How Blogging Came About- by gyvwpgjmtx


									If you have no idea what blogging means, the blog is a web-based journal similar to
newspaper whereby you can find news and information much easier and faster. That is
apart from being just online diary for bloggers to record their experiences and voice
their opinions on certain issues. In fact, blogging has played a key role in politics.
  Before the birth of Blogger and Wordpress sites, there were digital communities and
ecommerce services such as BBS, BiX, CompuServe, Email Lead Generation and
Usenet. In the 90s when internet was first launched, they were running most of the
operations via internet conversations and threads which served as topical connections.
  Flashback further to 1983.
  In that year, a guy called Brian Redman founded mod.ber. He and his associates
posted interesting threads online. It was very similar to blogs due to their similar style
of journal publishing. The threads had links to cool sites selected by a certain blogger.
  But just 8 months later, mod.ber ceased operations.
  As mentioned in the first paragraph, blogs are initially used as online dairies. The
first blogger was Brad Fitzpatrick. In 1994 when I was doing my national service, his
blog was a simple single web page which comprised of text, images and video. It was
tranmitted live via Eye Tap software and old computer.
  Nowadays whenever you look for information via search engines, some of those
spider links will direct you to blogs instead of conventional websites. In fact most
personal home page and even some corporate sites are now created from blogs which
are much easier and free to set up as compared to websites whereby some business
owners find paying recurring fees in web hosting and domain names to be a chore.
  This whole idea was derived from a maverick journalist by the name of Matt Drudge.
His online report is a very good example of how a news blog should look like.
  From then on, people realized the importance of blogs not just as online diaries but
as business and multimedia entities as well. All thanks to the creation and evolution of
digital tools used to faciliate and update all blog posts as well as a wide variety of
hosting and publishing services like Blogger, Wordpress etc. The term blog was
conjured from the word weblog into we blog. It eventually became a verb and noun.
  Believe it or not, blogs play a key role in politics. Many politicians including
ministers are using them. They placed their suggestions and views based on what they
feel should be improved and settled quickly for the best interest of everybody.
  From a business point of view especially internet marketing, blogs are the best
alternate to websites. Not only they are free but are so much easier to set up even if
you know nothing about html and do not feel like spending money on domain names
and web hosting. That way you can save a lot of time and money and concentrate on
just adding quality content.
  Later when you really made money, you may consider reinvesting some of your
profits into getting a domain name for your blog or transferring and elaborating the
content into your site either through your efforts or freelancers which you can easily
get at low costs.

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