Winter recess projects - Learning Environment Innovation Program by hjkuiw354


									                           2007 Learning Environment Innovation Program
                                 Reviewed and updated 27 September 2007
                                              Completed projects (winter recess)
            Some projects are subject to completion of design and/or installation work by external contractors
                    under the supervision of the Property and Campus Services Department (PCS).
      Prepared by Jon Peacocke, Acting Co-ordinator, Infrastructure Development, Program Manager, TLSS Group

                   Projects                           Rationale         TLSS Project           Stakeholders           Current project phase
                                                                         Technical                                       Key time-lines
                                                                         Lead/Mgr                                       Progress update

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                   Growing Esteem      TLSS Project           Academics &        COMPLETED
                                                                        Leads: Tien Luong      students in:
                                                    Melbourne                                                     Benefits: project delivered capture of
Implement Lectopia audio & “screen                                      (integration issues)
                                                                                               All faculties
                                                    Model               & Warren Smith                            projected images (projector on “stage
capture” in 23 premium                                                                                            left” in spaces with dual data
                                                    Enable              (digitiser hardware)
theatres/theatrettes used for                                                                                     projection) synchronised with the
                                                    innovation in ICT   TLSS Technical &
undergrad/professional programs                                                                TLSS Staff         audio recording, and available for
                                                                        Operational Leads:                        playback & review by students
and knowledge transfer activities                   Enable
                                                                        Ailsa MacKenzie
                                                    eLearning                                  Timetable Office
(stage one)                                                             (administration) &                        Technical note: digitiser placed in
                                                    TSMP                Ross Glover            Building           AV rack in Copland and GM15
Screen capture successfully enabled                                     (administration &      Supervisors
in 23 spaces:                                                           digitiser roll-out &
                                                                        testing), Janice
“New” sites previously without audio capture:                                                  attendees
•   200 Berkeley St-G73 [Theatrette]                                    (scheduling)
•   Alan Gilbert-Theatrettes 1,2,3,4                                    Documentation
•   Architecture-James Hardie Theatre                                   lead: Dean Collett
•   Redmond Barry-Lowe, Lyle, Medley theatres
                                                                        Training induction
Existing audio capture sites:                                           lead: Janice
•   Architecture-eZone
•   Ec & Comm-Copland Theatre
•   Engineering-Theatre A1
•   ERC-Charles Pearson Theatre
•   Land & Food Resources-Lower Theatre
•   Law-Theatre GM15
•   McCoy-Fritz Leowe Theatre
•   Medical-Sunderland Theatre
•   Old Arts-Theatre B and Theatre C
•   Old Arts-Public Lecture Theatre
•   Richard Berry-J.H. Michell Theatre
•   Richard Berry-Russell Love Theatrette
•   Zoology-Agar Theatre

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                   Growing Esteem      TLSS Project           Academics &        COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                        Lead: Carlo Sgro       students in:
                                                    Melbourne                                                     Testing of the Lectopia vLAN
Implement Lectopia audio & “screen                                      (supported by Alex
                                                                                               All faculties
                                                    Model               Steve & Michael                           programming & deployment of
capture” in spaces used for                                                                                       digitisers completed late July
                                                    Enabling            D’Aprano for AV
professional programs                                                   cabling; Ross
                                                    eLearning                                                     Network re-configurations
                                                                        Glover for Lectopia    TLSS Staff
Vet Science-214 [Theatrette] – Mac mini             Enable              digitiser)
                                                                                                                  challenging for Vet Sci-214 and 221
pilot successful during semester one                innovation in ICT                          Timetable Office   Bouverie St-Theatre 2
                                                                        Architect: not
221 Bouverie St-Theatre 2 – deploy Mac              Enable                                     Building           Completed 9 July: AV re-cabling and
mini solution at later date (Gavin Walsh has        consistency                                Supervisors        modification to lecterns
confirmed with Pop Health; Jon checking with        (TSMP)              Documentation
                                                                                               Conference         HIGH PRIORITY for Melbourne
Social & Environmental Enquiry)                                         lead: Dean Collett
                                                                                               attendees          Model as these spaces will be used
                                                                        Training induction                        for professional programs
234 Queensberry St-421 [Theatrette] –
no change to existing PC solution – Mac mini will                       lead: Janice
be considered at later date                                             Tomlinson

Room 421 will require wireless lapel mic (no need
for amplification of spoken voice at this stage)

                    Projects                            Rationale         TLSS Project          Stakeholders           Current project phase
                                                                           Technical                                      Key time-lines
                                                                           Lead/Mgr                                      Progress update

