How to Extract Exchange Backup Email Data Stored in BKF Files- by gyvwpgjmtx


									About MS Exchange Server: Microsoft has developed a collaborative and
client-server computer application and MS Exchange is the Server side of that. MS
Exchange is a part of Microsoft 鈥檚 range of Server products. Today, many large
enterprises, which are using Microsoft solutions, have now started installing MS
Exchange. What makes Exchange Server a suited application in these large set ups is
its significant features of electronic email, calendars, contacts and tasks; support to
mobile; web-based access of information; and support to data storage etc. Major
components of MS Exchange are storage groups, mailboxes, public folders etc.
About Exchange Server Email Files Backup: It is possible to back up Exchange
Server email files through NTBackup, which is the Windows in-built backup utility
system that is also used to backup other system data to be saved in BKF files. When
NTBackup utility is used to create backup of Exchange Server mailboxes, then this
backup is different from the normal Windows backup. Even though Exchange Server
backup files are also saved in files with .BKF extension but they have a different file
format, different that the BKF files of usual Windows backup.

About Exchange BKF Files: MS Exchange Server backup data, stored in BKF files,
contains the following three types of files: 鈥?.EDB
 鈥?.LOG (Log Files)

About Exchange BKF Corruption: Exchange BKF files often get corrupted due to
many unforeseen and unavoidable reasons. Some of them are as follows: 鈥?Hard
drive crash
 鈥?Missing catalog files
 鈥?Backup interruptions
 鈥?System software failure
 鈥?Virus attack or Trojan infection
 鈥?Backup software malfunctioning
 鈥?Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) errors
 鈥?Electricity failure leading to abrupt system shutdown etc

How to Extract Exchange Backup? If somehow you have lost your crucial Exchange
Server email backup data due to corruption; then, a 3rd party tool for Exchange
Server backup recovery can help you recover Exchange mailbox backup data in an
efficient way. SysTools Exchange BKF Recovery tool is one such useful MS
Exchange backup recovery that you would love to use. Go get the perfect answer to
your question - how to extract Exchange backup by obtaining this software.

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