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Hairdressing_ Beauty and Holistic Treatment Centre


									Swansea College
Beauty and Holistic
Treatment Centre

01792 284000
As a commitment to our customers we aim to provide a
professional service whilst delivering high quality training.
Swansea College provide high quality realistic working
environments for training hairdressing, beauty and holistic
therapy students. We would therefore appreciate your
patience, and co-operation during your visit.

Broadway                                     Cefn Hengoed
Hairdressing, Beauty and Holistic            Hairdressing Training Centre
Therapies Centre                             Caldicott Road,
Swansea College,                             Winchwen
Tycoch Road                                  SA1 7HX

01792 284049                                 01792 700108

Opening times (Term time only)
Monday - Thursday	            9am	-	9pm
Friday                        9am	-	4pm

Please call for appointments, enquiries and to check the
availability of treatments.

Detailed consultations are an essential part of all treatments. A skin test is always
required before all hairdressing and beauty tinting treatments.

01792 284000

Treatment                                            £ (Level 2)   £ (Level 3)

Blow Dry                                             3.50          5.50
Shampoo and Set                                      3.00          5.50
Cut and style                                        5.50          7.50
Re-Style                                             7.00          10.50
Plaiting                                      from   5.00          5.00
Conditioning treatment                        from   2.00          3.00
Gents Cut                                            3.50          5.00
Twists (half head)                                   7.00          9.00
Special occasion hair                         from   -             15.00

Short and Medium length hair                  from   13.00         15.00
Long hair                                            18.00         20.00
Perm with semi-permanent colour               add    4.00          4.00

Acid Perms
Short and Medium length hair                  from   15.00         18.00
Long hair                                     from   25.00         25.00
Specialist perms (eg Spiral)                  from   25.00         30.00

All prices include styling and finishing products.

                                      01792 284000
Treatment                                                    £ (Level 2)   £ (Level 3)

Full Head Tint or Bleach
Short hair                                                   13.00         15.00
Medium length hair                                           15.00         18.00
Long hair                                         from       18.00         25.00
Root re-touch tint                                from       10.00         15.00
Semi Permanent colour                             from       9.00          11.00
Bleach re-growth                                  from       10.00         18.00
Bleach - full head                                from       -             28.00
Bleach with toner                              add from      3.50          5.00
(a skin test is always required before tinting treatments)

Colour Correction
Rectify your colour problems
or a complete colour change                       from                     28.00

Hi Lights
Cap                                                                        12.00
Cap (reverse lights)                                                       15.00

Foil or Easi Meche
Half head foils                                              20.00         25.00
Short hair                                                   18.00         20.00
Medium length hair                                from       25.00         27.00
Long hair                                         from       30.00         35.00
Veil                                              from       10.00         15.00
Veil T-Section                                    from       15.00         20.00
(additional colours - £3 per colour)

X - Tenso
Semi permanent straightner                                   15.00         18.00

All prices include styling and finishing products.
• Ask	your	stylist	what	products	he/she	used?
(We have a wide range of retail products to keep your hair in tip top condition until
your next appointment)

 01792 284000

Electrical Epilation
One treatment - including consultation (Level 3 Students only)                   £4.50
Permanent removal of unwanted hair, (face or body) using disposable sterex neeedles.

Waxing Depilation Treatment
Full leg                             £9.50            Half arm                   £3.50
Half leg                             £5.50            Full arm                   £5.00
Full leg and bikini                  £11.50           Back or chest              £7.00
Underarm or bikini                   £3.50            facial bleach              £3.50
Lip, chin or eyebrow                 £3.00

Personalised Skin Care Facials
Our trained experts will provide you with not only the finest skincare
treatments, but we will teach you how to care for your skin yourself and
maintain the benefits everyday at home.

Mini	Facial	                                                                     £5.00
You will be given skincare advise as your skin is cleansed, exfoliated and
conditioned with a treatment masque.

Specialised	Facial                                                               £8.00
Your skin will feel wonderful after this luxury treatment, cleansing, exfoliating and
conditioning treatment followed by facial massage.

Specialised	Electrical	Facial                                                    £9.00
A treatment is designed for each individual client to suit your specific skin care
requirement. This is a relaxing treatment, which will leave the skin firmer and
younger looking.

Non	Surgical	Facelift                                                            £15.00

                                          01792 284000 
Corrective Body Treatments
Specific figure correction treatments prescribed to suit clients needs with
regard to toning, contouring and elimination of cellulite.
Specialised electrical treatment             £8.00 Course of 6          £45.00
G5 electrical massage - Part body            £5.00 Full body            £10.00

Makeup Treatments
Cleanse and makeup for any occasion. Book an appointment and learn how
to make the most of your colouring and facial features.
Cleanse and Makeup                           £4.00

Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments
(a skin test is always required before tinting treatments)

Eyebrow Shape                  £3.00         Eyelash Tint                  £4.00
Eyebrow Tint                   £3.00         Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint      £5.00

Hands and Feet
Re-varnish                     £2.00         Pedicure                      £6.50
Manicure                       £6.00         Luxury manicure               £7.50

• Ask	your	therapist	about	our	retail	range	of	products	available	to	continue		
	 your	beauty	regime.

 01792 284000

 If you are receiving medical treatment you may be requested to seek G.P. advice to
 help us determine an appropriate salon treatment for you. In order to gain maximum
 benefits from our range of treatments, we promote a course of appointments.
 Initial	consultation	free	of	charge.

• Relaxing Body Treatments

Swedish Body Massage
Back, neck and shoulder          £6.00           Full body                £10.00
Course of 5 Full body            £45.00

Aromatherapy Massage
A therapeutic pressure point massage using essential oils blended to suit
individual needs.
One treatment                    £12.50          Course of 5              £55.00

Promote full body relaxation with specialised pressure treatment for the feet.
One treatment                    £12.00          Course of 5              £50.00

Stone Therapy Massage                                                     £15.00
The use of hot and cold stones in a full body therapeutic massage to
relieve tension and promote relaxation.

Indian Head Massage                                                       £8.00
The application of specific massage techniques to the head, neck and
shoulders, working on pressure points to alleviate stress and tension and
promote well-being.

                                      01792 284000
Relaxing Ayurvedic Treatment (Facial points)                         £10.00
A treatment developed from Indian practice to promote a balanced constitution
by applying gentle movements to Marma points on the head and face. The feet
also receive gentle stimulation to begin the experience.

Cystal Therapy
Using crystals to realign the Chakras and Human Energy System. This treatment
can be of benifit to alievating stress and promoting wellbeing.
30min Chakra Balance           £6.00          1hr Full Treatment     £10.00

Sauna and Steam room sessions are also available for £2.00 per
20 minute session. Please ring for availability.

 01792 284000

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