WMTS-JA 66kV Underground - WMTS to JA ZSS - 66kV Underground Cable

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					WMTS to JA ZSS - 66kV Underground Cable
Melbourne - Victoria

                                                                                              CitiPower Limited
                                                                                              Melbourne CBD
                                                                         Trenching works      October 2005
                                                                                              Stan Mangalson

3,100 Metres of 66kV Cable and Augmentation Works                                             Project in the CBD
                                                                                               of Melbourne –
This highly sensitive project involved the   dead tank CB with the associated primary
design, procurement & installation of a      & secondary works at JA substation.                Completed on
new 3.1km 66kV underground cable
system from West Melbourne Terminal
                                                                                                 Time without
Station to Zone Substation JA.               The cable route involved major works in the           Incident”
                                             busy central business district of Melbourne.
The route consisted of a bore under
                                             Powercor and its subcontractor Daly’s
Moonee Ponds Creek and major civil
works along Arden St, Dryburgh St &          Construction carefully planned all aspects
Spencer St in the Melbourne CBD.             of the civil works and cable installation in
                                             order to minimize the impact to traffic and
                                             pedestrians along the route.
The 66kV cable installed was 1,600mm
Al & 1,600mm Cu xlpe lead sheathed
and was installed in a pit & conduit         Time spent on reinstatement works was also
system. Also installed was a 144 fibre &     minimized with the use on innovative
48 Fibre optic fibre cables for the          techniques developed by Daly’s.
protection & control & communication
systems                                                                                     Loading the cable on to the cable
Augmentation works also carried out
involved the installation of a new 66kV

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