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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee


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                Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

                05.28.2009 – One way of perking up your work day is having a good cup of coffee.
                Our office used to order large canisters of coffee grounds from office supply stores,     Resource Li
                and the receptionist would make a fresh pot of coffee everyday. But it seemed like no
                one appreciated it and still strolled down the street to Starbucks and spent $3.00 for
                                                                                                          Starbucks, F
                their daily doses. Most of the time, they’d ask a couple of co-workers to go along. By
                                                                                                          Business, p
                the time they got back it’s at least 20 minutes later, some may come back with
                various snacks from Famima!!, some may come back with a new pair of shoes or a
                new gossip topic. It became more than an issue with coffee taste but productivity
                issue with management.

                So some people suggested buying a new coffee machine and coffee. Guess what?
                Our CFO asked my department to analyze the cost difference if we change our coffee
                machine to a single serving coffee maker that uses gourmet coffee pods. Yeah…
                seems like overkill, but wait till you hear the results!

                By looking at the coffee cost, a cup of Foldger’s coffee costs $0.08 a cup, and a cup
                of coffee made from coffee pods costs $0.25. Despite our frugal culture, we ended
                up changing the coffee machine and start buying gourmet coffee pods. Why?
                Because the 20-minute Starbuck trips were significantly reduced, as bad tasting
                coffee was no longer an excuse. We added a perk for employees, at the same time
                boosted productivity.

                So the moral of the story is…when evaluating your business expenses, don’t just
                look at the direct cost implications, but also take into consideration changes that
                may indirectly impact how people work or behave. That’s how we came about
                OneSuite Business. It saves accounting folks and the users a lot of administrative
                time to shop for individual phone cards, fill out expense reports, get reimbursed etc.,
                and at the same time, gain control of the costs and save on paper work. Now that’s
                even a better perk for business owners than a good cup of coffee!

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                About OneSuite
                OneSuite, founded in 1999, is a Los Angeles-based hybrid prepaid long distance
                service provider that offers consumers with incredibly low rates while allowing users
                to choose calling methods between traditional PSTN and VoIP. OneSuite
                subscribers can also enjoy premium services such as Internet fax, make and
                receive calls on a PC with utmost convenience and mobility, all under one single

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615 S Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017

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Darlene Chen
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Darlene Chen
Office: 213-996-1998

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