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                Bridgedale goes bamboo: Cool socks for a hot planet
                Bright green future of bamboo highlighted by partnership with biotech pioneer

                11.17.2008 – For spring 2009, Bridgedale brings a new line of socks to market—
                made of sustainable and renewable bamboo. Several years of research and                      Twitter Pitc
                development went into creating the Bamboo Series, which offer comfort and                    Naturally cool
                                                                                                             focus attentio
                durability for everyday use, sport and travel. Four styles include the Bamboo Crew
                                                                                                             bamboo as a t
                ($16.95) and the low, ankle-height Bamboo Lo ($13.95) in both men’s and
                women’s-specific fits and colors. The new socks blend silky, naturally anti-microbial
                and breathable bamboo yarn with COOLMAX®, an advanced moisture-wicking yarn                  Resource Li
                which helps keep feet dry. The Bamboo Series will be showcased in compact                    Booshoot Ga
                packaging made of 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable-based inks.                 http://www.boos

                                                                                                             About Cool
                With the new Bamboo Series, Bridgedale is proud to support the Plant A Boo™ 
                                                                                                             Bridgedale N
                campaign, which is dedicated to demonstrating that bamboo can be used to fight
                global climate change. Plant A Boo was launched by Booshoot™ (, a 
                biotech company that pioneered the tissue culture technology that helps ensure an            Tags
                abundant supply of bamboo plants for the future—whether for carbon mitigation,               socks, clothi
                reforestation, agriculture or as a manufacturing resource for popular bamboo                 Bridgedale,
                products such as textiles, flooring and paper.                                               global warm

                Features of the Bamboo Series

                • Bamboo offers many beneficial attributes as a textile. It has a soft, silky feel against
                the skin due to its smooth and round fiber structure, but additionally, it is naturally
                anti-microbial, odor-fighting and hypoallergenic. Bamboo is a very absorbent, highly
                breathable fiber that doesn’t stick to the skin and is two degrees cooler than wool or
                cotton and three times more absorbent than cotton. Compared to cotton, bamboo is
                more durable.

                • COOLMAX® ( is a synthetic polyester fiber known for its
                excellent ability to move moisture by transporting it via a unique channelized
                construction. When used in everyday or performance apparel, it helps to keep users
                cool and dry.

                • Women’s-specific fit is a specialty of Bridgedale socks. On average, women’s feet
                are distinctly different than men’s: their heel and forefoot are narrower, the overall
                volume is less, and calf height is lower and broader. Bridgedale socks for women
                are anatomically designed and knit to accommodate these differences.

                • One-year guarantee of ‘enduring comfort’ – Bridgedale’s technology fuses bamboo
                and COOLMAX fibers into a custom yarn that has lasting power and actively keeps
                feet comfortable. The Bamboo Series socks carry a one-year guarantee.

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        Bridgedale -
        bamboopackwithsock.jpg                  About Bridgedale
                                                Bridgedale specializes in socks, with nearly 100 years of knitting experience behind
                                                every pair. Based in Newtownards, Northern Ireland, Bridgedale manufactures in a
                                                community that once supplied socks to the British soldiers of World War I. The
                                                Bridgedale brand, established in 1983, creates technically advanced socks for
                                                skiing, outdoor, sport and every day use and is known for its legendary durability.
                                                Experienced craftsmen carry on a tradition of innovation – including WoolFusion® 
                                                yarn technology, the first women’s fit outdoor socks, and sculpted cushioning.
                                                Bridgedale is sold worldwide; Garmont North America, Inc. distributes the
                                                Bridgedale brand in North America. For more information, visit

                                                Contacting Bridgedale
                                                170 Boyer Circle
                                                Williston, VT 05495

                                                Press Contact
                                                Boo Turner
                                                Office: 206-325-6411
                                                Cell: 206-554-1596
1. Bridgedale Women's Bamboo Lo - Lime          Interview Request
2. Bridgedale Men's Bamboo Crew - Chocolate
3. Bridgedale Men's Bamboo Crew -               Boo Turner
4. Bridgedale Women's Bamboo Lo -               Office: 206-325-6411
5. Bridgedale Women's Bamboo Lo - Sugar         Cell: 206-554-1596
Booshoot's Jackie Heinricher discusses
bamboo's potential and her company's            Product Sample Request
groundbreaking biotech work that helps ensure
an abundant supply of the promising plant.      Boo Turner
                                                Office: 206-325-6411
                                                Cell: 206-554-1596
                                                Email: boo@footloose-communications.oom

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