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How To Choose Bathroom Tiles


									Unlike all other rooms in the house, the tiles used for the bathroom are very different
and great care has to be taken when buying them. Here are a few factors that you have
to consider in order to get the best of these floor coverings.
  The material of the tiles should be your top priority. Different floor tiles are made
from different types of material and not all materials are suitable for high moisture
which is prevalent in the bathroom. It is therefore important that you get the material
that does not wear off with the moist, one which is not sensitive to moisture. However,
as much as you need high humidity resistant strips, the laminated flooring is not
suitable for this area. This is because when wet, the laminated tiles tend to be very
slippery and can lead to accidents. The most recommended strips are the porcelain,
natural stones and the ceramics ones. Their characteristics make them very suitable
for this use.
  The size of the tiles is also a very important factor to consider. The big tiles, other
than them being very good for wall decoration, they are not suitable for floor use.
This is because they inhibit the flow of water thereby leads to pools that you will need
to drain every time you are through with the bathroom. The right size has been found
to be 12 inches by 12 as they allow more drainage channels. The large ones are only
good for use on the walls.
  Another essential factor to consider is the color of the tiles. The best bathroom tiles
should be white for more reflection. These enable easy visibility as well as augment
the overall beauty. Dark colored floor covering will only lead to dullness which will
make the feel of the bathroom quite uncomfortable. It is therefore very important that
you get the bright colored ones.
  The design of the floor covering is also a major factor that you will need to consider.
The design is utterly dependent on the overall home concept. You should therefore
make sure that the designs that you use for your bathroom blend in with the rest of the
concept used in the house. Moreover, choose a beautiful design and one that you are
aware of. This will help avoid raise of suspicious looks by your visitors.
  There are a number of websites available and dedicated to offering the best
information regarding bathroom tile. Try their services today and you will not regret
ever finding them for a floor tile recommendation and purchase.

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