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                     Growing Esteem      TLSS Project          Academics &        COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                          Lead: Carlo Sgro      students in:
                                                      Melbourne                                                    Testing of the Lectopia vLAN
Complete Lectopia roll-out for                                            (supported by Alex
                                                      Model               Steve & Michael                          programming & deployment of
theatres in Medical Building (will be                                                                              digitisers completed late July
                                                      Enable              D’Aprano for AV
used for professional programs)                                           cabling; Ross
                                                      eLearning                                                    Completed: AV cabling and
                                                                          Glover for Lectopia   TLSS Staff
E.S.J. King Theatre                                   Enable              digitiser)
                                                                                                                   modification to lecterns
Replace PC & Mac with Mac mini (confirmed by          innovation in ICT                         Timetable Office   HIGH PRIORITY for Melbourne
Anatomy as acceptable)                                Enable                                    Conference         Model as spaces will be used for
                                                                          lead: Dean Collett
                                                      consistency                               attendees          professional programs
Enable audio & screen capture.
                                                      (TSMP)              Induction lead:
                                                                                                                   July 6 - Carlo has run cables,
                                                                          Janice Tomlinson
                                                                                                                   installed Mini Mac and lecturn has
                                                                                                                   been modified.

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                     Growing Esteem      TLSS Project          Academics &        COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                          Lead: Carlo Sgro      students in:
                                                      Melbourne                                                    Testing of the Lectopia vLAN
Complete Lectopia roll-out in                                             (supported by Alex
                                                      Model               Steve & Michael                          programming & deployment of
Economics & Commerce Building                                                                                      digitisers completed late July
                                                      Enable              D’Aprano for AV       Arts
Theatrettes 1, 2, and 3                               eLearning           cabling; Ross
                                                                                                                   Complete: AV cabling and
                                                                          Glover for Lectopia   +
Enable audio & screen capture.                        Enable                                                       modification to lecterns
                                                      innovation in ICT                         TLSS Staff         HIGH PRIORITY for Melbourne
Macs already withdrawn (in 2006).                                         Documentation
                                                      Enable                                    Timetable Office   Model as spaces will be used for
                                                                          lead: Dean Collett
Re-use microphones & speakers from the                consistency                                                  professional programs
decommissioned Russell Grimwade & Trikojus                                Induction lead:       Conference
                                                      (TSMP)                                                       July 9- Lectern modifications
theatres.                                                                 Janice Tomlinson      attendees

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                     Growing Esteem      Educational           Academics &        Design development phase
                                                                          Designer: Prof        students in the
                                                      Melbourne                                                    completed
Design & implement new Student                                            Peter Jamieson        Engineering
                                                      Model                                     Sciences
Learning Centre in the Engineering                                        TLSS Technical                           For implementation (July-
Precinct to support new generation                                        Lead: Tien Sgro       Peter McPhee       Nov)
programs & active learning                                                Documentation         Peter Jamieson     21 June: formal sign-off achieved for
Project funded by DVC (Academic), Engineering                             lead: Dean Collett                       the AV/Digital design specifications
Faculty, CPC allocation for teaching infrastructure                                                                (Jon Peacocke and Tien Luong
                                                                          Training induction                       provided briefing to Prof Jamieson)
Creation of informal social spaces and two                                lead: Janice
learning spaces                                                           Tomlinson                                23 May: key meeting convened by
                                                                                                                   Jon Peacock with Prof Jamieson, AV
Significant and innovative AV component funded                                                                     consultants, architect’s rep – to
from CPC allocation for teaching infrastructure                                                                    finalise design to meet pedagogical
($275K).                                                                                                           requirements and to reduce
                                                                                                                   estimates to budget target
TLSS providing technical advice to Peter
Jamieson, in association with external AV
TLSS will manage commissioning and operational

Joint funding

                    Projects                             Rationale         TLSS Project         Stakeholders              Current project phase
                                                                            Technical                                        Key time-lines
                                                                            Lead/Mgr                                        Progress update

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                      Growing Esteem      TLSS Technical       Academics &           INFRASTRUCTURE
                                                                           Lead: Tien Luong     students across all
                                                       Melbourne                                                      PLANNING COMPLETED,
AMX Resource Management                                                                         disciplines &
                                                       Model                                    faculties             for implementation during
Implementation to enable TSS team
                                                       Improve asset                                                  semester two 2007
members to monitor, manage, &                                                                   VP
                                                       lifecycle                                                      24 May 2007: decisive meeting with
diagnose issues with distributed                       management                               Dir IES               Infrastructure – server spec
resources                                                                                                             confirmed and order placed
                                                       Enable                                   Timetable Office
Project costing includes:                              innovation in ICT
                                                                                                TLSS staff            Jan 2007: endorsement from
•    Server (managed by Infrastructure) $10K           Monitor actual                                                 Manager Servers & Storage (who will
•    Software Application (managed by TLSS) $35K       usage of                                                       proceed with server procurement and
•    CHW consultancy $5K                               distributed                                                    set-up) and therefore TLSS raised
•    Re-programming spaces $50K                        resources                                                      purchase order for 100 licenses)

