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SEO and social media explained


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                SEO and social media explained
                Nextstep in Shanghai, China will feature Lonnie Hodge and other China Internet

                12.07.2008 – SEO and Social Media : Explained
                                                                                                          Twitter Pitc
                Learn how Search Engine Optinization and Social Media tools can help you market           SEO and Soci
                                                                                                          thoughts on h
                your company to the world for free.
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                SEO, Social Media and Blogs should all be a part of your marketing and advertising
                arsenal. A good online search rank is critical to your success. This event will get you   Resource Li
                moving in the right direction to achieve those results.                                   Online Digita

                NextStep Tech Thursdays will launch with a panel of experts on search engine              Social Media
                optimization (SEO), social media tools, and blogging. The event is designed to give
                you a quick picture of everything you need to be thinking about for your company’s
                online presence. The panel, made up of Lonnie Hodge from Culture Fish Media,
                                                                                                          Shanghai, C
                David Suissa of Davyin Internet Solutions, and Lucas Englehardt of                        Engine Opti
                BloggerInsight.com, will shed light on the following topics and what you need to be       Next Step, L
                doing TODAY to take your online presence to the next level:1. Website optimization        Social Media
                that is friendly to both the search engines like Google and your users when they are      Advertising

                on the site. (Many web designers focus on one or the other, you need both.)

                1. Website optimization that is friendly to both the search engines like Google and
                your users when they are on the site. (Many web designers focus on one or the
                other, you need both.)
                2. Choosing the right keywords for both paid and unpaid search
                3. Creating and organizing the best possible content on your site that focuses on
                subject matter that people are “searching” for at Google, Yahoo, and other search
                4. How to take advantage of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pitch Engine,
                WordTracker, Linkedin and more to push YOUR message to the world.
                5. The power of blogs and the netizen community who are talking about you and your
                product. You need to know how to control their chatter.
                The panel presentations (20mins each) and the following question and answer
                session will provide you with the tools to get yourself educated in an area that you
                must be working on today--your online presence. This is a great event for business
                owners, marketing managers, and business development managers. You do not
                need a programming background to attend, the panel discussion is designed for all
                levels of internet users.

                Coffee and finger food will be served, and a short networking session afterwards.
                The event kicks off at 3pm on Thursday December 11th.

                This is an RSVP ONLY Event: joseph.constanty@nextstepdirectory.com
**Seats will be limited to 50 people, so please reserve your seat ASAP.

Event details :

From 3 to 5 pm

NS Members : 100 RMB

Non-Members : 150 RMB


24th Floor

318, Fuzhou Rd

Near Shandong Road

Short URL:

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