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                To twitter or not to twitter, that is the question

                05.20.2009 – My grandmother was born at the turn of the last century. She lived to be
                nearly 100.                                                                               Twitter Pitc
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                During her lifetime she saw the most amazing changes in the world. With five
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                daughters, an invention like the telephone was made for her. She embraced it.

                                                                                                          News Facts
                Like us, she needed to make space in her life to adjust to new technology. We’ve            How techno
                come a long way from the first phone my nan used but at other levels things haven’t         way we co
                changed at all.
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                We learnt to talk on the phone so we visited less. Now we can twitter, Facebook and
                MySpace with “friends” all over the world. But do we really “talk” to people any more?    Tags
                Do we really connect or do we in fact just waffle inanely?                                Communicat
                Networking technology is about creating a fan base, not a data base. The latter only      social media

                serves to make people feel like a number and we’re well beyond that when it comes
                to customer satisfaction. Like the old Bob Seger song, clients no longer want to feel
                like a number. They want to be individuals.

                If you believe any social or business networking site, I live in a world where I have
                the potential for billions of clients. But I really only need enough of them to keep my
                business growing at the rate which is comfortable. What I want to do with my portion
                of those billions is connect.

                The severe disconnect between business and client is nowhere more obvious than
                in real estate.

                For years the industry has used communication methods which build rapport and
                false friendships.

                With these allegedly more personal ways to network, as businesses we need to be
                ahead of the curve and right on the edge. Otherwise we will always be playing catch-

                Mailing lists which bombard people don’t offer true communication. People who
                engage with their clients, not who want to be false friends to make a sale, are the
                ones who give hope.

                In this world, the key word is indeed hope. You want someone to give you genuine
                hope that they can do what you are seeking; that they can sell your home, find you
                the right car, lose weight or help you find love.

                Consumers are looking for clarity and confidence. Genuinely connecting with them
will give them that and it should put you in the strongest position possible.

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Lead by principals John and Anita Percudani, Realmark became an independent
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