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                The People Like Welikesmall at the Webby Awards
                Welikesmall partners on three award-winning websites

                05.06.2009 – The results of the 13th Annual Webby Awards are in, and Welikesmall
                is pleased to see three projects receive special recognition. Every year, the Webby        Twitter Pitc
                Awards selects the best of the web in a variety of categories and genres.                  3 projects fro
                                                                                                           special recog
                Welikesmall collaborated with agency partners on the following award-winning
                interactive projects:

                                                                                                           News Facts
                Welikesmall helped Cliff Freeman & Partners receive Official Honoree Selections in          Welikesmall
                two separate categories for their own agency website, Webby               production f
                Awards "fist-pumps" came in the Corporate Communications and Navigation &                    website, ea
                Structure categories. Welikesmall handled design and development.                            marks for C
                                                                                                             and Navigati
                                                                                                            Working wit
                Welikesmall teamed up with the agency Push to create a new website for Smokey
                Bones Bar & Fire Grill, which earned a People's Voice Award for best website in the
                                                                                                             People's Voi
                Restaurant category. Get your grill on at
                                                                                                             Smokey Bon
                                                                                                             The People'
                Finally, Welikesmall worked with agency Door Number 3 to design and develop                  websites in
      , a People's Voice winner in the Pharmaceutical category of          category w
                websites. Welikesmall handled design and development.                                        http://getyou
                                                                                                             Number 3.

                In addition to creating kickass digital work for our own clients, Welikesmall often          and develop

                works with agency partners like Cliff Freeman, Push, and Door Number 3 to bring
                                                                                                           Resource Li
                their clients' interactive projects to live in the digital space. We like it when people
                                                                                                           13th Annual
                notice.                                                                                    Cliff Freema
                                                                                                           Smokey Bon
                Short URL:                                                                                 Get Your Dru
                                                                                                           we like smal
                About welikesmall
                                                                                                           smokey bon
                Contacting welikesmall
                                                                                                           cliff freeman
                                                                                                           Number 3, in
                1881 S 1100 E                                                                              agency
                Salt Lake City, UT 84105

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                Thomas Cooke
                Office: 801 467-2207
                Cell: 435-901-1752
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