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                Social Media Marketing Website
                social media consultants blog goes live and is accepting profile listings

                01.01.2009 – For people in the social media / PR 2.0 space who like some flexibility
                in how they define or describe their professional roles, this site and its participant   Twitter Pitc
                requirements are about as friendly as it can be. It’s pretty much a self-selecting       Social Media
                                                                                                         have a blog w
                process, with the one slightly restrictive requirement that blog administrators expect
                                                                                                         experts and s
                people putting their profile up here to have been working in the field for at least a
                year.                                                                                    Resource Li
                                                                                                         Social Media
                For people who like more precise definitions and more stringent entry requirements,
                there may be an element of discomfort. We hope, if you are working in the field, you     Tags
                                                                                                         social media
                will join anyway: you never know, you might get to like it here!
                                                                                                         marketing, s
                If you are a fan of Ricardo Semler (Maverick, The Seven- Day Weekend) you’ll
                understand that there is a seriousness of purpose underlying the laissez faire
                approach Lonnie Hodge and Des Walsh have taken with the site. It is not just about       PR Directory,
                requirements for participation, but about what the site might evolve into and how it
                might operate in the meantime.

                To place your profile on the site visit or direct
                message or .

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