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					Imagine you are given the next to impossible task of impressing a whole conference
room full of technical savvy people who have seen just about everything before or
you have a product launch and you really need to make an impression. Is this even
possible these days? Well thankfully yes it is! Holographic Projection may sound like
the stuff of Science Fiction but it no longer is. Do you want to beam holographic
guest speakers onto the stage in a Star Trek fashion? Do you want your co-presenter
to be a larger than life alien? How about your co-presenter being you? You could chat
to yourself on stage or present different parts of the talk in alternating selves. Your
holographic self could even change costume every few minutes for added amusement.
It may sound far fetched but holographic projection can do it all and is doing it, here
and now for people such as Coca-cola, BMW and Television's Big Brother.
  The latest state of the art holographic projectors can project very clear and crisp high
definition images either filmed to your own specification or created with most of the
leading animation packages. The stage needs to be well set up, and there will need to
be a large steel frame to hold the 3D-Holofilm in place. An HD Media player actually
plays the content which is projected through the holographic projector and the
addition of specialised lighting and audio systems will provide more drama to the
whole audience experience. The holographic projectors themselves come in a number
of sizes and strengths. As with traditional 2D projectors, for a smallish darker room
and a close in audience you can use a projector with a lot lower power in lumens than
you could if you were in a large hall with a widely seated audience.
  Holographic stage displays are certainly the presentation tool of the future and the
next time you want to make a huge impression, it should be well worth considering.
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