This project will enable TLSS to manage more           TSMP                                                           Tien charged with working closely
complex infrastructure with existing resource                                                                         with Information Infrastructure on
levels. Priority order:                                                                                               related network re-design issues;
                                                                                                                      and, with systems group in server
1.    Parkville Campus spaces with existing Netlinx                                                                   implementation issues.
2.    Parkville Campus spaces that can undergo
      cost-effective Netlinx upgrade;                                                                                 Detailed analysis and planning phase
3.    Creswick & Werribee Campuses                                                                                    completed during semester two
4.    VCA Campus                                                                                                      2006, in preparation for pilot
                                                                                                                      implementation during semester two
CPC funding                                                                                                           2007; full implementation during Nov-
                                                                                                                      Dec 2007.

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                      Growing Esteem      TLSS Technical       Academics &           COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                       (Knowledge          Lead: Tien Luong     students in:
VisionSpace: re-design & re-brand                      Transfer and                                                   Design development and award of
                                                       Teaching &          PCS Project          Cinema Studies        tender successfully achieved, prior to
Elisabeth Murdoch-Theatre A as                                             Manager: Frank                             winter recess 2007, as scheduled
                                                       Learning                                 Media Studies
enhanced venue for teaching &                          strands)            McCoy
learning & knowledge transfer                                                                   Cultural Studies      21 June: lectern design formally
                                                       Melbourne           Architect:                                 released to joiner by consulting
Major re-design to deliver enhanced digital            Model               Blomquist+Wark       Art History           architect
capabilities and to re-position space as significant                       Documentation
venue for public affairs and knowledge transfer,       Consistency                              Architecture          23 May: key meeting with clients to
                                                                           lead: Dean Collett                         finalise broad design parameters for
while retaining optimal functionality as pre-eminent   Enable                                   Mathematics
venue for cinema studies and media studies.                                Training induction                         lectern
                                                       innovation in ICT
                                                                           lead: Janice         Physics               Elizabeth Murdoch deferred to winter
New innovative lectern with dual document              TSMP                Tomlinson
cameras, triple data projection (that can deliver                                               Conference            07, to enable more time for design –
one large cinematic quality image), film projection,                                            attendees             it would appear that there will be no
dual slide projection, new wide presentation                                                                          conflict with the Physics Winter
surface, enhanced video capture enabling                                                        Marketing &           Series, which will be scheduled into
infrastructure.                                                                                 Communications        Hercus/Laby.

Retain OHP for mathematics – raise the height of                                                                      Re-scheduled from summer 06/07 to
the trollies or replace                                                                                               meet timetable needs

All data projectors to be relocated to bio-box to                                                                     External chair lift to be considered as
eliminate the need for scaffolding during                                                                             stage two project during summer
maintenance.                                                                                                          recess

Audio & screen capture essential                                                                                      Tien has discussed user inductions
                                                                                                                      with Janice, after commissioning of
LCD screen on foyer wall facing towards external                                                                      the space is complete. Due date is
entrance near café (media link from theatre and                                                                       July 13
also device for digital signage)
Approved CPC funding

                     Projects                            Rationale      TLSS Project         Stakeholders         Current project phase
                                                                         Technical                                   Key time-lines
                                                                         Lead/Mgr                                   Progress update

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                      Growing Esteem   TLSS Technical       Academics &      COMPLETED
                                                                        Lead: Tien Luong     students in:
                                                       Melbourne                                              Cabling complete
“Digital links” between Elisabeth                                       PCS Project          Mathematics
Murdoch-Theatre A [VisionSpace] &                                       Manager: Peter                        16 Feb 2007: AV cabling in progress
David Caro (Physics)-Laby Theatre                      Improve asset    Phillips (for        Chemistry        (appropriate endorsements received
                                                       lifecycle        completed cabling                     from IS Networks)
                                                       management                            Physics
Improve audience overflow                                               works)
                                                                                                              18 Dec: PCS completed required civil
capabilities for teaching & knowledge                  TSMP                                  Earth Sciences
                                                                                                              engineering works to convey cables
transfer activities                                                                          Architecture     between the buildings
Enable audio & visual links (for over-flow audience                                          Arts
capacity) – to be controlled via touch panels (and
AMX endeleo TVM series for media distribution).                                              Conference
Links to operate both ways (ie either theatre can
function as the overflow venue for the other
theatre, to deliver more flexibility and options for
conferences and School of Physics public
GUC funded

