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					QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE                         Hold        button and follow on-screen
Getting started:                              directions. You simply turn your vehi-
1. Install battery, observing         dia-    cle in one complete circle, taking 20 to
   grammed polarity (page 1).                 60 seconds to complete (page 5).

2. Plug 12-volt adapter into “POWER”          Using your compass:
   jack and your vehicle lighter socket       • Press         button to switch on;
   (page 1).                                     unit shuts off automatically about
3. Adhere peel-and-stick temperature             10 minutes after your vehicle stops
   sensor to interior or exterior loca-          moving.
   tion, and plug into “TEMP” jack            •   Read your compass heading three
   (page 2)                                       ways: by any of 16 cardinal points,
4. Mount compass to windshield with               numerically in 5° increments, and
   suction cups in a position that does           graphically by an arrow on the com-
   not block driver’s view, is more than          pass rose.
   5” away from a speaker, and puts           •   Hold        button to store a bearing
   the controls within reach (page 3).            and follow a desired course (page 6).
5. Adjust compass so it is level and facing   •   Press        button for a tempera-
   rear of vehicle (not toward driver).           ture reading (page 6).
   Never loosen pivot screw! To adjust,       •   Press       button to switch screen
   simply pull to right against spring-           backlight on or off (page 6).
   loaded pivot (page 3).
                                              Note: Be sure to read the manual
Before first use:                             for detailed instructions.
Calibrate compass to your vehicle:
CONGRATULATIONS!                                EASY INSTALLATION
Now you have a new navigational part-           Note: Remove the protective overlay
ner when you drive — one of the most            film from the LCD screen.
modern and accurate compasses avail-
                                                Step 1: Install the battery.
able for use in all types of vehicles. To
                                                Slide open the battery cover on the
get the most from your compass, please
                                                rear of the unit and insert the battery
read this manual thoroughly, and keep
                                                straight down (not at an angle), observ-
it in a safe place for future reference.
                                                ing the correct polarity. Replace the
Features                                        cover. The screen should come on
• Three compass displays.                       with a quick quality test. If the dis-
• Memory stores your compass head-              play becomes stuck, remove the bat-
  ing to help you stay on course.               tery, wait about a minute, then reinsert
• Interior or exterior thermometer              the battery.
  for accurate comfort monitoring.              Step 2: Plug in the 12-volt adapter.
• ICE alert warns of hazardous road             Insert the small end into the jack
  conditions.                                   marked “Power” on the back of the
• Alert for magnetic interference.              unit, and plug the large end into your
• Auto power off conserves battery.             vehicle lighter receptacle.
• Bright backlight with auto on/off
                                                Power notes
  for night use.
                                                • Use of the 12-volt adapter or hard-
• Two power modes: 12-volt and/or                 wire kit (see Optional Accessories
  internal battery for cord-free use.             on page 8) is highly recommended
                                                  to avoid draining the unit’s battery

  and losing memory settings.                   select a ventilated location outside the
• Keep the unit plugged into your               passenger compartment, such as the
  vehicle while changing the battery            grill area or doorjamb (away from
  to avoid losing memory settings.              sunlight and engine heat).
• Since not all vehicles supply con-            Making sure the surface is free of dirt,
  stant power to the lighter socket,            use the peel-and-stick pad to adhere
  a battery must be in the unit at all          the sensor. Mount to a less heat-con-
  times to retain memory settings.              ductive plastic or rubber component
                                                instead of to a steel body part. (As all
• Unit shuts off automatically about            vehicles are different, you may need
  10 minutes after the last detected            to experiment to find the best site.)
  change in magnetic field. During
  night use, a built-in light sensor            Use the included retainer clips to
  automatically switches on the screen          secure the sensor cable to the wind-
  backlight (disabled when the unit is          shield or dashboard. Plug the sensor
  operating on its battery alone).              connector into the jack marked
                                                “TEMP” on the back of the compass.
Step 3: Install the temperature                 Note: A longer 30-foot temperature
sensor.                                         sensor is available (see Optional
Mount the sensor inside for monitor-            Accessories on page 8).
ing interior temperatures or outside
for exterior temperatures (required for         Note: Do not leave the Wayfinder
ICE alert feature). If used inside, place       V2000 in a parked vehicle that is
the sensor in a natural airflow, out of         likely to be exposed to extremely hot
direct sunlight, and not in the direct          or cold temperatures.
outflow of a vent. For exterior use,
Step 4: Mount on windshield.                    To adjust the angle, grasp the spring-
Slide the compass into the mounting             loaded pivot and pull to the right,
bracket until it clicks securely into           freeing the locking teeth (see diagram
place (it only fits one way). Slide the         below). Set the bracket to the correct
suction cups into their mounting holes          angle and release the pivot. The lock-
(if not pre-installed).                         ing teeth will re-engage in this new
Select a location on the windshield             position.
that will not obstruct the driver’s view,       Note: never loosen the pivot screw as
is at least 5 inches away from an audio         small internal parts could become lost.
speaker (to prevent interference), and
permits easy reach of the compass
buttons. Clean the window glass.
Press the suction cups firmly against
the windshield.
For accurate readings the compass
can be tilted up or down no more than
20º from horizontal (road level).
                                                Important: The screen should point
                                                toward the rear of the vehicle (not
                                                at the driver) so that the compass is

                    20° max
                                                aligned with the direction of travel.

