Broadcast Your Audio Message with OneSuite VoIP

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                Broadcast Your Audio Message with OneSuite VoIP
                Send voice messages to 10,000 contacts worldwide

                06.11.2009 – Los Angeles, CA - Organizing a church event? Study group? Family
                dinner? Trying to call everyone for a soccer practice? Or announcing the time and       Twitter Pitc
                date for a make-up class? Reminders? Time is money! Wouldn’t it be great if you         Broadcast yo
                                                                                                        OneSuite VoIP
                can broadcast your message, without having to make multiple calls?
                                                                                                        messages to
                OneSuite’s VoIP service, SuiteAdvantage, has just been upgraded to provide this
                perk. With the new message broadcasting feature that comes with the subscription,       News Facts
                you can get your messages across worldwide without repeating yourself. Set up to          OneSuite up
                100 distribution groups, with domestic, international, or other SuiteAdvantage            allows for m
                numbers. Broadcast your message to your group members worldwide at a touch of             Broadcast y

                a button. No fuss. No muss.                                                               phone numb
                                                                                                          Set up to 10
                                                                                                          forward voi
                The message broadcasting feature is a FREE enhanced addition to SuiteAdvantage,
                                                                                                          Not setup fe
                our PC calling service at $2.95 per month. Other cool VoIP benefits include FREE
                                                                                                          Easy web in
                member calls, FREE incoming calls, FREE voicemails, pay-a s-you-go billing, area
                                                                                                          softphone s
                code selection… See how we compare with other VoIP competitors.
                                                                                                        Resource Li
                To use our message broadcasting feature, please first subscribe to SuiteAdvantage.      OneSuite Blo
                                                                                                        OneSuite Tw
                Then follow the steps below.
                                                                                                        OneSuite Fa

                SuiteAdvantage message broadcasting 1 2 3:                                              Tags
                                                                                                        onesuite, m
                1. Login My Account > SuiteAdvantage > Features > Voicemail Setting;                    voice broadc
                2. Make sure your voicemail setting is enabled;                                         voicemail, vo
                3. Create your distribution groups on the same page below (phone numbers may be         onesuite ma

                domestic number, international number or other SuiteAdvantage number;                   voicemail w

                4. On your OneSuite SoftPhone, dial *0 to enter the voicemail menu;
                5. Dial 2 to send a message;
                6.Record your message. When prompted to send the message, enter the
                distribution group number;
                7. Your recorded message is delivered to group members; if the call is not picked
                up, the message is delivered to their voicemail box if available.

                We hope you find this feature useful. Thank you again for your continued support. We
                strive to provide the best products and service for you.

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                About OneSuite
                OneSuite, founded in 1999, is a Los Angeles-based hybrid prepaid long distance
                service provider that offers consumers with incredibly low rates while allowing users
                to choose calling methods between traditional PSTN and VoIP. OneSuite
subscribers can also enjoy premium services such as Internet fax, make and
receive calls on a PC with utmost convenience and mobility, all under one single

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