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                Opedix Introduces the Posture Shirt®
                Provides Instant, Comfortable Posture Correction

                04.27.2009 – Originally Posted: Vail, CO (July 14, 2008) -- The new Posture Shirt® 
                from Opedix improves your posture from the moment you put it on. In 2007, the most        Twitter Pitc
                common complaint seen by orthopedic doctors was neck and spine pain and injury.           Opedix Introdu
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                Most of these injuries were caused not by fall or collision, but by bad posture. The
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                Posture Shirt uses a combination of mechanics and proprioception (the body’s
                internal sense of orientation) to pull the shoulder blades back into place and to re-     News Facts
                train the muscles to function more efficiently.                                             Improved po
                                                                                                            put it on.
                With results proven in a double blind clinical orthopedic study, the Posture Shirt from     Test results
                Opedix is backed by hard evidence – Evidence Based Apparel. The results showed              increase in

                a 6% immediate increase in shoulder strength just from wearing the shirt. Other             Other benefi
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                benefits attributable to improved posture include increased strength and stability in
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                the shoulder, improved breathing efficiency, decreased neck, back and shoulder
                pain, and muscle tension in the neck and shoulder.
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                “The Posture Shirt evolved from a medically prescribed neck, shoulder and back
                bracing system,” said David Gustafson, CEO of Opedix. “When we saw the many               Resource Li
                benefits to be gained from better posture, we felt we needed to bring it to everyone!”    Opedix - Star
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                Gustafson exclaimed. “The resulting Posture Shirt is comfortable to wear and
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                doesn’t require a conscious effort to improve posture. It’s really remarkable how it
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                does this.”
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                “Through our professional and personal experience, we know that good posture is           Tags
                extremely important for the long term health of a person,” explained Kim Gustafson,       Opedix, appa
                founder of Opedix. “Using leading edge technology (bi-plane fluoroscopy) that allows      technology,

                us to look inside the body while in motion, we learned the Posture Shirt was having       support, po

                an anatomical effect by positively changing the position of the Humeral head (upper
                arm bone) within the shoulder joint. That’s truly amazing, that you can change your
                anatomy simply by wearing this shirt.”

                “We’re achieving this through a combination of proprioception and skeletal support.
                Your body is being ‘cued’ by neuro-receptors in the skin firing messages to the brain
                telling it to pull your shoulders back,” Gustafson continued. “And since it’s
                comfortable, people will enjoy wearing it, and that’s half the battle.

                Benefits gained by wearing the Posture Shirt:
                • Improved posture
                • Increased strength in the shoulder
                • Increased stability of the shoulder joint
                • Increased lung capacity
                • Decreased neck, back, and shoulder pain
                • Decreased muscle tension in the neck and shoulder
                                                The Opedix Posture Shirt will be available Jan 2009 in men’s and women’s specific

                                                Longworth Industries is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor to retail for
                                                Opedix Wellness Gear.

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- Front 4) PS1 - Wmns 5) PS3 Black              About Opedix
                                                Opedix designs and produces Wellness Gear™, products to keep active people 
                                                active and doing what they love to do for longer in life. Opedix manufactures lab
                                                tested, Evidence-Based Apparel™, offering real, non-surgical options for increasing
                                                joint efficiency and strength while decreasing pain and the degenerative effects of
                                                misaligned knees and poor posture. For more technical information, log onto
                                                http://www.opedix.com or contact Alli Noland, Terra Public Relations, 307-699-4572
                                                or allinoland@gmail.com.

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                                                (800) 267-6119
                                                Website: http://www.opedix.com

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