                    20° max


CONTROLS AT A GLANCE                                            The screen shows your heading in
  “DISTORTION”     Cardinal Point     Numeric Heading           one of 16 cardinal points (N, NNE,
       Icon          Readout             Readout
                                                                NE, etc.), and an arrow on the com-
                                                                pass rose points toward that direction.
                                                                Plus, your precise heading is shown
                                                                numerically in increments of 5°.
                                                                Buttons and icons
                                                                Light button: Press           to switch the
                                                                backlight on or off, or hold for two sec-
                                                                onds to adjust the auto shut-off interval.
Compass Rose        Temperature and               Buttons       Cal button: Press or hold                to
                  Bearing Point Readout
                                                                begin calibration.
                  Compass Front
                                                                Temp button: Press               to display
      Battery                       Photo Diode
    Compartment                                                 the temperature, or hold to select
                                                                Fahrenheit or Celsius.
                                                                Point button: Press            to display a
                                                                stored bearing point, or hold to store a
                                                                new bearing.
                                                                Power button: Press               to switch
                                                                the Wayfinder V2000 on or off.
                                                                “Distortion” icon: Indicates that mag-
    Temperature                     12-Volt Power
                                                                netic interference is compromising com-
    Sensor Jack                      AdapterJack                pass accuracy, or that the battery has been
                  Compass Back                                  changed and calibration is required.
OPERATION OF YOUR COMPASS                            CANCEL” cycles in the lower
                                                     right corner.
Calibrating the compass
For accurate readings, your compass               2. Press
must be calibrated before the first                  Now “TURN ONCE” will flash in
use, and any time it is moved to a                   the lower left corner, and “TURN
new location in a vehicle or whenever                ONCE THEN PRESS CAL TO
the memory settings are lost from a                  END” appears in the lower right
power interruption. Recalibration is                 corner for approximately 2 minutes.
also required after a change to your              3. Turn vehicle in one complete circle
vehicle (such as installation of a stereo),          in either direction. Take at least 20
or whenever “DISTORTION” is dis-                     seconds, but not more than 60 sec-
played continuously on the screen.                   onds to complete (circle size does
Always calibrate with the compass in                 not matter).
place on your windshield and electri-
cal devices such as headlights, stereo,
etc. switched on. Select a level sec-
tion of pavement, such as an empty
parking lot or a non-busy street. For
boats, calibration is best performed in
a calm harbor or marina.                          4. Press
Calibration steps:                                   “DONE” displays briefly in lower
1. Hold                                              right corner. The V2000 is now
   The message “PRESS AGAIN TO                       calibrated.
Let the compass guide you                     Using the thermometer
You can enter a course direction (bear-       Press        to turn the temperature
ing point) and a guiding arrow will           display on or off. (If the temperature
appear on the compass rose. (Until a          sensor has not been properly installed,
bearing is stored, 00° displays in the        “PLUG IN THE SENSOR” will
lower right corner.)                          appear on the screen.) The Wayfinder
                                              V2000 displays temperatures between
To enter a bearing point:                     1°F and 158°F (-17°C to 70°C), or
1. Align your vehicle so that the             will indicate that the measured tem-
   desired numeric heading appears.           perature is above or below this range.
2. Hold
   The message “PRESS AGAIN TO                To select °C or °F:
   STORE” cycles in the lower right           1. Hold
   corner.                                       The message “PRESS AGAIN TO
                                                 STEP HOLD TO SELECT” cycles
3. Press                                         in the lower right corner.
   The stored bearing point appears
   in the lower right corner, and a           2. Press
   flashing arrow points toward that             Either °C or °F flashes in the lower
   direction on the compass rose. This           right corner.
   bearing point remains in memory            3. Press
   until you enter a new bearing point           To toggle between °C and °F
   or the battery is replaced.                4. Hold
4. Press                                         Until “DONE” displays, saving
   Turns display of stored bearing               your selection in memory.
   point on or off.
ICE alert                                     2. Press
When the exterior sensor is properly              The values 00, 10, 30, 60, and 180
installed, the Wayfinder V2000 can                seconds appear in sequence.
alert you to dangerous road con-              3. Hold
ditions. Any time the temperature                 To select the desired interval until
drops to 35ºF (2ºC), it automatically             “DONE” displays. Note: selecting
switches to temperature mode and                  00 disables the auto shut-off fea-
“ICE” will flash in the bottom right              ture.
corner along with the temperature.
                                              4. Press
This is shown until any button is
                                                  The backlight remains on for the
pressed. (ICE alert feature will not
                                                  selected time, then shuts off.
work if the temperature sensor is not
installed or is installed incorrectly.)       When using the 12-volt adapter or
                                              optional hardwire kit, the built-in light
Adjusting the screen backlight                sensor overrides the auto-shutoff func-
Press      to switch on the backlight.        tion. Now the backlight operates when-
When operating on the internal battery,       ever the compass is on in low-light
the backlight has been set to shut off        conditions such as night. It will switch
automatically after 10 seconds, con-          off whenever no magnetic field change
serving power. To change this setting:        has been detected for about 10 minutes,
1. Hold                                       or when you press the        button.
   cycles in the lower right corner.

OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES                          in compass technology in 60 years.
• 15-foot hardwire kit connects the           It senses the difference between the
    unit directly into your 12-volt           magnetic fields of the earth and your
    power system (recommended for             vehicle, then electronically subtracts
    installation only by a qualified          the latter to display accurate compass
    automotive accessory installer).          readings. This superior performance is
                                              achieved with reduced power consump-
• 30-foot temperature sensor for              tion and at a lower cost. The technol-
    vehicles requiring a longer sensor        ogy is so advanced, it has been adopted
    cable.                                    for compasses in GM, Ford, and Chrys-
Each is available for an additional           ler automobiles, Polaris jet skis, Bay-
charge by calling our customer ser-           liner boats, and Timex watches.
vice department at (503) 499-8868
from anywhere in the U.S.A., or buy           Where can the Wayfinder 2000 be
 oline at www.shopctglobal.com                used?
                                              You’ll find it a valuable help to navi-
                                              gation in any type of vehicle, includ-
                                              ing cars, trucks, vans, SUVs, off-road
                                              vehicles, boats, and RVs.
                                              What is calibration, and why is it
How does the Wayfinder V2000
                                              Calibration permits the Wayfinder
Developed by PNI Corporation for
                                              V2000 to distinguish between the
the U.S. military, the patented mag-
                                              earth’s magnetic field and stray mag-
netic sensor technology, called mag-
                                              netic fields such as those generated
neto-inductive, is the greatest advance
by a vehicle’s steel body or electron-          How can I improve the calibration
ics. Without calibration, the built-in          process?
microprocessor interprets the detected          Remember to match conditions to
magnetic fields as coming entirely              your actual use before calibrating. For
from the earth, which can produce               example, calibrate with both the tem-
inaccurate compass readings.                    perature sensor and 12-volt adapter
                                                attached (if you intend to use the
What does the “DISTORTION”                      12-volt adapter). If you typically drive
alert mean?                                     with your headlights and stereo on
This indicates magnetic distortion              (or any other electronic device), turn
from stray magnetic fields caused by            these on prior to calibration.
electronics or metal. The message
may appear briefly when driving over            How can the bearing point feature
a bridge, under an overpass, over rail-         help me?
road tracks, within close proximity to          In nice weather most drivers can sense
a strong magnetic field, or when the            the direction they are headed by the
battery is installed. The message will          position of the sun and features of the
go away when you move beyond the                landscape. But at night and in the fog
source of distortion. If it appears con-        you can rapidly lose your way. Setting
tinuously or right after calibration, the       a bearing point to a desired heading
unit needs to be calibrated again in a          or to a landmark lets you monitor and
location where there is less magnetic           maintain your heading and remain on
interference.                                   course. A bearing point also lets you
                                                vary your course and get back to your
                                                original bearing path.

