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									Hotel reservation software is a comprehensive solution for the efficient management
of a hotel. The importance of hotel software in the hospitality industry is increasing
with the growing competition in the industry and increasing demand from the
customers. Modern day technology savvy customer wants services with the click of
the mouse. Good software not only provides efficiency to the entire system of the
hotel business and helps in making the operations of the establishment smooth but
also enhances the experience of the customers in many ways. Hotel industry prospers
on the basis of good service that should please the customer to reconsider the hotel in
future. When buying such software, there are a few features you must look for.
 Few of the many features which are a must in efficient hotel management software
 1. Hotel management software should be a commission free option that can be
incorporated in the website of the hotel
 2. It should offer unlimited reservations which can be done through email or fax
 3. The system should send fax or email as soon as the rooms are reserved by the
guests online
 4. The system should provide for reservation to be made for minimum nights
 5. The system is expected to support different currencies so that the international
guests can also be entertained
 6. It should provide a module for customer relationship so that it becomes easier to
communicate with the existing customers
 7. It should be integrated with online payment modes
 8. It should extend provisions for all kinds of amenities, inventory management and
so on
 9. Good software is expected to provide a bi-directional or 2-way interface for better
 10. A user-friendly interface is essential too, so that the hotel staff learns to handle
the software quickly
 11. Customization of the software and provision for future enhancements is another
aspect to consideration. (This also depends on the professional service provider
 12. Cost of the software and maintenance charges are also to be considered
 13. It should provide easy tracking and procurement of the customers information.
This is pivotal in understanding the various customer trends and innovative ideas and
models can be built around this abundance of data
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