Media links from theatres to foyers                    Growing Esteem   TLSS Technical       Academics &      80% COMPLETED
                                                                        Lead: Tien Luong     students in:
(Carrillo Gantner, PLT, Copland) and                   Melbourne                                              6 July Carrillo Gantner Theatre works
enabling video capture within the                      Model            PCS Project          All faculties    completed.
theatres using installed camera with                                    Manager: Frank
                                                                        McCoy                Marketing &      PLT works completed.
programmable pre-sets                                                                        Communications
                                                                                                              18 June: contractor commenced on
Carrillo Gantner Theatre [complete]                                                          Conference       site in PLT – work in Carrillo Gantner
                                                                                             attendees        to proceed in parallel with
LCD screen bottom foyer and top foyer near                                                                    maintenance work to address air-con
entrance, no speakers required as they are                                                                    leak
already there (implement over winter recess)
                                                                                                              12 June: Tender finalised and
Public Lecture Theatre [complete]                                                                             awarded
LCD screen on wall facing eastern entrance from                                                               SoW prepared by TLSS Technical
Cussonia Court, no speakers (implement over                                                                   Lead
winter recess)
                                                                                                              Technical Spec prepared
Copland Theatre
                                                                                                              Tender released 28 May
LCD screen on suitable wall downstairs, to provide
                                                                                                              Tender for approval at Tender Board
optimum visibility from stairs and lower foyer, plus
                                                                                                              on 5 June 2007
extra speakers
(implement over summer recess in Nov/Dec07 –
deferred owing to bookings clash)
All LCD screens will provide digital signage
Approved CPC funding

Equipment enhancements in Video                        Growing Esteem   TLSS Technical       Academics &      COMPLETED
                                                                        Lead: Carlo Sgro     students in:
Conference Suite (LFR-104),                            Melbourne                                              28 June: Pre-award contract meeting
managed on behalf of Faculty of                        Model            Documentation        Land & Food
Land & Food Resources                                                   Lead: Dean Collett   Resources        22 June: formal LFR budget
                                                       TSMP                                                   approvals (tender board submission
Scheduled for completion by end of first week of                        Training induction                    scheduled for Tues 26 June)
semester two (classes have been relocated to                            Lead: Janice
                                                                        Tomlinson                             Tender successfully completed to
alternative venues). Contractor to be monitored
closely to ensure timely completion.
                                                                                                              23 May: formal PCS approvals to
                                                                                                              proceed with tendering
                                                                                                              21 May: LFR Budget code received
                                                                                                              July 6- Works due to commence 9th
                                                                                                              of July.

                     Projects                           Rationale         TLSS Project         Stakeholders        Current project phase
                                                                           Technical                                  Key time-lines
                                                                           Lead/Mgr                                  Progress update

EQUIPMENT LIFECYCLE                                   Growing Esteem      TLSS Technical       All faculties   COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                          Lead: Dean Collett
REPLACEMENT                                           Melbourne                                                Deployment and user induction
                                                      Model                                                    scheduled for July, in time for
Mac mini – semester two pilot as                                                                               semester two commencement
replacement for ageing Mac G4’s                       Enable
                                                      eLearning                                                Strategic intention, subject to user
• Arts Centre-317 & 319 [endorsed by Creative                                                                  feedback, is to standardise on Mac
  Arts]                                               Enable
                                                      innovation in ICT                                        mini as the preferred platform in all
• Elisabeth Murdoch-150 [replacing earlier                                                                     iMedia theatrettes, to maximise
  generation Mac mini]                                Equipment                                                options for users, and to enable the
• Medical-ESJ King theatre [endorsed by               lifecycle                                                Timetable Office to maximise
  Anatomy 15 June 2007]                               replacement                                              utilisation of these theatrettes.
• Microbiology-Thomas Cherry Theatrette
  [endorsed by Microbiology 7 June 2007]              Enable                                                   In some instances, deployment of
• Old Geology-Theatre 2 [endorsed by                  consistency                                              Mac mini released space in lecterns
  Mathematics & Statistics 7 June 2007]               (TSMP)                                                   for cost-effective deployment of
                                                                                                               Lectopia equipment in response to
• Richard Berry-Russell Love Theatre [ditto]
                                                                                                               academic and student demand for
• Richard Berry-213 [ditto]
                                                                                                               more Lectopia-enabled spaces.

EQUIPMENT LIFECYCLE                                   Asset lifecycle     TLSS Technical       Arts            COMPLETED
                                                      management          Lead: Carlo Sgro
REPLACEMENT                                                                                                    (Deteriorated projector first replaced
                                                                                                               with spare as repair uneconomic at
Elisabeth Murdoch-150                                                                                          $3K. New replacement installed after
Data projector replacement                                                                                     delivery).

