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Bears, Beer, and Station X


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                Bears, Beer, and Station X

                05.27.2009 – Station X, a Little Rock-based emerging media marketing company, is
                pleased to announce that it will be handling a major website re-design project for    Twitter Pitc
                Diamond Bear Brewing Company. Diamond Bear is Little Rock's first production          Station X to ha
                                                                                                      design for Dia
                brewery in over 15 years. Diamond Bear started production in September of 2000,
                                                                                                      Company of Li
                and began distribution a month later. The brewery has steadily expanded its
                distribution system, and recently announced an agreement with Glazer's Distributing   News Facts
                that will allow craft beer enthusiasts around Arkansas access to Diamond Bear           Diamond Be
                beers.                                                                                  production b
                                                                                                        Diamond Be
                Joseph Rodgers, Diamond Bear's Craft Beer Evangelist, points out that the brewery       September

                recently doubled is production capacity, opening the door to wider distribution. As     Diamond Be
                                                                                                        agreement t
                part of that expanded exposure, Rodgers says, "Diamond Bear realized that we
                needed an updated look and functionality for our website (
                Station X has demonstrated a deep understanding of internet-based marketing,          Resource Li
                including crafting an informative website experience to help explain how Diamond      Diamond Be
                Bear makes beer in its natural state, using no chemicals, adjuncts, or

                Station X Chief Executive Officer, Brant Collins, welcomes Diamond Bear as a new
                client, noting that, "Station X believes strongly in Arkansas-based companies and
                appreciates the opportunity to work with Diamond Bear in creating a website that
                helps the brewery promote its quality products that are all hand-crafted and
                volunteer-packaged". Collins went on to say that Station X hopes to continue and
                expand its relationship with Diamond Bear Brewing in the future.

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                href="">Bottling at Diamond Bear Brewery in
                Little Rock, Arkansas</a> from <a
                href="">beerutopia</a> on <a
                href="http://vimeo.c wmode="transparent"om">Vimeo</a>.</p>
                About Station X
                Emerging Media, New Media, Digital Media, whatever you call it, Station X knows
                how to use it to deliver your message to the world. Not only have the rules of
                marketing changed, it’s an entirely new ballgame. Trying to keep up can be a
                frustrating prospect but that’s where Station X comes in.

                From video on the web to blogs to Twitter and Facebook, Station X specializes in
strategy and content development for forward-thinking businesses that want to
compete in the New World. We focus on the message so you can focus on your

Every business has a story to tell, let Station X show you how.

Contacting Station X
Station X
2120 Riverfront Drive
Suite 220
Little Rock, AR 72202

Press Contact
Doug Krile
Cell: 501-590-1540

Interview Request
Doug Krile
Cell: 501-590-1540

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