resistant metal
primer, followed by a finishing coat with a paint meant for metal surfaces.
 In the case of aluminum furniture, you may see it acquiring an unsightly appearance
and getting a "pockmarked" feel, under constant outdoor exposure. To remove this
problem, you need to rub the surface with "elbow grease" using steel wool. This will
make the surface smooth, after which you can apply some mild soap and wash the
furniture. By using car wax on the surface you can further prolong the life of your
aluminum furniture.
 Generally, most people like to maintain their outdoor furniture by pressure washing.
This method has become quite popular, but what's a better option is to wash your
furniture by hand using some good soap and then carry out pressure washing to have
the best effect.
 Maintaining your outdoor furniture will ensure that it lasts for a long time and will
keep it in a good condition, in spite, of being constantly exposed to outdoor
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