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                Carpathia Hosting Announces Availability of Carpathia Integrate

                04.15.2009 – Ashburn, VA – January 21, 2009 - Carpathia Hosting, the leading
                provider of enterprise managed hosting services for government agencies and           Twitter Pitc
                businesses, announced today the availability of the Carpathia Integrated Hosting      Save money b
                                                                                                      internet prese
                Package. This solution was developed to help companies gain the efficiencies of a
                                                                                                      Hosting's Integ
                consolidated hosting environment.

                                                                                                      News Facts
                “Today, many businesses are using multiple service providers and hosting                Carpathia H
                companies for their Internet needs. We took the most-requested features we              Package wa
                consistently hear about from customers and prospects and created an integrated          companies
                hosting package to help these organizations optimize their Internet presence,” said     consolidate

                Jon Greaves, Chief Technology Officer at Carpathia. “As a result, companies that        The packag
                                                                                                        dedicated s
                implement the Carpathia Integrated Hosting Package will be able to run more
                                                                                                        firewall, Eva
                efficiently and will realize the cost savings almost immediately.” 
                The Carpathia Integrated Hosting Package includes:
                • Fully-Managed Dedicated Server – Using the latest hardware, RAID-configured           Carpathia Int
                disks, ample memory and a fully-managed operating system, each server is                will also rec
                connected to the Carpathia Intelligent Routed Network (CIRN) via gigabit                from Carpat
                connections, with 3mb of bandwidth included.                                            engineering

                • Unlimited DNS – Allowing customers the ability to create any number of URLs,          migrate from

                email domains, etc.
                                                                                                      Resource Li
                • Virtual Firewall – Based on Juniper networks platform and configured for high-
                                                                                                      Carpathia Ho
                availability.                                                                         Carpathia's I
                • Evault Backup – A high-speed disk-to-disk backup solution, using state-of-the-art   Package
                encryption and compression, will automatically backup key data on a daily basis.
                • 24/7 Monitoring – Around the clock monitoring of each business’ server.             Tags
                                                                                                      carpathia, ho
                • SPAM/AV Firewall – Providing organizations with “worry-free” email.
                                                                                                      hosting, gov
                • Ready-to-Use Application Pack – Including email with unrestricted IMAP and POP3
                                                                                                      dedicated s
                mailboxes, group calendaring, webmail, corporate web server, Internet file server,
                                                                                                      integrated h
                SugarCRM and WordPress blogging platform.

                Businesses that implement the Carpathia Integrated Hosting Package will also
                receive one hour of support from Carpathia Hosting’s experienced engineering team
                to help businesses migrate from their current providers.

                Click here to learn more or to speak to a sales specialist about Carpathia’s
                Integrated Hosting Package.

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                About Carpathia Hosting
Carpathia Hosting is a leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services
supporting a worldwide customer base including government agencies, large
enterprises and small-to-medium businesses in nine datacenters across the
United States and Canada. Founded in 2003, Carpathia Hosting is a growing,
profitable business run by a seasoned management team with deep experience in
managed services and colocation. Our suite of services is designed for
organizations seeking scalable, secure, robust, and enterprise-grade hosting
solutions that can be quickly provisioned or tailored to meet unique requirements.
As a datacenter-neutral company, Carpathia Hosting is quickly becoming the
hosting company of choice for companies that demand security,...

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