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									Blocked drains are common household phenomenon. Most of us behave carelessly by
letting fats, grease, left over food particles, soap scum, hairs, and other particles flow
through our kitchen and toilet sink and bathtub which often results in clogging of the
drains. If for any reason your drains have got blocked, do not panic. Try to clear your
blocked drains using some simple, yet effective home remedies. The first thing you
must do on finding the blocked kitchen sink or toilet bath tub is to check the drain
pipe. Quite often, there are hairs, soap pieces, and napkins in the pipes which prevent
the water to flow through them easily. If you find something, take it out using your
  But, in case there is nothing visible through the naked eye, there are chances that the
blockage is caused by deposits of fats and grease. To clear blocked drains, you may
try pouring boiling hot water. Hot water helps dissolve the fats & grease and makes
the drain pipes free flowing once again.
  You may pour one cup of baking soda and one cup of boiling vinegar down the drain.
Wait for about 5-6 minutes and then flush down the drain with roughly 2 quarts of hot
water. Repeat this procedure a couple of times. It is the most effective way of clearing
blocked drains.
  However, if nothing works, then the problem is more serious than you anticipated. In
such cases, it would be better to call a drain clearing expert. The drain clearing
professionals have years of experience in clearing blocked drains and will therefore be
able to offer you quick and reliable solutions and services. They will inspect your
drain pipes to find out the cause of the drain blockage and will explain you what
exactly went wrong and how can you now fix the problem.
  If you are convinced with the drain clearing solution, you may ask the drain
specialists to proceed further and clear your blocked drains as quick as possible to
avoid any plumbing emergencies.
  If you are worried about the cost of the professional plumbing services, you will be
glad to know that there are quite a few emergency plumbers in London who offer their
expert services at competitive rates. By calling up one such plumber, you can save a
lot of your money from being wasted away as a result of causing permanent damage
to your drain pipes.
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