Doug McDonell-510 and 511                             Growing Esteem      TLSS Project                         COMPLETED
                                                                          Lead: Luigi
Upgrade tables across these spaces                    Melbourne           Pacione                              Style selected – Lou has ordered
Approved CPC funding                                                                                           HIGH PRIORITY for Melbourne
                                                      TSMP                                                     Model as spaces are used for
                                                                                                               professional programs

Architecture-Chinese Room                             Growing Esteem      TLSS Project         Academics &     COMPLETED, August
                                                                          Lead: Lou Pacione    students in:
                                                      Melbourne                                                HIGH PRIORITY for Melbourne
Stage One – Winter Recess                                                 PCS Project          Architecture
                                                      Model                                                    Model as space will be used for
•   Upgrade carpet (done)                                                 Manager: Frank                       professional programs
                                                      TSMP                McCoy                Art History
•   Re-locate cabinet against wall (done)
•   Address any curtain issues (done)                                     Architect:           Conference
•   Repair tables & manufacture six more (delayed                         Blomquist+Wark       attendees
    completion during August, alternative tables in
Approved CPC funding

Architecture-Chinese Room                             Growing Esteem      TLSS Project         Academics &     COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                          Lead: Tien Luong     students in:
                                                      Melbourne                                                Fast-tracked for winter recess
Stage Two – Winter Recess                                                 PCS Project          Architecture
•   Installation of single data projection with PC                        Manager: Frank                       HIGH PRIORITY for Melbourne
                                                      TSMP                McCoy                Art History     Model as space will be used for
•   Installation of single slide projection
•   Installation of DVD/VCR player                                                             Conference      professional programs
•   Appropriate push-button controls (TBC)                                Blomquist+Wark       attendees

[New project initiated June 2007]

Old Arts Building-small teaching                      Growing Esteem      TLSS Project         Academics &     COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                          Lead: Luigi          students in:
spaces and theatres                                   Melbourne           Pacione                              21 June: quotes approved (allow up
                                                      Model                                    All faculties   to $2K)
Install pin-boards under entrance signage as per
University standard                                   Enable                                   +
PB/2K/2006                                                                                     Conference
                                                      Meet needs
                                                      identified by

                    Projects                          Rationale         TLSS Project      Stakeholders             Current project phase
                                                                         Technical                                    Key time-lines
                                                                         Lead/Mgr                                    Progress update

Re-cycle equipment to Creswick                      Growing Esteem      TLSS Project      Academics &          COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                        Lead: Warren      students in:
Campus                                              Melbourne           Smith (mentored                        Delivered:
                                                    Model               by Tien Luong)    LFR
                                                                                                               2xVHS players
                                                    Enable                                Rural Medicine
                                                    consistency                                                2xTVs

Lectopia to Creswick                                Growing Esteem      TLSS Project      Vet Sci              COMPLETED
                                                                        Lead: Warren
                                                    Melbourne                             LFR                  29 June, a successful test from
One theatre only                                                        Smith (mentored
                                                    Model               by Tien Luong)                         Creswick was undertaken by Warren
                                                                                          Rural Medicine (at
Implement audio & screen capture during June-                                                                  and Ross.
                                                    Enable                                Creswick too)
July, as pilot only during semester two 2007,
                                                    eLearning                                                  22 June update: Test box in place –
pending senior management decision regarding
support for teaching infrastructure at regional     Enable                                                     tests revealed that it takes 16 hours
campuses.                                           innovation in ICT                                          to audio file to reach Parkville
Pilot subject to network issues being               Enable
                                                                                                               Early June 2006: Ross & Warren re-
resolved                                            consistency
                                                    (TSMP)                                                     visited space and audited equipment
                                                                                                               in more detail
                                                                                                               Dec 2006: Initial visit undertaken by
                                                                                                               Jon & Tien to assess all spaces and
                                                                                                               prioritise work

Lectopia in Law                                     Growing Esteem      TLSS Technical    Law                  COMPLETED
                                                                        Lead: Warren
1.   Assist Law by auditing all spaces currently    Melbourne           Smith (mentored                        Warren & Tien to audit spaces during
     with Lectopia and advise on any required       Model               by Tien Luong)                         July [done].
     improvements to the AV Infrastructure as       Enable
     digitisers come to the end of their warranty                                                              Jon, Warren and Tien discussed with
                                                    eLearning                                                  Phil Kent and Peter Jones on 4 June
     period [faculty high priority]
2.   Check with Law whether they would like to      Enable                                                     (meeting requested with Ailsa and
     consider full screen capture in any of their   innovation in ICT                                          Tien).
     departmentally-managed spaces [not                                                                        Peter Jones advised that screen
     required]                                      Enable
                                                    consistency                                                capture is not a faculty requirement.
3.   Review feasibility of pausing recordings                                                                  Ability to pause recording is very high
     [faculty high priority]                        (TSMP)
4.   Review feasibility of capturing video of
     speaker into Lectopia [faculty priority]                                                                  TLSS committed to implementing
                                                                                                               interim video capture using DVD
                                                                                                               recorder in Theatre GM15 [this will
                                                                                                               be recorded as a separate project].

