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                All-New Speed Styles Are “Impossibly Light”

                05.12.2009 – Portsmouth, NH (Originally posted October 3, 2008) – When GoLite
                Footwear first emerged as the leader in trail-specific running shoes in 2006, the       Twitter Pitc
                focus was on Whole Body Stability™, a concept never before seen in the running          GOLITE FOOT
                world. Based on the idea behind off-road vehicles and how they crawl over
                obstacles, GoLite shoes were designed to be built upside-down, with a rigid footbed
                                                                                                        News Facts
                on top of GoLite’s Soft Against the Ground sole for shock absorption. New for 2009,      GoLite shoe
                Doug Clark and his team went back to the drawing table to design an all-new line         upside-dow
                that is more protective, more stable and is “impossibly light” - 1/3 less weight than    top of GoLit
                comparable shoes.                                                                        sole for sho
                                                                                                         1/3 lighter th

                Staying true to their heritage of trail running, GoLite Footwear introduces three        runners
                                                                                                         All GoLite Tr
                models for Spring 2009, one that’s perfect for every level of skill and enthusiasm.
                                                                                                         new Glove
                GoLite Speed Shoes deliver superior performance while pushing the limits of
                                                                                                         The feature
                impossibly light, and the Endurance Shoes provide more protection along with the
                                                                                                         Runners act
                highest degree of stability of any trail runner on the market.
                                                                                                         and allow th
                Using cutting edge technology, GoLite’s new Speed Trail Runners feature Neoform
                compression molded uppers, which integrate traditional materials with innovative        Resource Li
                                                                                                        Backpacker '
                technical components to form one piece, drastically reducing the amount of glue
                needed and resulting in a 1/3 weight reduction vs comparable shoes, key for those
                running far and high.

                All GoLite Trail Runners are built on the new Glove Fit Last for those who prefer a
                more conventional running shoe fit. Neoform seamless uppers with the Debris
                Shield System protect the foot while the Interlock Lacing System and Stabilizing Heel
                Cradle help provide the ultimate fit on uneven terrain. Trail Claws with Paw Pad
                center and Gripstick™ rubber complete the package with unyielding traction.
                Together, the features in the GoLite Trail Runners act as a confidence booster and
                allow the user to run faster, particularly downhill.

                New for 2009, the Fire protects your entire foot with sleek EVA fenders and a low
                profile soft against the ground suspension system that combines the best of Trail
                Claws and Paw Pads, providing more surface contact with the ground, and allowing
                this shoe to cross over from the most rugged off road conditions and still perform
                great on smooth hard pack trails and roads.

                The Comp wraps your foot in a TPU cage, providing support and protection, and
                combined with the new Speed Outsole, delivers an unbeatable combination of
                whole body stability and impossibly light, for trail runners looking for performance
                without compromise.
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About GoLite Footwear
GoLite Footwear designs and manufactures "impossibly light" shoes, especially for
people who live to be in the outdoors. GoLite's "Soft against the Ground" suspension
system effectively turns the traditional shoe upside down to provide greater stability
and traction while enhancing overall protection and performance. GoLite delivers a
complete line of off road adventure shoes including trail runners, light hikers,
technical travel shoes and rejuvenators. For information on the full line of GoLite
footwear, please log onto www.golite-footwear.com or contact Alli Noland, Terra
Public Relations, 307-733-8777 or allin@terrapublicrelations.com

Contacting GoLite Footwear
GoLite Footwear
New England Footwear
200 International Drive Suite 250
Portsmouth, NH 03801
Website: http://www.newenglandfootwear.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=55884108905
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GoLiteShoes

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Alli Noland
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Alli Noland
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Cell: 307-699-4572
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