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                Twitter Business Use Tool, TweetFunnel, Launches
                New Twitter Application for Business and Other Organizations "Funnels" Tweet
                Users into a Single Twitter Stream

                05.27.2009 – TweetFunnel, a web-based application for Twitter, officially launched in
                beta yesterday at 140 The Twitter Conference in Mountain View, Calif. The company            Twitter Pitc
                was chosen by conference organizers to demonstrate the application that allows for           The Twitter ap
                                                                                                             editorial contr
                multiple users within a business or other organization to contribute to one Twitter
                                                                                                             launched: http
                stream. TweetFunnel also allows for editorial control, tweet monitoring, scheduling
                and the assigning of tweets to team members for follow up.                                   News Facts
                                                                                                               Multiple user
                Any organization that has had multiple users contribute to one Twitter account can             Option for e
                attest to the heap of emails and the cutting and pasting that goes into what generally         Monitor inco
                turns out to be an uncoordinated effort. TweetFunnel changes all of this by allowing           DMs and as

                multiple users to contribute to one account with ease. In addition, if a company is not        Schedule t
                                                                                                               stockpile tw
                ready to turn over the reigns entirely, it makes it easy for manager to review content
                                                                                                               when you’r
                before publishing. Finally, there is editorial control for Twitter!
                                                                                                               Useful for c
                "I like to think of it as analogous to having multiple contributors to a WordPress
                                                                                                               educational i
                blog," said Andreas Wilkens, the CEO of Companity, TweetFunnel's developer.
                "Many users can contribute to a business blog, but there is normally one                     Resource Li
                administrator who reviews and publishes content according to a schedule.                     TweetFunne
                TweetFunnel does the same thing for Twitter."
                But that isn't all it does. "There are many Twitter apps out there that just do one thing,
                so we wanted to create a more comprehensive application to support the unique                Tags
                feature of editorial control," said Wilkens. With TweetFunnel, users can monitor             TweetFunne
                incoming tweets, mentions and direct messages. It also lets users schedule tweets            Application,
                according to a set interval, or stockpile tweets for later publishing. Perhaps most          Control, Twi

                importantly, users can assign a tweet to another user within the account for follow          Business T
                up. This is particularly useful if different members of a team have different areas of

                TweetFunnel can be used by corporations, news organizations, trade associations,
                agencies, educational institutions, sports teams and any other organization that has
                a need for a coordinated Twitter effort.

                Short URL:

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About TweetFunnel
TweetFunnel makes it easy to have multiple contributors to one Twitter account, and
it gives the option of editorial control. TweetFunnel is owned by Companity, a full-
service provider of software-a s-a-service and mobile solutions. For more
information, go to:

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Nathalee Ghafouri
Office: 415-994-3313

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