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How Blooming Tea Should Be


									How Blooming Tea Should Be
  Most tea drinkers are content to just drop a tea bag in hot water, let it steep until they
remember that they're supposed to take it out and then drink their concoction.Tea
Drinking is supposed to be a holistic experience and can be enjoyable and satisfying,
just like going to a spa and get it done correctly, to get the excellent cup of tea as well
as just having a good cup.
  A great cup of tea starts with the utensils used, making sure that all of the items
you'll be using are in good and clean condition. Everything from the kettle, glass
teapot if brewing blooming tea, cups, and strainers must be lightly and frequently
washed with soap or baking soda (to keep the stain away). It also keeps mineral
residue from accumulating which can influence the flavor of the tea.
  Water is another vital ingredient that could very well affect how your favorite cup of
tea would taste. To have the ideal concoction, great water quality is part of the
equation. To achieve the desired taste and flavor, tea drinkers may use filtered water
or the bottled one as long as it is free from chemicals and chlorine. Preferably do not
utilize distilled water to get the desired result.
  What you need for a cup of your perfectly brewed tea is to approximately heat six
ounces of bottled water. In the case of blooming tea however, it is recommended to
know the right amount of water is needed to cover up the whole tea ball with enough
space to let the tea ball unfurl completely inside. The exact time for steeping and the
required heat for each tea varies, depending on the kinds of tea and how it was
prepared whether it's a tea bag or loose leaves or the tea ball of a flowering tea. For
the best result, refer to any instruction you may have on tea or use this as a general
  2 minutes steeping for quality black tea 5 minutes steeping for a mixture of black
and green tea 7 minutes steeping for green tea Blooming tea 鈥?as long as it takes to
  To have a great tasting second cup, Make sure to take out the infuser after the
required time, so the tea doesn't brew any longer.

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