China Golf Author to be Guest on BTR China Conversation

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                China Golf Author to be Guest on BTR China Conversation
                Dan Washburn author of Par For China to be guest on China Conversations

                05.01.2009 – China Conversation, with Des Walsh and Lonnie Hodge, airs weekly
                on BlogTalkRadio. The next show scheduled for May 7, 2009 at 8:30 A.M. China time,    Twitter Pitc
                will feature journalist, blogger, author and entrepreneur Dan Washburn from           Blog Talk Radi
                                                                                                      feature @sha
                Shanghai. Washburn, the founder of The respected Shanghaiist website, will talk
                about his upcoming book Par For China and his acquired for golf in China and the
                remarkable players of the China Golf Tour.                                            Resource Li
                                                                                                      China Golf
                The unscripted China Conversations features thought leaders in China Business,        Online Digita
                Medicine, Arts, Culture, Journalism and Social Media and is hosted by two tireless    golf accesso
                raconteurs in Hodge and Walsh. Past Guests have included film director Siok Siok      Par For Chin

                Tan, Chinese Medical Healer Debra X. Hayes, Consultant and author Hai Hua
                Zhang, and others.
                                                                                                      golf, golf in c
                                                                                                      Omega Chin
                Washburn,an expat businessman in China for almost a decade, views The Omega           China, Dan W
                China Tour as the perfect metaphor though which foreigners and natives can both       Shanghaiist,
                better understand the monumental changes that China has experienced as well as        Hodge, Blog
                the challenges yet to come. Washburn has a wealth of heartsongs and tales of          Business, D

                triumph from the self made professionals that created the China Golf Tour.

                From Par For China:

                Dan Washburn, a 34-year-old American journalist who has been based in Shanghai
                since 2002, has already committed one year of his life and several thousand dollars
                of his own savings to the Par for China book project, which saw him go on the road
                with the golfers of the China Tour in 2007. Washburn’s work has appeared in
                Budget Travel,, Outside’s GO, Business China (part of The Economist),
      , Baseball America and the South China Morning Post.

                Before moving to China, Washburn spent four years writing for a daily newspaper 45
                minutes northeast of Atlanta. Washburn won the Georgia Sports Writers
                Association’s top prize in Outdoors Writing four years in a row. In 2001, he was
                named Georgia’s Best Sports Columnist. Washburn has been recognized nationally
                several times by the Associated Press Sports Editors for his Enterprise Reporting.
                He has also earned the top prize in Sports Writing from both the Georgia Press
                Association and the Georgia Associated Press.

                In Shanghai, Washburn lives in a French Concession lane house with his wife Bliss
                and their dogs Ozzie and Tux.

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