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How to choose and wear sunglasses


									How to choose and wear sunglasses
  Sunglasses are generally divided into two major categories of light and dark, from a
variety of colors. Determine the merits of quality wholesale sunglasses, the focus
should be evaluation vertex and prism, transmission ratio characteristics, the table
Surface quality and internal flaws, the assembly of precision and a number of
technical indicators shaping requirements.

  Good quality pair of sunglasses can play the role of shade and ornamental
appearance. But in the market, the actual situation is not optimistic. Some
unscrupulous traders, consumers drilling chinese wholesale Not know much about the
quality of the loopholes, the use of inferior materials, low-cost low-quality window
glass or other material glasses. Poor uniformity of these materials, including stripes,
bubbles and other miscellaneous Quality, can not block ultraviolet rays, does not meet
the physical requirements of the human eye. What is more, with very
low visible light transmittance, UV transmittance is very high but the poor quality of
plastic film production Sunglasses, cause harm to consumers.
  How to choose and wear wholesale china ? Experts advise consumers do not only
pay attention to the style sunglasses, but also pay attention to its inherent quality.
Qualified sunglasses, wavelength 3 15nm to 380nm transmittance between the UVA
may not exceed 10% of the wavelength of 280nm to 315nm in the UV-transmittance
should be The zero. Wearing such sunglasses can make the eyes of the cornea, lens
and retina from UV damage. Some cheap sunglasses can filter out not only ultraviolet
light, anti- And, after due and block visible light, so that ultraviolet radiation is more
significant, such as poor do not wear sunglasses.
  Sunglasses are plain mirror series. According to national standards, most sunglasses,
only 8 degrees with the positive and negative refraction, more than the margin of error
is substandard products. According to researchers detected sunglasses on the market,
there are nearly thirty percent of sunglasses refraction than tolerance, and some even
as high as 20 degrees. Experts pointed out that the consumption of normal vision Who
put this sunglasses as wearing a pair of myopia or hyperopia mirror, after a summer,
consumers will be poor quality sunglasses, "training" as suffering from myopia or
hyperopia Persons. When you wear sunglasses after the dizziness, nausea, glare and
other symptoms, should immediately stop wearing.

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