15th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Canada 2003 by hjkuiw354


                      19 – 24 June 2003

Our second visit to Canada saw us visit the same City where the 1985 world
tournament was held, Victoria on Vancouver Island. The 72 hole tournament
was played over 4 different courses, Olympic View, Cordova Bay, Gorge
Vale and the Royal Colwood Golf Courses. Registration was on Wednesday
18 June 2003 at the Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa Hotel. A
welcome cocktail party was held at the same Hotel that evening. Where Bob
Zimmerman the World President welcomed all to British Colombia and
wished everyone an enjoyable week of golf, hospitality and sightseeing.
The tournament was played on Thursday 19 June, Friday 20 June, Monday
23 June and Tuesday 24 June, 2003.
There were 152 entrants from 12 Countries, Australia (29), Canada (53),
England (14), Finland (1), Germany (10), Ireland (10), Japan (17), New
Zealand (17), Scotland (1), Sweden (1), Switzerland (10 and U.S.A. (52).
The Presentation Banquet was held on Tuesday 24 June at the Cadboro
Conference Centre, University of Victoria.
The World Champion was Dean Lewis, Canada.
The Senior Champion was Noel Bond, Australia.
The Super Senior Champion was Ray Canonico, U.S.A.
The Lady Champion was Marlene Garth, Australia.
The Doug Crosby World Cup was won by Canada.

  L – R Martin Poertner (Germany) Tom Waki (Japan) Peter Read (Aust) John Garth (Aust)
                     enjoying some camaraderie during the tournament
         World Champion, Dean Lewis Canada with Doug Crosby WALG Chairman.

                             World Champions, Canada 2003.
L – R Ray Canonico Super Senior Champion (USA), Marlene Garth Lady Champ[ion (Australia),
Bob Zimmerman President NALG (Canada), Doug Crosby Chairman WALG, Noel Bond Senior
             Champion (Austrlaia) and Dean Lewis World Champion (Canada).
  Mie Waki (Japan) presenting participants who have attended at least 10 WALG tournaments.
L - R Doug Crosby (Aust), Peter Nolan (Aust), Ken Ahrens (USA), John Hodecker (USA), Peter
                    Read (Aust) and Nigel Osborne (N.Z.) Canada 2003

  L.-R Desmond Pratt (Canada), Isami Suemitsu (Japan), Doug Crosby (Australia) and Ernie
              Carter (Canada) at the Cordova Bay Golf Club, Victoria B.C.
L – R Tsutomu Waki (Japan), Mie Waki (Japan), Jerry Bradley (Ireland), Mike Jacob (Ireland)
  and Doug Crosby (Australia) enjoying themselves at the presentation dinner Victoria B.C.

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