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									Western Michigan                                                          Minutes 19 Nov 2008
Society for Industrial Heritage

                                  Board Meeting Minutes
                       Western Michigan Society for Industrial Heritage
                                    November 19, 2008
                                         6:00 P.M.
                                Coopersville Farm Museum

1. President Ed Hanenburg called the meeting to order at 6:08 P.M.

2. Roll call (by-law quorum is 5).
Meeting notice sent to Duane Bowman was returned with Florida forwarding address. Mary
Chubinski and Jim Budzynski both gave prior notice via e-mail of absence. Morris Hovingh
& Keith Martin left voicemail notices. Cindy Timmerman is tied up with arrangements with
tomorrow’s Chamber meeting
Present: Philip Cok, Jeff DuPilka, Ed Hanenburg, Fred Florshinger, Russ Osterhart and Carl

3. Minutes
       A. Minutes of October 11 were reviewed and approved as presented. Motion, Carl
           Sinke/ Seconded, Jeff DuPilka
       B. Minutes of November 1, 2007 were reviewed. Ed Hanenburg asked if the non-
           profit status had been renewed – it has. Russ Osterhart motioned to approve as
           presented, seconded by Carl Sinke, motion approved.

4. Officers’ Comments
        President Hanenburg reviewed the “Future Plans” document written by Ryan Byle.
              Spring Lake Interurban Depot renovation project has been re-prioritized
                due to new plans for a depot/welcome/information center in the Lemmen
                building purchased by the C&M Railway.
              Tractor Museum is up and running as an independent non-profit entity.
              Turntable – Jeff DuPilka has indicated the acquisition of a turn table is a
                priority for the C&M. They are still attempting to locate one.
              Interurban – not a practical project. Public right-of-way issues, propulsion,
              Time table – practical solutions are on a longer timeframe due to limited
                human and financial resources.

5. Treasurer’s Report.
Treasurer Cok handed out Year-end Balance Sheet and Year-end Income/Expense reports
for review of 2007 finances. 2007 showed a net income of $250.46. Year-end money market
balance was $4,296.24. Two members (Bowman/Chubinski) have not paid their dues and
according to by-laws their membership has lapsed. Sec/Treas Cok has had verbal
acknowledgement from Chubinski’s they will continue as members and will attempt to
contact Bowman’s at their new address.

Year-To-Date financial statements for 2008 were reviewed. Y-T-D net income is
$41,330.07. This includes receipt of the $25,000 grant from the Steelcase Foundation,
$1,000 grant from the Coopersville Community Foundation and an $11,000 grant from Phil
and Beth Gordon for the Handicap Railcar Project. Approximately $800 has been spent on
fundraising/marketing for the Handicap Railcar Project. Y-T-D Balance sheet report shows

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Western Michigan                                                                 Minutes 19 Nov 2008
Society for Industrial Heritage

the current money market balance at $45,646.31 and fixed assets of $10,500.00 (PRR
Pullman railcar & a table saw).

We are not required to file F-990 for the federal government but will need it for the State
fundraising license re-application. Sec/Treas Cok will prepare and file in Dec.

Treasurer Cok provided a report of y-t-d bills paid totaling $1,021.75. Treasurer Cok
reported on two invoices from his company, Marketing Management Services, llc. for
expenses incurred for supplies for the September 10 Press Conference of roughly $200+.
The actual invoices were left at the office. Motion to approve this report and payment of the
two invoices not to exceed $300 by Jeff DuPilka, seconded by Fred Florshinger. Motion
approved with Sec/Treas Cok abstaining.

Sec/Treas Cok provided a report on the Handicap Railcar Fundraising Campaign that
shows the society to have received grants, donations, and pledges of $130,885 exceeding the
budgeted project total of $125,000 by $5,885.00.

5. Membership
Membership was 15 (Four Lifetime and 11 individual or family). Treas. Cok sent out
invoices and reminders 30 days later for the 2007-2008 membership dues. Two members
had not paid their dues by the end of the 30 day payment window and technically according
to by-laws their membership had lapsed. Sec/Treas Cok has had verbal acknowledgement
from Chubinski’s they will continue as members, and Duane Bowman will be contacted at
his new Florida address regarding continued membership. Sec/Treas Cok will be sending out
2008-2009 membership invoices in December for renewals. Jeff DuPilka asked about
Lifetime membership rates ($200 individual / $300 Family) and asked that an email notice
be sent to him regarding the same.