Customer Service
For customer service questions, our
customer service department can
be contacted by phone on                 2. Provide a proof of purchase, such
(502) 499-8868 between 8:00 a.m.            as a mechanical reproduction or
and 5:00 p.m. (EST) Monday through          carbon copy of your sales receipt.
Friday.                                     If you send your original receipt,
                                            it cannot be returned. Proof-of-
Replacement Service                         purchase must show printed date
For the fastest service, it is best to      of purchase, model number, and
contact or return your unit to the place    place of purchase. There will be
of purchase within 30 days of the pur-      a charge for repair/replacement if
chase. If you wish to return the unit       no proof of purchase is provided,
for replacement or repair to CT Global      or if the 12-month warranty period
Inc (CTG), please follow these steps:       is past.
1. Obtain a return merchandise autho-       Once you have acquired a RMA
    rization (RMA) number by con-           number, pack the unit securely to
    tacting CTG:                            prevent damage in transit. If possi-
    • By phone at (502) 499-8868            ble, use the original packing mate-
        between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00          rial and box. Be sure to send the
        p.m. (PST).
                                            entire product.
                                         3. Ship prepaid and insured by way
                                            of a traceable carrier such as
   United Parcel Service (UPS),                SPECIFICATIONS
   FedEx Parcel Service, or First              Power
   Class Mail to avoid loss in transit.        1 x Lithium CR123 battery
4. Write the issued RMA number on              12V DC adapter
   the outside of your package and             Battery Life
   send your proof-of-purchase and             3,600 hours without backlight, 140
   description of the problem to:              hours with constant backlight usage
                                               Display resolution / accuracy
CT Global Inc                                  5° / ±5°
Attn: RMA#___________________                  Temperature resolution/accuracy
2305 Hurstbourne Village Drive                 1°F / ±3°F within operating range
Suite 1000, Lousiville, KY 40299               Storage temperature
                                               -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)
Be sure to type or clearly print your          Operating temperature
name and the address where your                14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)
wish the replacement to be sent. After         Dimensions (without bracket)
receipt of your documents and unit, a          4 x 21⁄2 x 11⁄4 inches
replacement unit will be sent to you.          (101.6 x 63.5 x 31.7 mm)
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks after receipt        Weight (with bracket, with battery)
of your returned product for delivery          4.4 oz (124.7g)
of your replacement.

LIMITED WARRANTY; LIMITATION OF LIABILITY                 In order to validate your warranty, you must provide
CT Global Inc (“CTG”) manufactures its products,          proof of purchase acceptable to CTG, together with
which include accessories, from parts and compo-          the product shipped for warranty repair/replacement.
nents that are new or equivalent to new in perfor-        Products returned to CTG must be pre-authorized
mance and expressly warrants to the original retail       by CTG with an RMA (return material authorization)
purchaser who is also the original user that this         number marked on the outside of the package.
product will be free of defects in workmanship and        Please refer to the Service and Replacement sec-
materials for one (1) year from the date of purchase.     tion for CTG Corporation contact information.
Implied warranties are limited to such person for the     THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS GIVEN IN LIEU
same period.                                              OF AND PNI DISCLAIMS ALL OTHER EXPRESS
If the product is found by CTG to be defective, CTG’s     WARRANTIES OR REPRESENTATIONS IN FACT
entire liability and your exclusive remedy for breach     OR IN LAW WITH RESPECT TO THIS PRODUCT,
of warranty, express or implied, shall be that CTG will   INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY WAR-
repair or replace the product and return the product      RANTY OR REPRESENTATION THAT USE OF
or its replacement to you at no charge, provided that     THE PRODUCT WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR
you ship the product to CTG at your expense with          ERROR FREE.
a description of the defect and subject to the other      Except for the breach of warranty remedies set forth
conditions of this warranty. Should the product prove     herein, or for personal injury, CTG shall have no lia-
to be irreparable, CTG may substitute an equivalent       bility for any indirect or speculative damages (includ-
product of the same or similar style and of a value       ing, but not limited to, consequential, incidental,
not in excess of the original purchase price of your      punitive and special damages) relating to the use of
product. CTG warrants the repaired or replacement         or inability to use this product, whether arising out
product to be free from defects in material and           of contract, negligence, tort, or under any warranty
workmanship for the balance of the original war-          theory, or for infringement of any other party’s intel-
ranty period, extended by the time period from your       lectual property rights, irrespective of whether CTG
shipment to CTG for repair or replacement until the       had advance notice of the possibility of any such
repaired or replaced product was received by you.         damages, including, but not limited to, loss of use,
This warranty will be void if the serial number or        revenue or profit. In no event shall CTG’s total liability
other identification marks on the product or its acces-   for all claims regarding the product exceed the price
sories have been defaced, damaged or removed.             paid for the product. CTG neither assumes nor autho-
This warranty does not cover wear and tear due to         rizes anyone to assume for it any other liabilities.
normal use, or damage to the product as the result of     Some states and provinces do not allow limitations
improper usage, neglect of care, alteration, accident     on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclu-
or unauthorized repair, nor does this warranty apply      sion or limitation of incidental or consequential dam-
to the battery necessary to operate the product.          ages, so the above limitations or exclusions may not
This warranty is extended only to the original retail     apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal
purchaser who is also the original user and may not       rights and you may have other rights that vary by
be transferred or assigned to subsequent owners.          state or province.