Implement templates for Remedy                      TSMP                TLSS Technical    All faculties        90% COMPLETED
                                                                        Lead: Warren
incident reports                                    ID Directions       Smith                                  29 June: 80% complete
Goal: to reduce the team effort that goes into      Managing client                                            21 June update: some templates in
logging incidents from TLSS Service Desk            satisfaction                                               place and being tested
                                                                                                               Decisive meeting held 21 May 2007
                                                    Professional                                               attended by Jon, Warren, Nino,
                                                    development of                                             Dean, Peter. Agreed that Peter will
                                                    all TLSS staff                                             proceed to complete required works
                                                    ITIL compliance                                            during winter recess, to ensure
                                                                                                               delivery for semester two.

Agreements re closer working                        ID Directions       TLSS Technical    Manager TLSS         ACHIEVED
                                                                        Lead: Warren
relationship with Desktop Support                   Managing client     Smith             All faculties        July 6: DSS (Kevin) are willing to
Services                                            satisfaction                                               make two images a year (Dec/June),
                                                    levels                                                     TLSS to deploy the image.
• DSS to create PC image according to
  appropriate timetable for our environment         ITIL compliance                                            DSS will provide software updates,
  (deployment during Dec & June likely)                                                                        TSS to provide list of software
                                                    TLSS Workload
• TLSS to deploy image & patches (during                                                                       requirements, and machine to test
  semesters)                                                                                                   image on.
• TLSS to create Mac image until further notice

                     Projects                              Rationale         TLSS Project         Stakeholders               Current project phase
                                                                              Technical                                         Key time-lines
                                                                              Lead/Mgr                                         Progress update

Laminated blue & grey signage with                       Managing client     TLSS Project         Manager TLSS           COMPLETED
                                                         satisfaction        Lead: Warren
appropriate logos                                        levels              Smith                All faculties
• Arts Centre Building (student workshops &
  eSeminar rooms)
• David Caro Building (student workshops &
  eSeminar rooms)
• Council Chamber

Prioritised pilot deployment of power                    Risk mitigation     TLSS Technical       Manager TLSS           COMPLETED
                                                                             Lead: Warren
surge protection for AV racks                            TLSS Workload       Smith (mentoring     All faculties          July 6, Warren has undertaken this in
                                                         management          by Tien Luong)                              the shared teaching spaces within
Tien Luong and Nino Colella to prioritise between
10 & 20 spaces. Equipment ordered.                                                                                       Medicine, Richard Berry and Old
                                                                                                                         Geology buildings, Architecture, Old
                                                                                                                         Arts, Eco&Comm, David Caro, Asia
                                                                                                                         Centre (Carrillo Gantner Theatre,
                                                                                                                         Law GM15.

New web support pages for student                        Managing client     TLSS Technical       Manager TLSS           COMPLETED
                                                         satisfaction        Lead: Dean Collett
workshops                                                levels                                   All faculties
To enable replacement of legacy database (which
we may be unable to maintain for much longer)

Manage closer working relationship                       Managing client     TLSS Technical       Manager TLSS           COMPLETED
                                                         satisfaction        Lead: Dean Collett
with Horwood Sound Studio [May                           levels                                   All faculties          Dean has recently undertaken this
onwards]                                                                                                                 work, with the ability of continuing
                                                                                                                         this with approval from the
Support for sound editing sessions
                                                                                                                         Manager, TLSS, when request for
                                                                                                                         support occurs.

Lectopia scheduling support                              Managing client     TLSS Technical       Manager TLSS           COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                         satisfaction        Lead: Janice
                                                                                                  All faculties          Bookings for semester two classes
Highest Priority: To provide support to Ailsa            levels              Tomlinson
& Ross while they concentrate upon deployment                                                                            due by Friday 13 July
                                                         TLSS Workload
of screen capture & enabling more Lectopia sites

Update Learning Precinct Model                           Managing client     TLSS Technical       Manager TLSS           COMPLETED
                                                         satisfaction        Lead: Janice
Recent revisions achieved – likely to be a few           levels              Tomlinson            All faculties
more at end of July after completion of projects

Condition Audit of Equipment and                         Growing Esteem      TLSS Technical       All faculties except   COMPLETED
                                                                             Leads: Michael       VCA and MBS
Room Fabric                                              Melbourne           D’Aprano and Alex                           21 June: completion expected by
                                                         Model               Steve (assisted by                          end-June. Only rooms outstanding
Equipment (against new room type pages AND
legacy database)                                         Enable              Luigi Pacione                               are in Babel Building (due to changes
                                                         eLearning           regarding fabric)                           to the locks).
Fabric (eg blinds, curtains, carpets, walls, lighting,
ceiling) to be logged into Remedy, and then into         Enable                                                          Jon briefed Michael & Alex on 4
BEIMS                                                    innovation in ICT                                               June. Project reflects audit
                                                                                                                         requirements and will directly
                                                                                                                         contribute to management of the
                                                                                                                         expectations and perceptions of
                                                                                                                         departmental managers.