6. Election of Officers
This is the end of the second, three year term for officers of the WMSIH.
Office of President
President Hanenburg respectfully declined to continue in an officer capacity due to extensive
“retirement” time in Florida. President Hanenburg nominated Phil Cok for a 3 year term as the new
president. Hearing no other nominations, President Hanenburg accepted the motion of Fred
Florshinger, seconded by Russ Osterhart that the nominations be closed. Motion approved.
President Hanenburg called for a vote. 5 yea, 0 nay, 1 (Cok) abstention.
Office of Vice President
President Hanenburg nominated Jeff DuPilka to continue for another 3 year term as vice president.
Hearing no objections and no further nominations, President Hanenburg accepted the motion by Carl
Sinke, seconded by Fred Florshinger to close the nominations.
President Hanenburg called for a vote: 5 yea, 0 nay, 1 (DuPilka) abstention.
Office of Secretary/Treasurer
President Hanenburg called for nominations for a 3 year term as secretary/treasurer. Discussion
followed. Jeff DuPilka nominated Mary Chubinski to assume the position of Secretary/Treasurer
tentative to her accepting the nomination with Phil Cok continuing to provide support in his current
position. Hearing no further nominations, President Hanenburg accepted the motion of Jeff DuPilka
and Russ Osterhart to close the nominations. Motion approved.
President Hanenburg called for a vote: 6 yea, 0 nay

7. Handicap Railcar Project
As reported in the Treasurer’s report the project budget total of $125,000 has been met.
Secretary Cok raised $11,885 as a result of the “All Aboard Campaign” fundraising effort

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Western Michigan                                                             Minutes 19 Nov 2008
Society for Industrial Heritage

spearheaded in September. This is a direct result of the work expended by Secretary Cok and
the donation and networking efforts of President Hanenburg.

Jeff DuPilka provided an update on the project.
      The interior work location request at the Meijer warehouse was declined. But they
        offered their exterior siding as an alternative. This is problematic for distance, power
        requirements and working hour restraints. A temporary structure would have to be
        built to protect the work-in-progress. Fred Meijer provided an additional $5,000
        pledge towards a temporary structure in lieu of the use of the interior warehouse
      Alternative 2 is to construct a temporary structure at the C&M’s Coopersville yard
        and tap into existing power from the C&M.
      Alternative 3 is to construct a semi-temporary structure in Coopersville. Overbeek
        Construction has provided a cost quote for a 104 ft long by 28 ft wide by 20 ft high
        structure at $19,825. This does not include any site prep, concrete work, electrical or
        heating estimated at an additional $4,000 to $7,000.
      Alternative 4 is to disassemble the railcar and rent an interior location in
        Coopersville. Building rent is estimated at approximately $1,000 - $1,200/month.
        This will be an additional $12,000 to $15,000 for rent plus utilities.

Jeff will pursue the Alternative 3 with the C&M RR board to see if this is a feasible
alternative for a joint venture. The C&M falls under Federal RR jurisdiction outside of local
zoning but the city will be consulted if this alternative is deemed feasible.

8. Member Comments
     Secretary/Treasurer Cok made a motion to amend the by-laws regarding the means
      of “Official Notification” to match the State of Michigan’s Public Act 222 of 2008
      regarding the acceptable use of electronic notifications. After discussion the motion
      was amended to concur with acceptable WMSIH by-law change rules currently in
      effect. Secretary Cok will research compliance. Jeff DuPilka supported the amended
      motion. Motion approved subject to current by-law change rules.
     Jeff DuPilka congratulated Ed (and Nancy) on his/their donation to the Handicap
      Railcar project and their leadership in the fundraising. Jeff congratulated Phil Cok
      on his professional fundraising and marketing materials and Carl Sinke for his
      passion for and dedication to the project.
     Ed noted that Ty Robbins’ mechanic, Mark Svancara, has offered to produce a gant
      chart for a total construction plan timeline. He has also offered to re-condition the
      trucks as a donation towards the project.
     Carl Sinke thanked the Society officers for the certificate sent to him in recognition
      of donations made by his children in honor of his 80th birthday on October 15.

9. Motion to Adjourn by Carl Sinke, seconded by Fred Florshinger. Approved. Meeting
adjourned at 7:04 pm.

Respectfully submitted on this date, 2 December 2008.

/s/Philip J. Cok, Secretary/Treasurer.

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