; Hiring a Limousine in New York City
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Hiring a Limousine in New York City


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									When spending a vacation in New York or traveling through different places, renting
a car is very important, yet quite bothersome. And in such tiring circumstances, hiring
a href="http://www.accreditedlimo.com">limousine in New York would be the best
 Advantages of renting a Limousine in New York :
 The price of renting a limo differs from one company to another. Some of the factors
that influence cost include the fleet of the company, number of rental hours, season
and mileage.
 1. A company which offers more advanced, sophisticated limos have higher prices.
For e.g. Cadillac and Chrysler 300 limos are highly expensive compared to a standard
Lincoln limo. Another factor that determines the price of a limo is the year in which it
was manufactured. As a result, older limos will be less expensive.
 2. If the limo is smaller in size, it will be cheaper.
 3. The price for limos invariably depends on the number of rental hours. Companies
generally rent out a limo for a minimum of three hours. In case of special rentals, the
minimum would be four hours. The season and the specific day of the week also
impacts the minimum rental hours.
 4. The type of event also determines the cost of the limo. Wedding rentals are often
cheaper than a birthday party. This is because wedding parties usually rent more than
one limo for transportation purposes and for more rental hours.
 5. Mileage also influences the price. If you avail the pick-and-drop facility offered
by a limo service, you will not be charged a mileage fee. However, if you plan to go
for a long drive and pick up guests from various locations and visit different places,
this could significantly account for mileage fees. Some of the other fees include:
decorations, food and beverages and tips for the driver.
 If you wish to hire a limo, then do get in touch with any Limousine Service in New
York that provides highest quality personal transportation to high-profile corporate
clients and individuals.

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