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					                        BODY TECHNOLOGY
                                THE POWER OF NATURAL MOVEMENT


   1. Understanding the principals of Pilates, Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan. To teach natural
       movement, free up the body and allow for a more Natural Kinetic chain of movement
       throughout the body.
   2. Moving consciously to find “stillness” in movement.

- Understanding “neutral spine”.
- Isolation of stabilizing muscles and lumbar stability.
- Lumbar mobilizing.
- Thoracic mobilizing exercises.

- Correct natural standing stance.
- Various punches and combinations.
- Defensive.
- Shadow boxing.
- Punches and combinations on focus pads, heavy bags and speedball.
- Skipping.

Tai Chi Chuan:
- 5 warm up exercises.
- Short form.
- Single hand push hands.
- Fitness exercises.

1. Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

2. Well-being is comprised of the sum of the functions of speed, tolerance and sensitivity of body
   actions. That these functions are gradually impaired or decreased with age is the way of nature,
   but the physiological functions of the body may be improved and senility delayed through mental
   and physical exercising. These effects depend on the function of the cerebral cortex which links
   and controls the sympathetic nerve system and activities of the muscles.

3. It has been stated in the Tai Chi Chuan classic that the final purpose of practicing Tai Chi Chuan is
   to reach longevity and eternal spring (youth).
        The foundation course will run over a period of 8 weekends (Every second weekend)


Each weekend workshop 8 hours of study and training:
- Sat: 9 am – 3 pm (1 hour lunch break)
- Sun: 9 am – 12 pm
- Max Participants = 5

- Total cost of foundation course: R8,000 (R1,000 per weekend workshop).
- If full amount R8000 paid upfront you will receive 10% discount.
- Training fee includes:
           o Study material
           o DVD (short form and warm up exercises)

               Please contact André Oelofse to reserve your place.
                             Landline – 021 424-0286
                            Cellphone - 083 527-5305
                                   Body Technology
                               The Power of Natural Movement

André Oelofse played a key role in pioneering Pilates in South Africa eighteen years ago.
Before becoming involved in Pilates he owned a personal training business in California.
Upon returning to South Africa in 1992, he opened a small personal training studio in Cape Town,
which evolved into Body Technology, a studio specializing in movement, analysis and rehabilitation.
Andre’s clients range from people with chronic pain or dysfunctions to top class athletes. He sets a
very high standard in the industry and is often invited to present workshops in Europe. Body
Technology has been covered by various magazines such as Mens Health, Fairlady, Cosmopolitan,
Odyssey, Shape and has also received television coverage on Top Billing and Free Spirit.

André teaches out of his Victorian studio in Cape Town. He also offers natural movement adventures
on a retreat basis.
Andre prefers to call himself a natural movement coach.
He uses his experience to teach natural grace to children, the elderly, sportsmen and women and
anyone who wishes to discover their true potential. He also works with injury rehabilitation.

André uses Pilates, boxing and Tai chi Chuan principals to teach natural movement and allow for a
more natural kinetic chain of movement throughout the body.

This is an unique exercise approach which enables you to find your natural strength, flexibility and
balance to facilitate the alertness that creates the perfect harmony between mind, body and spirit.
We need to relearn and understand our innate “naturalness”, so that the body can function optimally
in daily life routines and we are empowered to enjoy any activity we choose.
Correct posture will be taught for walking and running. Individual sports conditioning can also be
focused on.
The Power of Natural Movement programme will keep you fit and energized with its intricate
techniques and rhythmic movements.
André has studied and practiced Pilates, Tai chi Chuan and boxing for most of his life.
Through his understanding of the individual advantages of these disciplines, he has developed The
Power of Natural Movement exercise programme, which fuses all three disciplines.
The Power of Natural Movement is designed to make you fit, supple, strong and toned and also to
teach you to move with the natural grace and sensuality of a dancer.

                        “It is the spirit that builds the body” – Joseph Pilates.

Pioneered by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s, this programme of exercises has been behind many of the
world’s best known performers. The Pilates methods of the body conditioning develops the body
uniformly, correct posture, restores vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirit.
                                          TAI CHI CHUAN
A Chinese martial art based on daoistic principals. It can prevent illness and prolong lifespan. It
reinforces the muscles and strengthens the ligaments and tendons in a natural manner, relaxing all
joints and regulating blood pressure. It is a means to promote health. ‘Chi’ is the energy force that
animates all things – by practicing mental focus and relaxation we can learn to sense and direct this
subtle energy. We need to re-educate ourselves to move in a way which we were designed to, like
children at play. It is our responsibility as adults to learn how to consciously move through life with
that same flow and beauty. To learn to move your body by using mental focus and relaxation instead
of muscle power.

                              BOXERWORKOUT (NON-CONTACT)
                            “The sweet science of total body conditioning”

Boxing is a microcosm of life and can be compared to life. Are you willing to take risks?
Boxing gives you confidence in everything you do, a willingness to make the tough decisions. The
boxer needs it all: power, speed, endurance, reaction, flexibility and balance. The Boxerworkout helps
build a healthy heart, improved circulation to extremities, greater stroke volume and lower resting
pulse. The sport is one of infinite subtlety, of physical and psychological refinement. The aspects of
body choreography, balance, timing and conditioning are on par with those of a dancer or gymnast.
The subtle feints, slips, footwork, weight transfer, the careful establishment of distance and range all
contribute to the art of the sport. It is not simply a matter of moving your feet or throwing a punch.
The objective is to do both in harmony. Boxerworkout has the distinction of variety – punching,
footwork, skipping and body toning. Through the focused effort of getting fit one creates that
harmony between mind, body and spirit.
The spirit of boxing is that of a solo endeavour.
This total conditioning wraps you within a peaceful cocoon: “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”.
It is almost as if you are floating. Everything else is far removed.

Contact André for further information on private sessions, classes and teacher training.

André Oelofse
Tell/ fax: (021) 424 0286
Mobile: 083 527 5305