How to Laminate with a Pouch Laminator

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					Pouch Laminating
  Conveniently protect your important documents from tears, scratches, spills, harmful
UV rays and more with high quality laminating pouches using a Pouch Laminator.
Pouch Laminators are the most popular and least expensive choice for lamination, and
they are used to protect and preserve important documents and photographs for years
to come. Pouch laminators are used to laminate applications from identification cards
up to posters and large signs. Pouch laminators apply heat and pressure to the
laminating pouch fully encapsulating the document. These laminating machines are
generally available in compact tabletop units designed for laminating applications up
to 14" wide. Sometimes a rare wide format pouch laminator is available for larger
  Laminating Pouches are available in an extensive variety of laminating pouch sizes
and laminating pouch thicknesses for applications ranging from identification badges
up to large menus. They are also available in a variety of styles or finishes, including
gloss, matte, colored, and more. Decorative borders, adhesive backs, and
self-laminating pouches also available. Laminating pouches have rounded corners on
all four sides and are available in clear gloss, clear matte, and several colors.
  This easy How-To Guide will walk you through the Pouch Laminating Steps,
teaching you how to get the perfect lamination using a pouch laminator.
  How to Laminate using a Pouch Laminator
  What You Will Need:
  Pouch Laminator
  Laminating Pouches
  Pouch Carrier (optional - depending on machine limitations)
  Document to be laminated

  How to Laminate with A Pouch Laminator:
  Turn on your Pouch Laminator and let it warm up to the appropriate temperature*.
  While your laminator is warming up to the appropriate temperature, you will need to
prepare your document for lamination. Place your document or photograph inside a
Laminating Pouch. You will want your document to be at least 1/4" smaller on all
sides than the laminating pouch. This will create the ultimate seal.
  If using the optional pouch carrier, place your document (now encapsulated in the
laminating pouch) into your Pouch Carrier. A Pouch Carrier is essential to preserving
the life of the majority of laminating machines by preventing adhesive from seeping
into the interior mechanics of the laminator.
  Insert your Pouch carrier (now encapsulating your laminating pouch and document)
into your pre-heated pouch laminator, closed side in. Do not place the open end first
as this could cause a jam, and possible cause damage to your laminator.
  Once the document comes out of the other side of your laminator, you have your
finished product.
  * Getting the perfect temperature and speed for you application is important to get
the best results... this is why we always recommend testing sample documents. If you
find that your finished piece has milky spots, then the laminator is too cold... turn up
the temperature a few degrees (or decrease the speed) and try again. If you find that
your finished piece has bubbles, than your laminator is too hot... turn down the
temperature a few degrees (or increase the speed) and try again.

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