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									Branding Quick-Tips: Easy Ways to Ensure Your Brand Speaks Volumes

    1.   Nicknames can be the kiss of death. I was hiring a guy once for a serious desk job. He was a young kid out of school, and for
         some reason, all of his buddies called him “Nipples.” His college resume did not reflect this fact, but when he came into the
         interview he told me to call him “Nipples.” I could not bring myself to do so, and when it came time to hire him, I have to say
         that I did not even have a guy who would call himself “Nipples” on my radar screen.

    2.   One look is worth a thousand words. Bolt through your chin? That will keep you out of 99% of the office jobs in the world.
         Circa-1980s corduroy shorts and a pilly, old T-shirt? Maybe you’re a computer engineer, but you’re not one we’d ever
         consider for management. Cleavage? Apparently, you’re not taking work very seriously, and do you really think that’s how
         you’ll make the sale? Down-at-heel shoes? Yikes, not very detail-oriented, are you? Think about the way you look. If you
         can’t fix the problems yourself, go get a work wardrobe at a good department store and ask the salespeople or personal
         shopper help you. It will be worth it.

    3.   Homepage. Your homepage should not have anything on it that you don’t want the world to know. If you’d be embarrassed
         seeing it on a company newsletter – or even if you wouldn’t, should you be? – you do not need to have this on any page that
         can be accessed by the public, or linked to by any of your friends. If it’s out there, people will find it. If people find it, it could
         discolor the perception of your brand.

    4.   Skill set. Don’t just spout a brand, be a brand. You need to provide examples of your work and ideas about your industry in
         order to be more than just a drone. Show them not only what you’ve been able to do, but how far you think you can take
         your profession. A visionary with back-up is always a good member to have on a team.

    5.   Circle of friends. Have a circle of friends – clients and colleagues – who are going to really make your homepage sing. These
         should be people who praise you to the stars, have interesting dialogues with you, and are not called “Nipples.”

    6.   Get out there. Networking sites, blogs, and expert articles will make all the difference in the world. By “being” the expert,
         and taking charge of the dissemination of the knowledge you have, you will become the expert. People believe what they

    7.   Develop a series of presentations. People constantly need public speakers. I recommend putting together a series of
         PowerPoint presentations and using those to go to trade and business organizations and speaking about your expertise. Try
         not to use the PowerPoint while you are speaking – use it to get you the job and hand it out as a tool after the fact. Or,
         better still, give them your business card and tell them to get it on your Web site.

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