Service Desk enrichment - pilot                          IS Directions       TLSS Project         IES                    COMPLETED
                                                                             Manager: Jon
Gillian to work on TSS Service Desk from Friday          Professional        Peacock                                     Jon will review in July
9th Feb onwards (up to 5 hours each Friday), &           development of
commence creation of DMS knowledge base in               all TLSS staff                                                  Gillian began working on the Service
Remedy                                                                                                                   desk in Feb 07, but due to changes
                                                                                                                         with staff workloads and work
                                                                                                                         aspects in TSS, she now undertakes
                                                                                                                         this time undertaking preventative
                                                                                                                         maintenance in shared teaching

                   Projects                            Rationale       TLSS Project          Stakeholders              Current project phase
                                                                        Technical                                         Key time-lines
                                                                        Lead/Mgr                                         Progress update

Operational relief for TSS to enable                 Enabling team     TLSS Project          Jon Peacock           COMPLETED
                                                     achievements      Lead: Nino Colella
projects to proceed while meeting all                                                                              Two Support Assistants rostered
service targets for TLSS Service                                                                                   during winter recess to provide
Desk                                                                                                               operational back-fill to sustain TSS
                                                                                                                   service desk operations, so that team
                                                                                                                   members may focus on other client
                                                                                                                   commitments and achievement of
                                                                                                                   project targets

EQUIPMENT LIFECYCLE                                  Melbourne         TLSS Technical        Academics &           COMPLETED
                                                     Model             Lead: Carlo Sgro      students across all
REPLACEMENT                                                            (Nino Colella while   disciplines &         Implementation completed ahead of
                                                     Improve asset     Carlo on leave)       faculties             schedule. Replacement lamps
Upgrade obsolete data projectors                     lifecycle                                                     ordered.
which have reached the end of their                  management                              Timetable Office
design life                                                                                                        Tender awarded on schedule
                                                     Enable                                  TLSS staff
                                                     consistency                                                   27 June: old projectors returned
GUC funding: $161K total                             (TSMP)
                                                                                                                   July 6: Asset disposal forms
                                                                                                                   completed, projectors donated to
                                                                                                                   charitable foundation

EQUIPMENT LIFECYCLE                                  Enable            TLSS Project          Academics &           COMPLETED
                                                     consistency       Lead: Carlo Sgro      students in:
REPLACEMENT                                          (TSMP)
                                                                       Documentation         Vet Sci
Vet Sci-VRI Theatre                                  Equipment         lead: Dean Collett
                                                     lifecycle                               TLSS Staff
• Replace broken touch panel                                           Induction lead:
• Upgrade document camera                                              Janice Tomlinson      Timetable Office

CAMPUS MASTER PLANNING                               Planned           TLSS Project          PCS                   COMPLETED
                                                     demolition of     Lead: Carlo Sgro
Decommission two theatres                            building                                                      Scheduled for first two weeks of
                                                                                                                   Winter Recess – decommissioned
(As directed by PCS on behalf of University                                                                        equipment must be recycled into
Council Building and Estates Committee)                                                                            other spaces during winter recess to
                                                                                                                   return benefits to the community
Biochemistry-Trikojus Theatre [partly
complete at 23 June – had to be rescheduled due                                                                    Communication issued via Staff
to unexpected leave – complete 28 June]                                                                            News and Circulars in advance

Biochemistry-Russell Grimwade                                                                                      Jon Peacocke provided advice to
                                                                                                                   PCS of other campus theatres that
Theatre [complete 29 May]                                                                                          could be considered for formal re-
                                                                                                                   naming to honour the original
                                                                                                                   benefaction of Grimwade Family, and
                                                                                                                   other spaces that could be re-named
                                                                                                                   to honour Professor Trikojus.

MU Wireless Signage                                  Managing client   TLSS Project          Manager TLSS          COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                     satisfaction      Lead: Warren
Placed at entrance to all TLSS managed spaces        levels            Smith                 All faculties
with wireless (according to MU wireless website)
• Richard Berry-G03, G04, G05, G09, G10
  [wireless infrastructure completed mid-April 06]
• Physics Podium-201, 202, 203, 204 [wireless
  completed 22 Feb 06]
• Babel-206, 217 [wireless completed 22 Feb 06]
• Economics & Commerce-G04, G05, G06, G07,
  G08 [wireless completed 13 Dec 05]
Sidney Myer Asia Centre-ground level rooms

