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					                        Cloth Diapers
       For Today’s Families

                             Presented by Courtney Durfee
                                 With Information Contributed by

                      Ashley Heckman and Moms

                Cloth diapers have grown and changed with the times. They’re just as easy to use as
disposables – daddy and daycare friendly! They are healthier for your baby and the environment
and cost less than disposables over the entire course of diapering! In this packet you will discover all
the options available to you. I will cover Cloth Diaper Types, Diaper Covers, Accessories (Pins, Snappis,
Liners, Doublers, etc.), Diaper Pails and Storage, Washing and Drying, Cloth Safe Creams and Products, Local
Resources and Cloth Diapering Resources.

                     Feel free to pass this packet on to others and share the cloth love!
Cloth Diaper Types – Pages One and Two

Cloth Diaper Covers – Page Three

Diaper Comparison Charts – Page Four

Accessories – Page Five

How Many Do I Need – Page Six

Pails & Storage – Page Six

Washing & Drying – Page Seven

Cloth-Safe Creams & Other Info – Page Eight

Cloth Diapers in Day Care – Page Nine

Resources & Links – Page Ten

Local Resources – Page Eleven

WAHM’s & On-Line Suppliers – Pages Eleven through Seventeen

Books & Articles – Page Seventeen

Discounts & Great Deals – Page Eighteen

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                                              Cloth Diaper Types
 Flat: A single layered fabric (typically cotton) that can be folded where absorbency is needed most, or
     simply folded into a square and used like a prefold. Cotton weaves include birdseye & muslin.
  Economical and one sized (can be doubled when baby is older). Receiving blankets can be used (but
need to be pinned). You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof. Needs pins or snappi and
many use with a doubler for naps and overnights. There are a variety of folds that can be used with flats.
                        See the resources and links page at the end of this packet.

Prefold: A flat, layered, rectangular diaper with extra layers for absorbency in the center. Commonly
used with a fastener and waterproof cover. Economical to buy and can be repurposed as burp/cleaning
cloths or inserts/doublers. Great for the newborn stage. You need a cover to make this type of diaper
waterproof. Prefolds can be customized with a decorative fabric on one side or the middle layer.

            embellished prefold pictured by Staceyroo77-

Pre-Fitted: A fitted diaper made from a prefold. Goes on like a disposable. May have snaps or aplix
(a.k.a. velcro, hook and loop, touchtape) closure, or require pins or a Snappi. You need a cover to make
this type of diaper waterproof.

Fitted: A shaped diaper that includes elasticized legs. Most commonly has an aplix or snap closure. You
need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.
Contour: Shaped, like a fitted diaper, but without elastic and usually without attached closures.
Commonly used with pins or a Snappi. You need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.

Pocket: A 2 layered diaper that requires the addition of an absorbent insert. The outer layer is most
commonly made of PUL, with the inner (the part that sits against baby's skin) being a "stay-dry" fabric
(microfleece, suedecloth, etc.) that allows moisture to seep through to the insert, keeping baby's skin
dry. Use a fresh, clean insert and pocket at each change. You do NOT need a cover to make this type of
diaper waterproof.

                         First diaper pictured by

All In One (AIO): The closest option to disposable diapers. Outside is made of a waterproof layer, and
the absorbency is sewn in- no stuffing inserts! Some AIO’s are “hybrids” with a pocket to stuff extra
absorbency if you so choose. You do NOT need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.

All In Two (AI2): Similar to an AIO, but with a removable absorbent layer for easier washing and faster
drying. Absorbent layer is usually snapped in place inside the diaper, sitting directly against baby's skin.
You do NOT need a cover to make this type of diaper waterproof.

                                          AI2 by
                                               Diaper Covers
                         For use with flats, prefolds, fitted and prefitted diapers

Polyurethane Laminate (PUL): The waterproof fabric commonly used for making diapers and diaper
covers. Can be air dried and reused in a day's rotation unless soiled with poo. 3-6 are usually adequate
for a full diapering stash.

Nylon: Not as commonly used as PUL, but a popular economical alternative. Usually found in a pull-on
style cover. Gerber makes a variety of these pull-on covers.

Wool (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): Wool yarn can be used to knit or crochet diaper covers that,
once treated with lanolin, are quite waterproof. Wool covers also offer breathability that PUL covers do
not, as well as certain antimicrobial properties.             Hand washing/applying lanolin necessary.
Can be used multiple days without washing.

