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					Hong Kong conjures up images of glittering lights and tall skyscrapers, of business
deals and a British Chinese heritage. Hong Kong has long established itself as a
business destination of choice and many Asian organizations are headquartered there.
Several multinational companies have made Hong Kong their Asian headquarters as
well. However, today Hong Kong is establishing itself as a tourist destination as well.
With the increased growth in travel, there is no dearth of 5 star hotels in Hong Kong
and 4 star hotels in Hong Kong.
 The most popular tourist point in Hong Kong is the Peak. Take the tram up to the
Peak for fantastic views of Hong Kong city. The Peak is the tallest point on the island.
The tram goes from Central (downtown) right up to the Peak. There are many 5 star
hotels in Hong Kong around the start of the tram. Another popular tourist must do
activity is the Star ferry. The Star ferry gives you magnificent views of the lights from
the Central district reflected in the waters of the bay. The ferry connects Kowloon
with the mainland.
 Travel to Experience Sophistication and Style
 Tourists from India, Malaysia, China and other countries in Asia make a beeline for
Hong Kong for its world class amusement parks, Disneyland and the great shopping.
Disneyland is smaller than most of the other Disney parks but is great for families.
Other parks include Ocean Park and nature reserves such as the Wetland Park. With
modern facilities, tourists can enjoy themselves at 4 star hotels in Hong Kong with its
spas, swimming pools and fine dining restaurants.
 Though Hong Kong is not known for its beaches, it has some very pretty ones.
Repulse Bay is a famous beach albeit manmade. There are 5 Star hotels in Hong Kong
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 If you’re on a break from sightseeing or business, head to Lan Kwoi Fong. This
small L-shaped street was earlier a hawker’s area but has since been transformed in to
an entertainment area with discos, bars and even a gay club.
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