                   Projects                            Rationale            TLSS Project          Stakeholders             Current project phase
                                                                             Technical                                        Key time-lines
                                                                             Lead/Mgr                                        Progress update

Re-designed room support pages                      Managing client     TLSS Technical           Manager TLSS          COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                    satisfaction        Lead: Dean Collett
For eLearning studios, Learning suites, eSeminar    levels                                       All faculties
rooms, iMedia theatres/theatrettes, eLecture
theatres (linking rooms to user guides)
To enable replacement of legacy database (which
we may be unable to maintain for much longer)

EQUIPMENT LIFECYCLE                                 Improve asset       TLSS Project             TLSS staff            COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                    lifecycle           Lead: Nino Colella
REPLACEMENT                                                                                      Finance
                                                    management          (supported by                                  Stage 1 [completed June]
Equipment disposal                                                      Michael D’Aprano
                                                    TSMP                and Alex Steve,                                •   Obsolete computer screens
Surplus obsolete equipment MUST be securely                             and Janice                                     •   Obsolete VCR players
disposed. Asset disposal documentation MUST                             Tomlinson                                      •   Obsolete switching equipment
be completed according to policy manual                                 managing digitiser                             •   Obsolete/broken TVs
Withdrawn Mac digitisers: send to Green Recycler                                                                       Stage 2 [completed July]
Arts Centre Store-room closes August 2007                                                                              • Obsolete data projectors
                                                                                                                       Carlo disposed old projectors week
                                                                                                                       of July 2
                                                                                                                       • Withdrawn Mac digitisers
                                                                                                                       July 2, Janice coordinating pick up of
                                                                                                                       Obsolete PCs and Macs

STRATEGIC PROJECT                                   Growing Esteem      TLSS Technical           Academics &           COMPLETED, to schedule
                                                                        Lead: Carlo Sgro         students in the
Room 169 [Learning Lab] in the                                          (on leave –              Physical &            Scheduled during Easter
                                                    Model               Michael D’Aprano         Chemical
Chemistry Building (variations                                                                                         recess (10-13 April)
                                                                        covered)                 Sciences
arising from stage one works)                                                                    (Chemistry,
Essential project completions (stage one):                                                       Physics)

• Adjust lighting pre-sets to emphasise the                                                      Professional
  modes of learning [completed by lighting                                                       programs in ABP
  engineers as part of the original contract and                                                 & Education
  commissioning] – Peter Jamieson and Peter                                                      Peter McPhee
  Tregloan invited to attend the works on site
  and provide input [apologies from Peter                                                        Peter Jamieson
• Achieve dual projection capabilities from tutor
  station [completed by Space Age]
• Adjust lighting fade from 4 seconds to 2
  seconds [completed by SpaceAge]
• Install “black-out” film on western windows
  [completed as variation under contract]
• Repair carpet damage arising from leaking
  defective air-conditioning system [completed by
  contractor as defect under contract]

Project activities for which TLSS provides strong technical leadership            Project activities that must be formally managed by PCS as the
demonstrated by: ensuring balance between innovation and                          custodians of the University’s built environment and all plant &
compliance with design standards; providing strong quality assurance              equipment. PCS Project Manager must formally approve all variations
role; and, managing innovation adoption by academics and students                 and TLSS Technical Lead must regularly update him/her with any
(through intuitive design, training, consultations, exemplary guides)             concerns about quality or timeliness of completion or defects

RB: Requirements brief [produced by TLSS or AV consultant – this phase            BR: Building Requisition & appointment of AV consultants
includes preliminary budget assessment and liaison with Timetable Office]
                                                                                  TR: Tender released to market

TS: Technical Specification [produced by AV consultant]                           TA: Tender awarded by Tender Board and Contract Award meeting
T&C: Test & Commission AV equipment [assist with co-ordination of testing         SC: Site Commencement by prime contractor/builder
data networks, security systems, telephones]
                                                                                  PC: Practical Completion by prime contractor/builder
DR: Defect Resolution [identify issues and provide written report to PCS
Project Manager]                                                                  DR: Defect Resolution [PCS Project Manager formally advises consulting
                                                                                  architect who formally supervises defect resolution]
UI: User Induction [including production of user guides and updating
database and liaison with Timetable Office]
PIR: Post-Implementation Review (generally 6 months after commissioning)

Role clarification: PCS Project Manager must oversee all minor building works and TLSS Project/Technical Lead must oversee multimedia equipment
commissioning and user inductions. TLSS Project/Technical Lead is responsible for ensuring that colleagues in TLSS are well-briefed on the respective
project, including given opportunities to attend selected site meetings, invited to attend the formal hand-over of the space by the AV consultant and architect
(as agreed at Group Meeting 28 Nov 2005), and provided with a scheduled induction into the space. All TLSS team members are responsible for seeking
further information about respective projects from the relevant TLSS Project/Technical Lead.


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