Interlock (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): Wool or acrylic yarn that has been tightly woven into
more of a fabric than knitting or crocheting produces.

Acrylic (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): Like wool, but made with acrylic yarn. Can be washed more
often and washed/dried with your normal laundry.                    Must be washed after a day or less.

Fleece (Soakers, Shorties, Longies, Skirties): A synthetic alternative to wool, fleece can be treated with
fabric softener for water resistance and used as a diaper cover. Must be washed after a day or less.

Soaker: A term for a diaper cover made of wool, acrylic, or fleece, most commonly in the form of a pull-
on (rather than wrap w/ aplix or snap closure). See also: Soaker definition in Accessories.

                                        Fleece skirtie (pictured above) and soaker by
                             Cloth Diaper Quick Reference Chart

                             Highest Rating **** Lowest Rating *

                                 Needs                                  Dad/Day Care
              Type of Diaper                Closure Type     Cuteness
                                 cover?                                   Friendly

              Flat or Prefold
                                   Yes     Pins or Snappi    *          *
              Fitted, Pre-                 Pins, Snappi,
              fitted and
                                   Yes     some have
                                           Velcro or snaps
                                                             **         **

              Pocket Diaper         No     Velcro or snaps   *** ***

              AIO, AI2              No     Velcro or snaps   *** ****

                                    Diaper Comparison Chart


                                Highest Rating ****** Lowest Rating *

                     Flat       Prefolds    Contours         Fitted      Pocket    All-In-Ones
Economic          ******        *****         ****           ***            *             **
Ease of           ******        *****         ****            **            ***            *
Minimizes             *           **          ****           ****        *****          *****
Absorption                                 Depends on    Depends on                    Depends on
                    ***         ******       brand         brand        ******           brand
Durability            *         ******        ****           ***         *****            ***
Ease of Use           *           **          ***            ****        *****          ******

Pins: Special safety pins used to fasten certain types of diapers.

Snappi: An alternative to pins. 2-3 is usually adequate for a full diapering stash.

Aplix, Touchtape: Velcro

Liners: Piece of fabric or paper that is laid into a diaper to protect the diaper from creams, make
removal of poo easier, or provide a "stay-dry" feeling on baby's skin. Most of the paper liners on the
market are flushable. Fleece liners are easily and cheaply made by cutting synthetic fabric store
microfleece into rectangles.

Inserts: Separate absorbent layers for use inside pocket diapers.

Doublers: Extra (usually smaller) inserts for use in combination with primary inserts.

Soaker: Another term for the absorbent layer of any diaper. See also: Soaker definition in Covers.
                                       How Many do I need?

Newborns will need between 10-12 diaper changes a day. After 3 months your baby will need 6-10
changes a day. The numbers below are the bare minimum amounts recommended for full-time
diapering by parents who specifically use each kind of diaper. Less of each would be required if you use
more than one type. Each amount listed is per child in diapers.

Flats Two dozen diapers, 4-6 covers, 2-3 snappies, and at least one set of pins

Prefolds Two Dozen, 4-6 covers, 3-10 doublers, 2 to 3 snappies, and at least one set of pins

Fitteds/Pre-Fitteds One to two dozen diapers with 5 to 10 covers

Pockets, AIO's and AI2's 12 diapers

Cloth Wipes 2 1/2 to 3 dozen

                                          Pails and Storage

Wet Pail: A dirty diaper storage pail that employs water and/or additives in which dirty diapers soak
until wash day. Covered diaper pails with water and some detergent is a common combination. Wet pail
users must be extra diligent about the safety of little ones. Pails should lock and be in a closed off
location to prevent babies from drowning.

Dry Pail: A dirty diaper storage pail that does not use liquids to soak diapers. Dirty diapers are sprayed
or wiped of solids (or left alone), and then simply tossed in the dry pail until wash day. A common
combination is a “wetbag” in a covered garbage bag or a hanging “wetbag” on a doorknob.

