I don't know about you, but when I

first entered the world of internet marketing I thought I could just

submit my newly finished website to a few search engines, then sit

back as the visitors flocked to my site.

I imagined that

people would arrive on my website, as if by magic, purchase goods,

and perhaps come back again for more.

A week or so later

I came down to earth with a big bump.

I realised that it

would take a bit of time and effort to see the results that I was

dreaming about!

Since my reality check, I have learned

all about the weird and wonderful ways of internet marketing.


In this article I will tell you about my top 5 free ways of

increasing website traffic.

All these methods are

completely free and if you spend some time on them you will find

that they work consistently.

(1) Writing Articles

Writing an article on a subject related to your website and

getting that article published has two major benefits:


 People who are interested in your article

will read it and often click on the URL in your resource box find

out more. This gets you another free targeted visitor. Targeted,

because that reader wants to find out more on the subject of your

article, which is hopefully related to the subject of your

 Every publisher of your article must also

publish your "resource box". Adding a resource box with your URL

to all of your articles will increase the number of links leading

back to your website, which in turn helps to increase your search

engine position

For a list of directories

to submit your article to, see
com/articleWriting.html" target=new>http://www.homebizdirect.


(2) Forum


There are many discussion forums on the

internet, on every topic you could possibly imagine.

discussion boards allow posters to attach a "Signature" with their

post containing additional information about themselves, such as

their name, URL and sometimes even an advertisement.


visiting a few forums regularly and participating in the

discussions, asking and answering questions, you can build up trust

with other forum members, whilst at the same time getting free

exposure for your website.

Just try to make a useful

contribution to the forum - be sure to read the forum rules and

don't spam!

(3) Reciprocal Linking


linking has two main benefits for you.

Firstly, the more

links that you exchange, the more chance there is that someone will

follow a link from another site and land on your website.


Secondly, your website will be perceived more importantly by

search engines.

The more links you have from other sites,

the greater your chance of getter ranked more highly by all the
search engines.

Here are some Dos and Don'ts to help you

get more out of your link exchanges.

Do link with sites that will be of interest to your

 Don't link with pages that have

unorganised link directories with hundreds of links on each page.

This won't benefit you with increased traffic or search engine

 Do link with sites that have a clearly

labelled "Link Directory" from their main page. You aren't likely

to get much traffic from a hidden or hard to find link directory.

 Don't use link farms or FFA pages. You are unlikely

to get extra traffic using these methods and the search engines may

penalise you.
 Do use link directories to help you find

link partners. Visit
Exchange-Resources.html" target=new>http://www.homebizdirect.

com/Link-Exchange-Resources.html to find popular link

exchange directories.
 Do stay organised. Use link

exchange software, or a spreadsheet to keep track of the link

exchanges you have requested and the contact details of the

(4) Email Signatures


This is a very simple, but often forgotten way of increasing

your website visitors.

Most of us are sending lots of

emails a day, but many of us just sign them with just our name, or

perhaps nothing at all.

Instead, why not end your emails

with a short signature containing your name, a bit about your

website along with the URL?

Keep the signature short (4

lines), to the point and avoid hype or SHOUTING.

You may

be surprised at the extra visitors you receive through doing this.

It's amazing how curiosity will lead the recipients of your email

to click on your link!

(5) Using Traffic Exchanges


Finally, this is one easy way to guarantee instant hits to

your website. You can build up credits for free by surfing or
building up a downline to surf for you.

The downside of

this method is that the visitors you receive from traffic exchanges

are not as targeted as the visitors that you will receive via the

other methods that I have described.

The reason for this

is that people surf traffic exchanges for one reason - to earn as

many credits as possible in as short a space of time as possible!

This gives you a challenge - how do you attract the

attention of someone who is looking at your web page for 20 seconds

or less?

Here are two tips -

Know your market - spend some time surfing on the exchange

that you are advertising on and pay attention to the types of web

pages being advertised. Make sure that the pages you advertise are

going to interest your target market.
 Use a short,

simple attention grabbing page that can be read in a few seconds -

there is no point advertising a huge page of text that takes 5

minutes to read. The chances are, your visitor will get bored and

click on the "next" button without giving your page a fair chance.
Regularly invest some time in each of

these 5 traffic generating methods and you will see your web

statistics moving in the upwards direction before you know itClick here to read more.
Are you in need of traffic? Submit your an article to with a link to
your website.

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