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Live Gamer Expands Technology Team by Adding Virtual Economy Expert as New Senior Vice President, Platform Development


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                Live Gamer Expands Technology Team by Adding Virtual Econ
                New Senior Vice President, Platform Development
                15-Year Industry Vet Barry Sohl Will Spearhead New Product Initiatives for Virtu

                05.28.2009 – Live Gamer® (, the company that introduced
                publisher-supported player-to-player real money trading (RMT) of virtual goods to       Twitter Pitc
                online game publishers and operators, today announced the company has hired             Live Gamer ex
                                                                                                        with new posi
                Barry Sohl as its new senior vice president, platform development.
                                                                                                        SVP of Platfor

                “Barry was the perfect candidate to move Live Gamer into the future of virtual          News Facts
                economy-based business models,” said Josh Kramer, chief technology officer of             Virtual econ
                Live Gamer. “He has deep technological expertise and extensive relationships in          joins Live G
                this space and we look forward to the new business and product lines he will              Developmen
                pioneer on behalf of our clients.”                                                        Sohl will sp
                                                                                                          initiatives fo
                                                                                                          Sohl sees si
                “Publishers and operators face a significant opportunity to implement and expand
                                                                                                          publishers t
                their virtual economies,” said Barry Sohl. “I’m delighted to join Live Gamer, a
                company dedicated to innovation, and look forward to keeping us on the forefront of
                                                                                                          Sohl most re
                technology and delivering on the potential of these emerging business models.” 
                                                                                                          industry exp
                Sohl was previously the chief technology officer for VEconomy, where he was               counseling
                charged with developing innovative technology platforms and business models for           Group, EA a
                the rapidly growing virtual economy industry. He has performed extensive research         gaming and

                in topics related to virtual economies including: micro-transactions, RMT,
                                                                                                        Resource Li
                international payment processing, anti-fraud measures, credit card chargeback
                fraud, gold farming, and duping.                                                        Tags
                                                                                                        Live Gamer,
                Most recently, as the leading technology and product development consultant for the     multiplayer
                virtual economy industry, he has also provided strategic counsel to clients including   player, virtua

                Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group (MTV/Viacom), EA and many others for MMO,              goods, RMT,

                mobile, social gaming and Virtual World projects. He gave input into product design,
                build vs. buy decisions, and technical direction as he walked clients through the
                complete sales to integration cycle on third party micro-transaction platforms. He
                has expert knowledge in micropayment, e-wallet, merchant processing, fraud and
                related solutions.

                Sohl began his career as a programmer, consultant, and university lecturer before
                moving into developing large-scale Internet projects with an emphasis on multi-tier,
                e-commerce and portal solutions. After building his e-commerce expertise, he
                became the Vice President of Technology at Radical Communications, and then
                founded his own company, DemiVision. There he created the first application server
                platform built from the ground-up for J2ME and BREW mobile multiplayer gaming. In
                2004, DemiVision’s technology was acquired by the industry's leading content
                provider JAMDAT Mobile, Inc., which soon became EA Mobile.

                He continues to teach advanced courses in computer science at GoldenWest
College, where he is the co-chair of the Campus Technology Committee. Sohl is a
graduate of the University of California at Berkeley, and received his master’s in
Computer Science at California State University, Long Beach. His master’s thesis
focused on solutions to scalability issues in MUDs and MMOs. Sohl has authored
four patents related to networking and multiplayer gaming.

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About Live Gamer
Live Gamer is the world’s leading virtual economy engine for companies in the
game, interactive entertainment and ecommerce industries. Founded in 2007, the
company works with game publishers and developers, virtual world operators and
social networks to capitalize on emerging, virtual goods-based opportunities. Live
Gamer first made a name for itself legitimizing the estimated $2 billion player-to-
player virtual economy with its Live Gamer Exchange, which is used by the game
industry’s leading publishers including Acclaim Games, Funcom, GoPets, IAC’s
InstantAction and Sony Online Entertainment, among others. Based in New York, the
company is led by pioneers in both the gaming and digital entertainment industries
and is backed by $24...

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