Combating Pail Stink: Though some moms use commercially marketed diaper pails with success, the
most common solutions seem to be simple lidded plastic trash cans, buckets, or tall laundry hampers.
Most seem to agree that the more air that can circulate around the diapers, the less stink they have (and
their home still smells normal as well!). Cleaning the inside of the pail on wash day goes a long way
toward getting rid of any smell, as does a few drops of essential oil (like Tea Tree Oil) on a small piece of
cloth tossed into the pail and some pail liners even come with a piece sewn in for this purpose.
                                       Washing and Drying

Some diaper brands have specific washing directions but the following holds true for most diapers:

Detergent: You cannot use just any detergent on your cloth diapers. Those with whiteners and softeners
may cause your diapers to repel (instead of absorb) moisture. Common advice is to use a very small
amount of detergent to wash diapers, in order to help prevent buildup and skin irritation. Charlie’s Soap
is a great additive-free detergent to use on your clothes and your diapers and costs less per load!

Pre-Rinsing: Most cloth diaper users do a cold pre-rinse with no detergent in their washing machine
before doing the actual wash cycle to rinse away urine and any leftover solids.

Washing: Wash routines may vary according to your detergent, washing machine, type of water, etc.

Extra Rinses: Some cloth diaper users do extra rinse cycles at the end of their wash in order to ensure
that all of the detergent has been washed away.

Drying Methods: Some diapers and covers require line drying, and some can be machine dried. Line
drying diapers with aplix closures and/or PUL may help extend the life of those components. Drying
diapers on the line in the sun also helps remove stains!

Laundry Additives: Depending on the type of water you have (soft or hard), softening additives may be
necessary to get diapers clean in the wash. Essential oils may also be added to the wash water to add
scent. Though fabric softener is never recommended for cloth diapers, white vinegar is commonly used
in its place, as well as in a pre-wash rinse cycle to help combat ammonia.

Stripping: The act of removing detergent buildup or other contaminants (ammonia, yeast, etc.) from
diapers which usually involves multiple hot wash cycles, multiple extra rinses, boiling, dish detergent,
and less commonly a dishwasher. Not necessary if your diapers are properly cared for.

Sunning: The act of removing stains from wet diapers by drying in bright sunlight.
                              Cloth Safe Creams and Products

Use of diaper creams is not recommended by most diaper manufacturers. Other cloth diapering parents
have suggested that the following creams are okay for use with cloth diapers.

       - Northern Essences Rash Salve                         - Jack's Magic Beanstalk Rash Magic Tub
       - Dixiebabies Bum Butter                               - Grandma Els Diaper Rash Cream
       - London Frogg Bum Butter                              - Method Diaper Cream
       - The Magic Stick

                                              Other Info

You may also come across other types of diapers not mentioned in this book as there are innumerable
brands, diaper patterns and ever evolving concepts on how the cloth diaper should be. Two popular
alternatives to the kinds listed earlier in this packet are explained briefly below.

       - gDiapers “hybrid diapers” which entail               -groBaby diaper system is a one-size
       an outer cover that velcros shut in the                diaper that has a snap in soaker
       back instead of the front, a snap-in liner             (eliminating the need for the snap-in
       that only needs changed out if soiled                  liner of gDiapers) that is certified
       with poo, outer cover can be reused                    organic cotton and a reusable outer
       until soiled which saves on diaper                     shell. The idea is that the shell only
       laundry. Comes in S, M(which fits 13 to                needs changed if soiled with poo,
       28lbs and might as well be one-size),                  otherwise you just wetbag the soiled
       and L to be used with flushable/                       soaker and snap in a fresh one thereby
       disposable inserts or the new gCloth                   saving on the amount of diaper laundry.
       inserts. Many WAHMs also make cloth                    Has a “quick dry” inner mesh and front
       inserts for these diapers. gDiaper covers              Velcro.
       can be used as covers with a prefold or
       flat folded up inside the liner.
                                   Cloth Diapers in Day Care

The New York State regulations for day care centers dictate:

“The provider must use disposable diapers or arrange with the parent(s) or a commercial diaper service
to provide an adequate supply of cloth diapers. Non-disposable diapers must not be laundered in the
child day care center, and must be stored in a securely covered receptacle until returned to the diaper
service. When parents provide non-disposable diapers, soiled diapers must be placed in a securely tied
plastic bag and returned to the parent at the end of the day.”

Laurie Rankin of Family of Woodstock says, “Each child care program can decide if they wish to deal with
cloth diapers or if disposables will be required. Each program may also change their policy at any given
time. The policies regarding the use of cloth diapers in the child care setting is just one of many
questions that a parent should ask when they are interviewing child care programs.”

