How to Choose the Right Prescription Glasses and Frames by gyvwpgjmtx


									Having perfect eyesight is something we take for granted. It isn't until it starts to fade
that we realise how integral it is to our quality of life. As a result many of us have not
considered prescription glasses prior to needing them. Suddenly we are faced with an
overwhelming number of prescription frames in which to choose from. The eyes are a
key feature in providing others with insight into our personality. When it comes to
framing this feature, we are given the able to to reflect our identity through the size,
shape and colour of our prescription glasses. But how do you know what suits best?
EzyChoice Prescription Eyewear understands the difficulties faced when choosing
prescription glasses and are here to offer a few considerations to make your decision
easier. When choosing your prescription glasses consider matching colours to your
eye colour and skin tone; the size of the frames and whether they suit your face shape;
the style and how it compliments your lifestyle, occupation and activities.
  Choosing a Prescription Frame Colour Consider reflecting your best feature - choose
a frame that enhances your eye colour. Blue frames will make your blue eyes stand
out; tortoiseshell frames are perfect for brown eyes, as are darker rims. Red frames
will compliment a bright eye colour - blue or hazel. Solid black is often an endearing
choice for all shades of eyes, and is often complimented with a bright colour on the
reverse. Choose a colour that you feel comfortable wearing. There are frames to suit
all personalities from bright, bold and outgoing to simple, reserved and subtle designs.
With so many to choose from, you are sure to find something that reflects your unique
  Face shape + Frame shape
  Choosing the shape can be the hardest decision when finding the right prescription
  There are roughly seven face shapes - square, oval, oblong, round, triangle, diamond
and heart shape. Although it is an entirely personal decision that you should ideally
feel comfortable with, there are some guidelines as to what frames compliment certain
face shapes, and which frames should be avoided. If you are unsure, make sure you
bring a friend a long, and consult your optician who has experience in fitting frames
to faces.
  Square: oval or round frames, or butterfly shaped glasses will suits an angular face
with a strong jaw line. Avoid geometric and square shaped glasses that will likely
accentuate harsh angles of the face.
  Oval: with a balanced face shape choose a balanced frame. Most prescription frame
will work with the face shape; squarer frames will define a softer, rounder face shape.
  Oblong: Taller, broad glasses with an accentuated top rim will compliment an oblong
face, smaller, short frames will only lengthen a long face.
  Round: Angular, rectangle glasses are perfect for a full cheeked, rounded chin face
shape. Draw attention to the top of the face and add length with your glasses. Round,
large frames will only shorten your face.
  Triangle: The semi-rimless frame is perfect for your face shape. While narrow
frames are out of proportion, top heavy styles balance your wider jaw structure.
  Diamond: This angular face shape is best suited to oval frames, rimless or cat-eye
styles that define the cheek bone area. Narrow frames draw attention to a narrow eye
  Heart: narrow, round frames soften the forehead while bottom heavy frames add
width to the lower face.
  A Pair for Everywhere
  As your prescription glasses reflect your personality, they in turn will likely reflect
your lifestyle. But there is no reason why you can't have a pair of frames for daywear
as well as a more formal choice for nightwear. EzyChoice offers you a great range of
discount quality eyewear for all occasions. With a magnificent array of prescription
glasses to choose from, the team at EzyChoice Prescription Eyewear are making it
easier and more affordable to choose the right pair of glasses. It's never been easier to
browse and purchase online using your own prescription.

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