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					Regrettably, it is not that easy to hide the public IP address. An IP address is a public
address which allows your computer to find and intercommunicate with each other.
And it is basically used on the Internet communication. By hiding the IP address of a
computer completely, the device will become invisible and at the same time it will
become unserviceable in online. Body: But then, in most situations, hiding a public IP
address is possible from many Internet servers. By involving proxy server, you can
hide your IP address. A proxy server is an internet service which allows the clients to
build many indirect network connections. A proxy server, on your behalf builds
requests for Internet information, so that you can use its IP address as an alternative of
your IP address. So by using this technique your device enters into websites indirectly
through proxy servers. So, what happen is, all the websites will see only the proxy
server’s IP address, instead of your IP address. The web browser’s simple
configuration or that of Internet client software which supports proxies is enough to
use a proxy server. Usually proxies are named by combining TCP port-number and
URL. There are number of free proxy servers are available on the Internet. All you
have to do is just find and open it to use. Most of these free proxy servers can have
bandwidth traffic restrictions, these may suffer from internet speed problems or
reliability, or sometimes it permanently vanish from the world of Internet without
informing. So most of the proxy servers are only used for experimental or temporary
purposes instead of permanent purpose. You can also find paid proxy service on the
internet. If you buy proxy services which charge fees for this service will work
effectively and with better quality. There are several associated software tools
available on the internet which supports a collection of proxy server. These tools have
the capacity to switch regularly between the proxy servers at regular intervals of time.
Generally, these tools are very helpful to find proxies on the internet and also to
process the configuration.
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  The author of this article is a Proxy Service provider and has experience of many
years in this field. He also writes reviews of other proxy services that help you to hide
your IP address. His reviews are extremely factual and will help your to select the
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