For your convenience I have listed a few child care centers that accept the use of cloth diapers below
but you could always share the quote from the state regulations with your care provider as well as
showing them some of your diapers and how easy they are to use if they give you any trouble. Many
care providers learn to love cloth after doubtfully agreeing to give it a try!

                      Cloth Diapers Friendly Preschools & Day Cares

Windsor Academy 271 Quassaick Ave (Route 94), New Windsor, NY 12553 Call (845)562-3711
        Cloth-friendly and accepting children 6 weeks to 6 grade!

Children’s Country Day School 1145 Little Britain Road, New Windsor, NY 12553 (845) 567-0102

        Pre-K 3’s are permitted cloth diapers/pull-up trainers

The Park Center Day Care and Nursery School 30 Park Lane, Highland, New York 12528 (845) 883-6768

You can also ask your care provider, or any care provider you are touring with or interviewing, about
their policy. You can also contact the following Parent Resource Centers for assistance:

The Child Care Council of Orange County 40 Matthew Street Suite 103, Goshen, NY 10924

        Ph: 1-800-827-1751 (845) 294-4012 Fx: (845)294-4045

Child Care Resources of Rockland 235 N. Main Street, Spring Valley, NY 10977 (845)425-0009
                                         Resources and Links

Folds for Flats- Picture and photo directions for folding flat diapers


Folds for Prefolds- Photo and text directions for folding prefold diapers



Make Your Own Prefold- Directions to make your own prefold diaper in ten minutes, be unique!


Pinstripes and Polka Dots – Provides instructions and supplies for successful cloth diapering, great site


Diaper Swappers – Parenting and Cloth Diaper Forum, For Sale or Trade Cloth Diapers,
                  Work-At-Home-Mom products including custom cloth diapers


The Cloth Diaper Whisperer – Cloth diapering moms with over 8 years of experience that have the
                  answer to everything, or just about!


Diaper Daisy- Not sure if you want to invest, try Diaper Daisy’s Cloth Trial with many brands


Mom’s Milk Boutique- 30 day Cloth Diaper trial with one dozen diapers and a free wetbag


Charlie’s Soap- Additive free detergent as low as 9 cents a load depending on what size container


Miracle Diapers- Can’t afford cloth? This great organization can provide you with up to 12 cloth
                 diapers if you qualify for assistance.


Real Diaper Association- provides support and education to parents all across the U.S. for the use of
simple, reusable cloth diapers

                                        Local Resources

Tiny Heineys Diaper Service in Ellenville (845)389-9020,

Waddle n Swaddle in Poughkeepsie (845)473-5952 Brick and mortar store stocking cloth diapers.
They also have Cloth Diaper Info Sessions on the 4th Tuesday of the month from 10:30-12.

Hands Free Baby Owned by Karen Tuscano, offering baby carriers, BabyLegs & other baby products.

Tranquil Waters Massage Therapy owned by local mama Stephanie Larsen (914)443-1773

Morning Glory Creations Diaper cakes, towel cakes & gift baskets featuring cloth diapers soon!

             Work-At-Home-Mom from Kingston who makes diapers

                                 Owned by local mom Lara Hart.


                                A breastfeeding boutique in Dutchess County offering all
                                things breastfeeding as well as cloth diapers. Rebbecca Rosen,
                                a local mama and the owner, runs the online business as well
                                as an in home sales service for Moms in Dutchess, Putnam,
                                Westchester, and Fairfield, CT counties. She is willing to travel
                               as it is one of her specialties

                               On-Line Cloth Diaper WAHMs

                                                           Baby Sweet Bottoms

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Simple Stages One Size Diaper System is truly unique as it grows with your child from newborn through potty learning...and
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still have nighttime issues. You can choose from a Simply Snap closure with daddy and babysitter friendly snaps or Simply Snapless
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                                                      Books & Articles

Diaper Changes: The Complete Diapering Book and Resource Guide Theresa Rodriguez Farrisi
       (Homekeepers Publishing, 1997). This book includes 60 mail-order sources, product
       reviews, and special diapering information.

The ABCs of Going Cloth, Diaper Choices, Getting Started With Cloth Diapers and more articles

Many articles here as well:

Cloth Diapered Children and Day Care Providers article by Heather L. Sanders

Many articles including Daddy-friendly Cloth Diapers and Cloth and Day Care by Michelle Rivenburg
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