CorasWorks Announces Launch of Plug-and-Play Applications for SharePoint

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                CorasWorks Announces Launch of “Plug-and-Play” Applications
                Launch Includes Rolling Out Application Publisher Program and Online App Stor

                05.12.2009 – Reston, VA – CorasWorks Corporation, a leading provider of software
                that makes it easier to develop applications on Microsoft SharePoint, today               Twitter Pitc
                announced it will begin offering “plug-and-play” applications to the CorasWorks and       CorasWorks a
                                                                                                          and-Play” app
                SharePoint community. Branded “Ready For Work” applications from CorasWorks
                                                                                                          App Publisher
                and partners will become available in beta this month, with more to be released over
                the next several months.                                                                  News Facts
                “Over the past six years, we’ve built a very solid and stable business selling our         and-play” a
                application development tools to organizations so they can design, build, and              CorasWorks
                manage their own solutions on SharePoint,” said Gary Voight, CEO of CorasWorks.            community.

                “However, we believe there is a growing market for these off-the-shelf business            Branded “R
                                                                                                           will become
                applications and processes for SharePoint, and we think CorasWorks and our
                                                                                                           month, with
                partners are perfectly positioned to start bringing these types of applications to that
                                                                                                           the next sev
                                                                                                           Using Coras
                With the recent release of the CorasWorks Workplace Suite v10.1 and Data                   apps and pr
                Integration Toolset v1.4, the CorasWorks Modular Application Development System            without cust
                is now positioned to support this type of application development and distribution for     made availa
                SharePoint users. Using the system, rich business apps and processes can be                Community,

                built without custom code development and made available to the CorasWorks                 and easily s
                                                                                                           their ShareP
                Community, where users can quickly and easily snap the applications into their
                                                                                                           A key piece
                SharePoint environments. These Ready For Work apps do not require installation of
                                                                                                           strategy is t
                custom code and are easily customizable using the Point & Click Builder Wizards of
                the CorasWorks System.
                                                                                                           their apps a
                A key piece of CorasWorks application strategy is to recruit and establish                 Community.
                relationships with companies or individuals who will build and make their apps             Through the
                available to the CorasWorks Community. Through the CorasWorks Application                  Publisher Pr
                Publisher Program, publisher’s Ready For Work apps can be purchased in an                  For Work ap

                online app store within the CorasWorks Community and used by tens of thousands             online app s
                of business groups worldwide running the CorasWorks System on SharePoint.
                                                                                                           thousands o
                                                                                                           worldwide r
                “The CorasWorks System now makes it possible to have this type of application
                                                                                                           System on
                exchange on the SharePoint platform,” said William Rogers, Chief Workplace
                Architect at CorasWorks. “You see this on other platforms, like the Apple AppStore        Resource Li
                and AppExchange, and it is definitely where the world is going.            CorasWorks

                CorasWorks v10 delivered the key technical breakthroughs we needed to be able to          Program
                bring this type of integrated offering to users of SharePoint.”

                Click here to learn more about CorasWorks Application Publisher Program and its           Tags
                plug-and-play applications.                                                               corasworks,
                Short URL:                                                                                developmen                                                                 applications,
                                                                                      store, com

About CorasWorks Corporation                                                          exchange, pl
                                                                                      software, w
With more than 1,000 customers and more than 1 million users worldwide,
CorasWorks Corporation is a leading provider of modular application development
software for Microsoft SharePoint. Customers use CorasWorks products to build
web-based solutions such as project- and process-oriented solutions and line of
business applications. Its modular architecture makes it easy to design, build, and
manage an integrated workplace of collaborative business applications, without the
time and expense of custom development. For more information and online demos,
please click here.

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