Installation Manual of E-sahulat version by pakiez

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									      Installation Manual of e-Sahulat version
Step 1.
Installation Procedures of e-Sahulat version
Following are the prerequisite software needs to install for e-Sahulat version
       1. Window Installer 3.0 or latest.
       2. Dot Net Framework version 2.0 or latest
       3. Java Run Time Environment 5.0 or latest
Note : Please ignore pre-requisites if you are already running e-sahulat ver
e-Sahulat Version
       1. Double Click/Run e-Sahulat.exe
       2. Enter password “nadra”
       3. Click “YES” to upgrade the e-Sahulat version to e-Sahulat version

       4. Follow the onscreen instructions and use default options to finish the
       5. Copy e-Sahulat Franchisee’s Private key and Public Key to c:\kiosk\keys\
       6. After successful installation verify the versions of e-sahulat and RTF.
E-sahulat Version Check                        RTF Version Check
Step 2.
Note : Please ignore Step 2 if you are already running e-sahulat ver

Registering Private Key and Machine
       1. Double Click/Run EchoSystemID from desktop OR
          Click/Run START ProgramsNadrae-sahulat EchoSystemID

       2. Before running EchoSystemID, please ensure that Private and public keys are
          already on their places.
       3. A file named as SystemID_<e-Sahulat id>.txt will be generated on the
       4. Send this file by launching a “technical” type complaint in category “Machine
          ID” through Complaint Management System( for
          registration of machine.

e-Sahulat version will not work with out performing Step 2 to 4.

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