How To Curl Your Hair Without Using Curling Tools by gyvwpgjmtx


									Sometimes, bearing hot rollers and curlers becomes very tiring. Many people are
unaware of the ways through which curls can be achieved without the use of any
electric curling tools. Numerous hair curling techniques involves common household
  A simple and applicable technique to curl the hair is to wash and condition them
thoroughly, and comb out the tangles. Then apply a curling serum starting from the
mid length gradually moving towards the ends. Divide your hair into small sections,
and twist them gently until, they are curled towards your head. Different hair textures
including wavy hair hold the curls firmly and for longer time. In order to curl straight
hair, the twisted sections must be pined up to the head, and unravel when are dry.
  Barrel curls can be formed in short hair by first washing the hair using a shampoo
and conditioner. Then blot the hair to removes excess moisture in the hair and apply
hair gel to increase the holding power of the hair. Then brush each section holding
them upwards until, small loops are obtained in the hair. Pin the hair gently through a
pin and remove them when the hair has dried up. Using your fingers to loosen the
curls, avoid brushing from the top of your head as it will lead to a fizzy mess,
destroying all your effort.
  An easy but some time consuming method to curl your hair is to braid or plait small
segments of your damp hair. The style is considered ideal after washing your hair
before going to bed as it gives ample amount of time to the hair to dry. After
unraveling, brush gently to settle the curls. A myriad of rollers are available in the
market, which do not require heat for the formation of the curls. Plastic rollers tightly
grip the hair sections and forms curls. Hair washed a day before you desire them to
curl, provides plenty of time for the natural oil in the hair to settle down and creates
perfect long lasting curls. However, plastic rollers can easily be used as heated rollers,
by using blow dryer over the rolled hair.

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